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  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2018-2019

    ... a dizzying pace it’s hard to keep up, much less lead the pack. With its focus keenly on “what’s next”—and bringing to bear decades of pet market perspective and analysis—U.S. Pet Market Outlook is packed ... Read More

  • Looking Ahead to Gen Z: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends

    ... Gen Z consumer market and highlights opportunities for marketers reaching out to Gen Z consumers. The report offers demographic and economic profiles of Gen Z and examines the shopping behavior and spending patterns of Gen ... Read More

  • Gen Z and Millennials as Pet Market Consumers: Dogs, Cats, Other Pets

    ... and Millennials and identifies key marketing opportunities for these two segments of pet market consumers. It includes an analysis of how Gen Z and Millennial pet owners bond with and manage the health of their ... Read More

  • Affluent Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends, 7th Edition

    ... affluent consumer market in an era marked by this widening gulf between the affluent and everyone else. One finding of potential importance to luxury marketers is that some affluent consumers cope with the stigma of ... Read More

  • Hispanics as Pet Market Consumers

    ... the foundation for successful marketing strategies. For example, when selecting dog foods Hispanic dog owners are more likely than other dog owners to bear in mind the food texture and taste preferred by their dogs. ... Read More

  • Hispanic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 6th Edition

    ... appeals to consumers. The report projects that sales of Hispanic foods and beverage in the U.S. will increase in size from close to $17.5 billion in 2015 to over $21 billion in 2020, a compound ... Read More

  • African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition

    ... in the United States. Packaged Facts defines the African-American population as including individuals who identify in Census Bureau data as “black or African-American alone,” regardless of whether they also identify as Hispanic. This definition is ... Read More

  • Hispanics: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 9th Edition

    ... Hispanic spending power. First, the number of Hispanic households has been growing faster than the number of non-Hispanic households. Second, average spending by Latino households has increased more than average spending by non-Hispanic households. These ... Read More

  • Millennial Menus: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

    ... Millennials, the 69 million U.S. adults currently age 18-34, and it’s not just about food. Simmons data show that the Millennial age cohort is significantly more likely than those 35+ to like standing out in ... Read More

  • Millennials as Pet Market Consumers

    ... for 43% of the growth in the number of pet owners in the United States. The 43 million pet owners in the 18- to 34-year-old age group now account for around one in three pet ... Read More

  • Millennial Parents in the U.S.

    ... raising children. and highlights the implications for marketers. One consideration is that the demographic and social profile of Millennial parents differs radically from that of their peers without children. For example, Millennial moms are less ... Read More

  • American Consumers in 2020

    ... of what American consumers will look like, how much they will have to spend, how they will be shopping and what they will be buying in 2020. The report presents a plausible scenario of how ... Read More

  • Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S.

    ... to U.S. Hispanic consumers as the source of growth opportunities and diversification regarding pet ownership trends in the coming years. Pet populations analyses, pet demographics, and other expertly detailed insights can be found in Packaged ... Read More

  • Hispanic Food Shoppers in the U.S.

    ... past decade, spending on food in grocery stores by Hispanics has grown more than 80%, more than double the average growth registered by consumers overall. And as the Hispanic population has grown and Hispanic consumers ... Read More

  • Boomer Wellness: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

    ... Boomers, and what they like to eat and what influences their eating decisions significantly influences the food and beverage market. Food industry professionals need to pay attention to the evolution of these wellness trends and ... Read More

  • The African-American Consumer Market, 9th Edition

    ... needs and preferences of multicultural consumers. In the face of daunting economic difficulties, African-American consumers are more positive than other Americans about their own personal financial situation and are more optimistic about the future of ... Read More

  • Americans in 2020

    ... seniors who are decidedly not just fading away. People are living longer even as birth rates decline. Our residential and job communities are more diversified than ever due to a swelling—and increasingly more educated—minority populace. ... Read More

  • Hispanic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... grocery aisles to such an extent that it has redefined American cuisine, or more accurately that its long-standing role in American cuisine has expanded to become irrepressibly evident. Hispanic foods and beverages appeal to a ... Read More

  • Moms as Food Shoppers: Grocery Store and Supercenter Patterns and Trends

    ... so, marketers need to find new ways to engage today’s tech-immersed foodie Moms, who are at the epicenter of the new home-based food culture and in the vanguard of the movement toward healthy eating. Packaged ... Read More

  • Consumer Payments in the U.S.: The Latino Market

    ... consumers with credit cards dropped 5%, while the number of non-Latinos with credit cards fell 7%. During this same period, however, the number of Latino cardholders increased 23%. Thus, the vibrant growth in the number ... Read More

  • Collegiate Gen Y Eating: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

    ... an eye on nutrition and the health of the planet. These attributes haven’t changed and over time we’ve been able to see more clearly how they are playing out and strategically assess their future impact ... Read More

  • Ethnic Hair, Skin, and Cosmetics Products in the U.S., 8th Edition

    ... market posted growth of nearly 13%, and during 2011 the market continued to advance at a healthy pace to reach almost $3 billion. Hispanic, African-American, and Asian population growth is far outpacing that of whites, ... Read More

  • Millennials in the U.S.

    ... back to their parents’ home and married and unmarried couples with and without kids. Gen-Y consumers encompass college grads with high-paying full-time jobs and credit cards and bank accounts as well as those struggling with ... Read More

  • Cosmeceuticals in the U.S, 6th Edition

    ... cosmeceutical sales suffered during the recession, but the going could have been tougher were it not for cosmeceuticals’ “little luxury” appeal and bang-for-the-buck ability to deliver curative and preventative benefits on top of cosmetic ones. ... Read More

  • Upscale Latino Consumers in the U.S.

    ... about the Hispanic market. Between 2000 and 2010 the number of Upscale Latino households more than doubled from 1.3 million to 2.9 million, and grew three times faster than the number of non-Latino Upscale Consumer ... Read More

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Demographics market research reports by Packaged Facts

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