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The State of Win Loss

The State of Win Loss

Win Loss Analysis has emerged as a hot field within market research and competitive intelligence, guiding organizations toward clarity in discovering root causes for why they’re winning and losing in competitive sales opportunities. Although vendor selection reasons are usually straightforward and typically based on solution capabilities and price, buyers sometimes choose vendors for less obvious reasons, such as personal relationships with sales reps, historical concerns about a vendor’s service and support, or lack of confidence in an emerging company’s long-term financial viability.

Overview of Win Loss Analysis
Key Report Findings
Prevalence of Win Loss Programs
Win Loss Benefits
Operationalizing Win Loss Analysis
State of Win Loss Background and Methodology
Understanding Outcome Metrics in the Context of Win Loss Programs
Respondent and Organizational Demographics
Respondent Departments
Respondent Roles
Respondent Vertical Industries
Respondent Sales Force Size
Respondent Role in Win Loss Process
Selling in the B2B Market Today
Greater Competition Drives Need for Win Loss Intelligence
Strong Desire for More Win Loss Data
Organizations with Win Loss Programs Better Positioned for Data Access
Win Loss Data Sentiment and Outcome Metrics
Prevalence of Win Loss Programs Increases between 2014 and 2015
Win Loss Analysis Frequency Shows Most Firms Analyzing Large and Strategic Deals
Overall Findings
Win and Loss Analysis Frequency and Outcome Metrics
Overall Benefits of Win Loss Programs Point to Focus on Buyers
Benefit Ranking Shows Understanding Buyers Most Important Benefit
Pricing Strategy Benefits
Pricing Strategy Comparison to 2014
Most Firms Struggle to Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence
In Their Own Words: Respondents Describe Win Loss Program Benefits
Sales Teams Typically Resist Win Loss Programs
Usage of Win Loss Data Focuses on Sales Performance
Most Reps Carry Significant Annual Quotas
Quota Attainment is Out of Reach for Most Reps
Majority of Reps Need Six+ Months to Ramp Up
Win Loss Programs Primarily Benefit Direct Sales Reps
Overall Win Rates Hover Between 21 and 50 Percent
Win Rates Higher for Organizations with Win Loss Programs in Place
Most Win Rate Improvements Hover Between Six and 10 Percent
Average Deal Size
Win Loss Program Structure
Win Loss Data Primarily Collected by Third Parties and Sales Groups
Win Loss Program Structure and Outcome Metrics
Most Win Loss Feedback Coming from Buyers and Sales Reps
Win Loss Feedback Source and Outcome Metrics
Win Loss Data Focuses Primarily on Open- and Close-ended Feedback
Win Loss Data Type and Outcome Metrics
Open-ended Win Loss Feedback Primarily Gathered via Telephone
Open-ended Feedback Collection and Outcome Metrics
Win Loss Deliverables Favor Summary and Individual Reports
Annual Delivery of Individual Win Loss Reports is Typically 10 or Less
Organizations Allow Multiple Functional Areas Access to Win Loss Data
Strong Stakeholder Support for Win Loss Programs Among Sales Leaders
Stakeholder Support and Outcome Metrics
Support from Sales Leadership Critical to Win Loss Program Long-term Success
Analysis of Win Loss Data Being Done by Internal and External Groups
Win Loss Analysis Responsibility and Outcome Metrics
Time and Money
Program Tenure Shows Most Win Loss Programs in Place Less Than Five Years
Win Loss Program Tenure and Outcome Metrics
Program Investment Highlights Low Spending for Most Win Loss Programs
Win Loss Program Investment and Outcome Metrics
Most Organizations Plan No or Modest Future Win Loss Investment
Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers of Time and Money
Win Loss Beliefs and Attitudes
Win Loss Methodology Sentiment
Win Loss Tools
Win Loss Data Collection Tools Draw from Internal and External Sources
Win Loss Data Collection Tools and Outcome Metrics Highlighted as Leading SFA Tool
Of-the-Shelf Survey Tools Favor SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo
Program Participation – Mandatory or Voluntary?
Participation Requirements and Outcome Metrics
Company Performance
Win Loss IQ
Program Success
Win Loss Analysis and Outcome Metrics
Company Performance
Win Loss IQ
Program Success
Organizations Without Win Loss Programs
Reasons for Lack of Win Loss Programs
Past Win Loss Program Experience
Recommendations and Conclusions
Strategic Recommendations
Tactical Recommendations
About Primary Intelligence
About Carolyn Galvin
Additional Information
Contact Information

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