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  • U.S. Food & Beverage Market Outlook 2019

    ... following two reports: U.S. Food Market Outlook 2019 Packaged food marketers and retailers are challenged in that most large categories are mature with limited overall organic growth, yet opportunities abound. Packaged Facts’ U.S. Food Market ... Read More

  • U.S. Beverage Market Outlook 2019

    ... be and why. The following beverage market categories are covered: Bottled & Enhanced Waters Carbonated Beverages Coffee & Ready-To-Drink Coffee Dairy Beverages & Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives Energy & Sports Drinks Juices Tea & Ready-To-Drink Tea Read More

  • Bundle: Breakfast Trends and Opportunities (3 Reports)

    ... an in-depth, panoramic examination of the American market for breakfast products at retail and breakfast culinary trends at foodservice. Combined the reports feature 300+pages of insights, market analysis, estimates, projections, charts, graphs, and much more. Read More

  • Office Coffee Service in the U.S.: Market Trends and Opportunities, 3rd Edition

    ... perkiest of office perks. For the millions of workers commuting to their jobs, a good cup of coffee is a source of both happiness and productivity. Packaged Facts reports that most U.S. employees believe that ... Read More

  • Bundle: U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018 & U.S. Beverage Market Outlook 2018

    ... 2018 U.S. Beverage Market Outlook 2018 Each report provides an all-inclusive examination of the largest retail categories in the respective markets. Taken as a whole, this collective study focuses on the market for selected food ... Read More

  • U.S. Beverage Market Outlook 2018

    ... 2018 focuses on the market for selected beverage products sold to consumers in the United States through retail channels. Market size data are provided at the retail sales level for 2012-2017 and projections for 2017-2022. Read More

  • Dairy and Dairy Alternative Beverage Trends in the U.S., 4th Edition

    ... behind the decline in dairy milk consumption and the reasons for the rise in plant-based milks , such as health concerns, with a growing number of consumers coming to believe that plant-based foods are healthier ... Read More

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics: Food and Beverage New Product Trends

    ... food and beverage industry, analyzing market activity and potential by functionality and product type. Product activity is classified into three stages of innovation: Stage 1 – Cutting Edge Stage 2 – Taking Root Stage 3 ... Read More

  • White Paper: Terminology Tempest in the Dairy Case

    ... for shelf space and consumer dollars. David Sprinkle, publisher at Packaged Facts, has written this latest opinion piece on the current “terminology tempest”: a discourse on dairy alternative marketers’ use of dairy terms such as ... Read More

  • Ready-to-Drink Beverages: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

    ... each covering the innovations and staging of trends in a different beverage category: Coffee, Dairy & Dairy Alternatives, Energy & Sports Drinks; Enhanced Bottled Water; Juices; Meal Replacement Beverages; Soda; Specialty Health Beverages; and Tea. Read More

  • Energy and Sports Drinks: U.S. Retail Market Trends and Opportunities

    ... single-serve containers for personal consumption. Excluded are bulk (family-size) products as well as other single , ready-to-drink (RTD) non-alcoholic beverage types (e.g., bottled and enhanced waters, juice drinks, dairy beverages, and carbonated soft drinks). This ... Read More

  • Coffee Market in the U.S.: Packaged, Single-Cup Brew, and Ready-to-Drink, 9th Edition

    ... the U.S. retail spectrum. Retail channels include supermarkets and grocery stores, convenience stores, supercenters/mass merchandisers, gourmet/specialty food stores, warehouse clubs, drugstores, and direct-sales channels including catalogs and Internet. Excluded from the scope of this report ... Read More

  • Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea: U.S. Retail Market, 6th Edition

    ... the U.S. retail spectrum. Retail channels include supermarkets and grocery stores, convenience stores, supercenters/mass merchandisers, gourmet/specialty food stores, warehouse clubs, drugstores, and the Internet. This report also focuses on retail packaged tea and not tea ... Read More

  • Refrigerated Coffee Creamers: U.S. Market Trends

    ... prominent factors bolstering sales are newer-generation products that meet the “clean label” criteria for ingredients: fewer, simpler, and pronounceable. Some of these products also offer other features and claims associated with clean labels, such as ... Read More

  • Kids Food and Beverage Market in the U.S., 8th Edition

    ... and trends seven food and beverage categories significant to children’s eating choices, usage occasions and need states, including breakfast foods, lunch foods, and dinner foods; sweet snacks and salty snacks; produce; and beverages. Each category ... Read More

  • Foodservice Coffee Market Trends in the U.S.

    ... sales at foodservice establishments to increase steadily during 2015-2018, driven by incremental growth in foodservice establishment visits; continued breakfast platform build outs and improvements where coffee continues to play a central role; pricing increases driven ... Read More

  • Foodservice Tea Market Trends in the U.S.

    ... sold in restaurants. Tea, like coffee, continues to boost restaurant industry sales. While coffee has had the wind at its back, the $20 billion foodservice tea market may have the edge in future growth momentum. ... Read More

  • Single-Cup Brew Beverage Products in the U.S.: Coffee Pods and Beyond, 2nd Edition

    ... Single-cup sales growth comprised 74% of retail coffee sales growth of $761 million. Subtracting single-cup sales from the total, retail coffee sales grew only 1.6%, one-twelfth the growth rate of single cup . In Single-Cup ... Read More

  • Food and Beverage Packaging Innovation in the U.S.: Consumer Perspectives

    ... intersect with consumer needs and desires, and for good reason. Categories and brands benefit significantly—and are at times completely rejuvenated—when manufacturers and retailers merge consumer trends with packaging innovations, from the playfully pop-culture oriented to ... Read More

  • Dairy and Dairy Alternative Beverage Trends in the U.S., 3rd Edition

    ... all types of retail outlets. The next several years will see intensified competition between dairy and dairy alternative beverages as both consumer comfort with the alternatives and criticism of dairy foods continue to grow. Sales ... Read More

  • Office Coffee Service in the U.S.: Market Trends and Opportunities, 2nd Edition

    ... the cost associated with office coffee service—remains a key to the office coffee service industry’s future success. Office coffee service can also be aligned with employer wellness program trends. Packaged Facts’ proprietary consumer research reveals ... Read More

  • Functional Foods: Key Trends by Product Categories and Benefits

    ... growth in this dynamic market today are three benefits people hope to derive from these products: weight management and satiety, sports nutrition and energy. As a result, important shifts in brand positioning, benefits and product ... Read More

  • Natural and Organic Foods and Beverages in Canada

    ... and Organic Foods and Beverages in Canada , Packaged Facts examines the sales and demographic trends that have influenced – and will continue to affect – growth in this segment. One of these trends is ... Read More

  • Private Label Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 8th Edition

    ... a long way from their past reputation for being lesser quality, albeit cheaper, alternatives to name-brand foods and beverages. Hurt by the recession, consumers began to turn to store brands as a way of saving ... Read More

  • Hispanic Food Shoppers in the U.S.

    ... past decade, spending on food in grocery stores by Hispanics has grown more than 80%, more than double the average growth registered by consumers overall. And as the Hispanic population has grown and Hispanic consumers ... Read More

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