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For more than 50 years, Packaged Facts has been a leading publisher of market research in the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, pet products and services, financial services and demographic sectors. Our comprehensive, timely, quality research and presentation of market intelligence have made Packaged Facts a premier source of market information for top industry decision makers.

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In-depth research … expert analysis.
Our reports are written and edited by analysts with years of professional experience in the industries they now cover. This experience and our time-intensive research methodology result in authoritative analysis that aids the decision-making processes of our clients.

Our reports continue to provide a broad, top-level overview of a market, offering not only important raw data, but also providing the interpretation of those numbers that give the data a truly functional edge for our clients.

The right information … at the right time.
From identifying the effects of emerging markets across major industries, to covering the trends in niche markets, our reports are timely. Our editorial team tracks the trends that will shape these markets in the coming months, and years. Packaged Facts provides the expert analysis our clients have come to rely on to make the right strategic decisions, at the right time.

David Sprinkle, Research Director and Publisher
As Research Director for's publishing department, David combines his research and communications skills to keep information flowing to our team of market analysts, and plays a key role in generating and contracting for consumer and product data for our publishing and custom research operations. As publisher of Packaged Facts, he sets the direction and editorial calendar for our industry leading line-up of consumer market and shopper insight reports, as well as managing Packaged Facts' online consumer survey program. In this context, David frequently presents at key industry events and contributes articles to leading trade journals. Recent conference presentations include Global Pet Expo, Pet Food Forum, GOED (Global Omega EPA/DHA) Exchange, Natural Products Expo, National Confectioners Association State of the Industry Conference, and Tea Expo East. Recent trade journal contributions include Candy and Snack Today, Food Product Design, Natural Products INSIDER, and Progressive Grocer.

Scope & Methodology
Packaged Facts market research reports are supported by's worldwide research capabilities and are based on primary, proprietary consumer research, comprehensive secondary research combined with executive interviewing of industry experts. All reports contain substantial amounts of data backed by qualitative analysis, as well as up-to-the-minute primary data from leading information vendors with which the company has supplier relationships.

How will our reports help you?

Marketing Managers:
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Develop targeted promotion plans
Research and Development:
  • Stay on top of competitor initiatives
  • Explore demand for products
Business Development:
  • Understand the dynamics of the market
  • Identify possible partnerships
Product Managers:
  • Anticipate changes in distribution
  • Investigate market rumors
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969 Reports from Packaged Facts

  • Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Furnishings and Durables, 5th Edition

    ... consumer market for infant, toddler, and preschool (ITP) durable furnishings and accessories suitable for children from infancy through age five. Products included are sold to consumers through U.S. retail channels including “bricks and mortar” stores ... Read More

  • Natural and Organic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... organic foods and beverages sold at retail. All food and beverage categories are included, with the exceptions of alcoholic beverages and pet food. Report Methodology The information in this report was obtained from primary and ... Read More

  • Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... open-loop (general-purpose) prepaid cards, with a focus on open-loop consumer, payroll and government prepaid cards; open-loop and closed-loop gift cards; and open-loop employee rewards and incentives cards. The report does not include the study of ... Read More

  • African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition

    ... in the United States. Packaged Facts defines the African-American population as including individuals who identify in Census Bureau data as “black or African-American alone,” regardless of whether they also identify as Hispanic. This definition is ... Read More

  • Food Conference Presentation Slides: Health and Wellness Innovation Around the Grocery Store Perimeter

    ... images on innovation along the grocery store perimeter, with a focus on refrigerated products. Fig. 1: “The food products I buy when grocery shopping have changed significantly, compared with 10 years ago,” 2016 (percent of ... Read More

  • Chocolate Candy Market in the U.S., 11th Edition

    ... of the overall confectionery market, defined as the total U.S. market for chocolate/non-chocolate candy and gum. Retail channels include supermarkets and grocery stores, convenience stores, supercenters/mass merchandisers, gourmet/specialty food stores, warehouse clubs, drugstores, gourmet/specialty food ... Read More

  • Garden and Grove: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

    ... more even than low price, consumers value freshness in food—and nothing says freshness like garden-fresh vegetables or fruit. This fandom for freshness extends to Millennials, further securing the status of freshness at the center of ... Read More

  • Food Gifting in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... relying in part on trended proprietary survey analysis spanning 2010-2016. The report does the following: Identifies key trends and themes in the food gifting market, supported by examples and related product images. Themes and topics ... Read More

