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Panama Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025 - Forecasts of Supply, Demand, Investment, Companies and Infrastructure (Fields, Blocks, Pipelines, LNG, Refinery, Storage Assets)

Panama Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025 - Forecasts of Supply, Demand, Investment, Companies and Infrastructure (Fields, Blocks, Pipelines, LNG, Refinery, Storage Assets)

OGAnalysis, one of the leading research and consulting service providers for the oil and gas industry, recently published the “Panama Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025”. The premier report provides analysis of key opportunities and associated challenges facing Panama oil and gas industry.

Amidst downfall in oil prices creating uncertainty on the future of Panama industry growth, the report details key strategies of government, oil and gas companies and investors in the country. Detailed outlook of the industry in terms of production forecasts of oil, gas, LNG, LPG, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil along with supporting parameters of primary energy demand, GDP and population are included.

Current status of planned projects along with the possible commencement of the projects, feasibility of developing those projects in current market conditions, expected start up, impact of competing assets in other countries and overall industry developments, investments required and other related information on planned projects is provided in detail.

The comprehensive guide provides analysis and forecasts of Panama oil and gas market for the period 2000 to 2025. Asset by asset details of all existing and planned projects across Panama oil and gas value chain are detailed in the report.

Driven by strong methodology and proprietary databases, reliable projections of oil, gas, petroleum products, coal, and LNG- supply and demand are made to 2025. The research work examines the existing infrastructure (oil and gas assets), market conditions, investment climate and competitive landscape of upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

SWOT Analysis and benchmarking tools are used to analyze and compare the real prospects and challenges of investing or expanding in the industry. Further, the report details all the investment opportunities sector wise, highlighting the industry growth potential and project feasibility. Detailed information on new fields, blocks, pipelines, refineries, storage assets and LNG terminals along with the investments required, current status of the projects and commencement feasibility are provided.

The report also analyzes three key companies in Panama oil and gas industry. Business operations, SWOT Analysis and financial performance of the companies are provided. All latest developments in the industry along with their possible impact on the industry are included in the report.

Some of the Key issues addressed in the report include-

  • How will be oil and gas supply scenario in Panama by 2025?
  • Which of the petroleum products will witness the maximum demand growth by 2025?
  • What are the new risks and opportunities for investors/ oil and gas companies?
  • What are the potential investment opportunities in Panama and how much investment is needed?
  • How did the production from major fields vary over the last decade?
  • What is the current status of all planned projects in Panama?
  • Who is the market leader and what is the market concentration ratio of pipelines, upstream, oil storage, refining, LNG and UGS sectors?
  • What will be the coking/FCC/HCC/VDU capacities in the Panama by 2020?
  • How much of the LNG capacity is contracted and how much will be available for contracts by 2020?
  • What will be the crude oil/petroleum products/chemicals storage capacity by 2020?
  • How much natural gas can be withdrawn from underground gas storage tanks in a day?
  • How extensive is the pipeline transportation network in the country?