  • Consumer Banking and Borrowing: U.S. Market Trends

    ... banking and borrowing market, focusing on commercial banks, credit unions, and savings institutions, with supplemental analysis of finance companies, as well as emerging banking alternatives. In doing so, the report emphasizes 2007-2016 trend patterns that ... Read More

  • The Importance of Market Research for Validation and Decision Making

    ... is thinking about making a large acquisition to enter a new market • A product developer working to stay ahead of shifting trends • A management consultant advising a client on how to reboot their ... Read More

  • Millennials and Financial Services: Reclaiming the "Unbanked"

    ... and savings accounts. As of 2015, 55% of 18- to 34-year-olds were “unbanked” in this sense, up from 49% in 2008. In contrast, the share of Millennials who are institutionally unbanked is falling—that is, the ... Read More

  • Hispanics: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 9th Edition

    ... Hispanic spending power. First, the number of Hispanic households has been growing faster than the number of non-Hispanic households. Second, average spending by Latino households has increased more than average spending by non-Hispanic households. These ... Read More

  • Household Batteries: Consumer Market Trends in the U.S.

    ... $4,125 million in 2015. The CAGR for the period is a projected 2.9%. Three manufacturers dominate the U.S. market for household batteries: Berkshire Hathaway, which owns the Duracell brand; Energizer, maker of both Energizer and ... Read More

  • Healthy-Ingredient Snacks in the U.S., 2nd Edition

    ... and sales through all channels in the U.S. market, focusing on the key categories of snacks driving the market and highlighting the trends driving sales. The report covers sales of snack bars, snack nuts, fruit ... Read More

  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood: Restaurant Trends and Opportunities

    ... of restaurant menus: breakfast, burgers and sandwiches, entrées, seafood and international cuisine. In each case, the report trends and analyzes proteins on areas of the menu, and then looks closer at those trends to discover ... Read More

  • Refrigerated Coffee Creamers: U.S. Market Trends

    ... prominent factors bolstering sales are newer-generation products that meet the “clean label” criteria for ingredients: fewer, simpler, and pronounceable. Some of these products also offer other features and claims associated with clean labels, such as ... Read More

  • Pet Litter, Clean-Up, and Odor-Control Products: U.S. Market Trends

    ... the market into five categories: cat litter, litter boxes and accessories, puppy/training pads and accessories, dog waste bags and accessories, and pet clean-up and odor control sprays and concentrates. The report charts historical sales and ... Read More

  • Food Formulation Trends: Ingredients Consumers Avoid, 2nd Edition

    ... ingredient avoidance in the U.S. It covers consumer attitudes and action. It also reviews some of the specific ingredients that consumers avoid because of a variety of health and wellness reasons, as well as some ... Read More

  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2016-2017

    ... 2014 when sales were not as strong. And the outlook for 2016 and beyond looks even better, as warm weather across the U.S. is sure to perk up sales. Changes are also in the air ... Read More

  • Breakfast: Retail Market Trends and Opportunities in the U.S.

    ... and beverage categories significant to the retail market for breakfast, including hot and cold cereal; breakfast entrées and sandwiches; pancakes, waffles and French toast; breakfast baked goods; breakfast meats and meat alternatives; yogurt; breakfast & ... Read More

  • Meal Kit Delivery Services in the U.S.

    ... way to cook at home without having to do the meal planning and grocery shopping. Online portals let consumers order meals ahead from picture menus showing gorgeous photos of the finished dish, and the services ... Read More

  • Cheese: Natural and Specialty Cheeses in the U.S. and Global Markets, 6th Edition

    ... world! Outside of the U.S. overall demand for dairy products continues to grow, with most growth coming from developing countries where growing populations, rising incomes and expansion of the middle class, urbanization, and greater adoption ... Read More

  • Millennial Menus: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

    ... Millennials, the 69 million U.S. adults currently age 18-34, and it’s not just about food. Simmons data show that the Millennial age cohort is significantly more likely than those 35+ to like standing out in ... Read More

  • Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition

    ... Facts’ broad cross-category expertise, Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition pinpoints strategic directions for current and prospective marketers, with a forward-looking focus on high-growth product segments and market drivers. Covering products for all type ... Read More

  • Kids Food and Beverage Market in the U.S., 8th Edition

    ... and trends seven food and beverage categories significant to children’s eating choices, usage occasions and need states, including breakfast foods, lunch foods, and dinner foods; sweet snacks and salty snacks; produce; and beverages. Each category ... Read More

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