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Panama Energy Profile
2.1 Panama Oil and Gas Snapshot
2.1.1 Overview
2.2 Key Oil and Gas Trends
2.3 Panama Oil and Gas Infrastructure
2.4 SWOT Analysis
2.4.1 Strengths
2.4.2 Weaknesses
2.4.3 Opportunities
2.4.4 Threats
2.5 Benchmark with Peer Markets
2.5.1 Overall Ranking of Markets
2.5.2 Demographic and Economic Index
2.5.3 Oil and Gas Supply Index
2.5.4 Oil and Gas Demand Index
2.5.5 Oil and Gas Infrastructure Index
2.6 Panama Energy Ministry, Licensing and Regulatory Authorities
3 Panama Oil and Gas Outlook to 2025
3.1 Panama primary Energy Demand Forecast, 2000- 2025
3.1.1 Petroleum Products Demand by Fuel, 2014
3.2 Panama Total Petroleum Products Consumption Outlook to 2025
3.3 Panama Gasoline Consumption Outlook to 2025
3.4 Panama Diesel Consumption Outlook to 2025
3.5 Panama LPG Consumption Outlook to 2025
3.6 Panama Fuel Oil Consumption Outlook to 2025
3.7 Panama oil storage capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
4 Investment Opportunities in Panama Oil and Gas Sector
4.1 Upstream Investment Opportunities
4.2 Oil and Gas Pipelines- Investment Opportunities
4.3 Crude Oil Refineries- Investment Opportunities
4.4 LNG Terminals- Investment Opportunities
4.5 Oil Storage Terminals
5 Panama Macro-Economic and Demographic Analysis and Outlook to 2025
5.1 Panama Geography and Map
5.2 Gross Domestic Product Forecasts to 2025
5.3 Population Forecasts to 2025
5.4 Total Investment (% of GDP) Forecasts to 2025
6 Panama Oil and Gas Companies and Market Competition Outlook
6.1 Refining Sector- Market Shares by Company
6.2 Oil Storage Sector- Market Shares by Company, 2014
7 Panama Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
8 Panama Oil Refining Industry
9 Panama Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
9.1 LNG Market Overview
10 Panama, Oil and Gas Storage Industry
10.1 Panama Oil Storage Terminals under Operation
10.2 Storage Industry Competitive Landscape
10.3 Panama Planned Oil Storage Terminals, 2015-2020
11 Panama, Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry
12 Key Players In Panama Oil and Gas Markets
12.1 Chevron Corporation
12.1.1 Overview
12.1.2 Global Operations
12.1.3 Business Description
12.1.4 SWOT Analysis
12.1.5 Contact Information
12.1.6 Financial Analysis
12.2 Repsol YPF SA
12.2.1 Overview
12.2.2 Geographical Operations
12.2.3 Business Operations
12.2.4 SWOT Analysis
12.2.5 Corporate headquarters
12.2.6 Financial Analysis
12.3 Koninkilje Vopak NV
12.3.1 Royal Vopak Business Operations
12.3.2 Royal Vopak SWOT Analysis
12.3.3 Contact Information
12.3.4 Key Financial Information
13 Panama, Latest Oil and Gas News Analysis
13.1 AES To Build Panama’s First LNG-Powered CCPP -September 2015
13.2 LR To Class Elcano’s LNG Carrieres Set To Transit Panama Canal -August 27, 2015
13.3 Panama Canal’s New tolls Structure Approved -April 30, 2015
13.4 Panama Canal Valuable For U.S LNG Exports -April 27, 2015
13.5 Panama fuel oil, MDO sales up in May on year higher vessel traffic –July 31, 2015
13.6 Oil market and its implications for Panama -June 26, 2015
13.7 Gas Prices in Panama City Drop Below $3 a Gallon - December 15, 2014
13.8 Urriola Panama should know if it is sitting on oil –November 16, 2014
13.9 Panama to Go Back to Oil and Gas Prospecting- December 2, 2014
13.10 Panama Looks Toward LNG To Solidify Position As Top Trade Hub -May 6, 2015
13.11 USTDA Supports Study On LNG Terminal With The Panama Canal Authority -June 26, 2015
13.12 Panama high sulfur bunker fuel prices hit lowest level in nearly seven years –Aug 19, 2015
13.13 Panama. lowest gas and diesel prices in region -August 26, 2014
13.14 Panama Canal toll could affect US-Asia LPG shipments -January 7, 2015
13.15 Panama’s Cabinet Council Approves New Canal Tolls Structure to Better Meet Customer Needs –April 29, 2015
13.16 Panama may accept oil or gas from Venezuela to resolve dollar debt –July 3, 2015
13.17 Panama Canal expansion accelerates Texan port export investments - Aug 24, 2015
14 Appendix
14.1 Abbreviations
14.2 Sources and Methodology
14.3 Contact Information
14.4 Disclaimer 92
List Of Tables
Table 1: Panama Oil and Gas Industry Overview, 2014
Table 2: Panama Oil and Gas Benchmarking- Overall Ranking
Table 3: Panama Oil and Gas Benchmarking- Demographic and Economic Index
Table 4: Panama Oil and Gas Benchmarking- Supply Index
Table 5: Panama Oil and Gas Benchmarking- Demand Index
Table 6: Bahrain Oil and Gas Benchmarking- Infrastructure Index
Table 7: Panama Primary Energy Demand by Fuel, 2014
Table 8: Panama Petroleum Products Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Table 9: Panama Gasoline Consumption Forecast, 2005-2025
Table 10: Panama Diesel Consumption Forecast, 2005-2025
Table 11: Panama LPG Consumption Forecast, 2005-2025
Table 12: Panama Fuel Oil Consumption Forecast, 2005-2025
Table 13: Panama Storage Capacity, MMcm, 2005- 2020
Table 14: Panama, Oil Storage Capacity by Terminal Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 15: Panama, Oil Storage Capacity by Company, 2005- 2020
Table 16: Chevron Corporation- Top Level Information
Table 17: Chevron Corporation- Geographical Presence
Table 18: Chevron Corporation- Financial Overview ( million $), 2008- 2012
Table 19: Chevron Corporation- Financial Ratio Analysis, 2008- 2013
Table 20: Repsol YPF- Top Level Information
Table 21: Repsol YPF SA - Geographical Presence
Table 22: Repsol YPF S p A- Financial Overview (€ million), 2013- 2014
Table 23: Royal Vopak - Top Level Information
Table 24: Royal Vopak – Terminals and Activities in scope
Table 25: Royal Vopak- Financial Highlights, Euro millions, 2012-2013 69
List of Figures
Figure 1: Panama Primary Energy Demand Outlook, 2000- 2025
Figure 2: Panama Petroleum Products Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Figure 3: Panama Gasoline Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Figure 4: Panama Diesel Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Figure 5: Panama LPG Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Figure 6: Panama Fuel Oil Consumption Forecast, 2000-2025
Figure 7: Map of Panama- Location and Boundaries
Figure 8: Panama Canal- Location
Figure 9: Panama- GDP Growth Forecasts, 2000- 2025
Figure 10: Panama- Population Forecasts, 2000- 2025
Figure 11: Panama- Total Investment (% of GDP) Forecasts, 2000- 2025
Figure 12: Panama Storage Industry- Competitive Landscape, 2014
Figure 13: Royal Vopak, Storage Capacity by Region
Figure 14: Royal Vopak, Number of Storage Terminals by Region

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