Peru Silver Mining to 2024 - Updated with Impact of COVID-19

Peru Silver Mining to 2024 -Updated with Impact of COVID-19


GlobalData's Peru Silver Mining to 2024 -Updated with Impact of COVID-19 provides a comprehensive coverage on the Peruvian silver mining industry. It provides historical and forecast data on silver production, reserves by country, and world silver prices. The report also includes a demand drivers section providing information on factors that are affecting the country’s silver industry such as demand from end use sectors including industrial, jewelry, investment, and Chinese PV market. It further profiles major silver producers, information on the major active, planned and exploration projects.

Peruvian silver mine production is expected to decline for the third consecutive year in 2020, to 114.2 million ounces (Moz), against 136.2Moz, a year ago. COVID-19-related labor shortages at Uchucchacua mine, coupled with temporary suspensions at the Arcata, Huaron and Morococha mines, were the primary factors attributable for the lower production in 2020. Moving ahead, the country's Ministry of Energy and Mines plans to raise its mining gross domestic product (GDP) and investments to 14.4% and US$5.4 billion respectively in 2021, to revive its economy from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the forecast period (2021-2024), Peruvian silver mine production is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5%, to reach 140.2Moz.


  • The report contains an overview of the Peru silver mining industry including key demand driving factors affecting the Peruvian silver mining industry.
  • It provides detailed information on reserves, reserves by country, production, competitive landscape, major operating mines, major exploration, and development projects.
Reasons to Buy
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on Peruvian silver industry
  • To gain an understanding of the Peruvian silver mining industry, relevant driving factors
  • To understand historical and forecast trend on Peruvian silver production
  • To identify key players in the Peruvian silver mining industry
  • To identify major active, exploration and development projects in Peru

1 Executive Summary
2 Reserves, Production and Prices
2.1 Silver Reserves by Country
2.2 Silver Production
2.3 Silver Prices
3 Silver Assets
3.1 Active Mines
3.2 Exploration Projects
3.3 Development Projects
4 Demand
4.1 Demand from China
5 Major Silver Producers
5.1 Glencore Plc
5.2 Hochschild Mining plc
5.3 Compania De Minas Buenaventura SAA
5.4 Pan American Silver Corp.
6 Fiscal regime
6.1 Classification of Mining Activities in Peru
6.2 Governing Bodies
6.2.1 Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM)
6.2.2 Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute
6.2.3 Ministry of Environment (MINAM)
6.2.4 Supervisory Organization of Investment in Energy and Mining (OSINERGMIN)
6.2.5 Organization of Supervision and Environmental Assessment
6.2.6 National Superintendence of Labor Inspection (SUNAFIL)
6.3 Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Laws and Regulations
6.3.1 General Mining Law
6.3.2 Mining Canon Law
6.3.3 Law Regulating Environmental Liabilities of Mining
6.3.4 General Law of the Environment
6.3.5 Mining Rights and Fees
6.3.6 New Merger Control Regime
6.4 Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Taxes and Royalties
6.4.1 Corporate Income Tax
6.4.2 Tax Loss Relief
6.4.3 Tax on Capital Gains
6.4.4 Capital Allowances
6.4.5 Business Expenses
6.4.6 Tax Depreciation
6.4.7 Modified Mining Royalty (MMR)
6.4.8 Special Mining Tax (SMT)
6.4.9 Special Mining Burden (SMB)
6.4.10 Value Added Tax (VAT)
6.4.11 Withholding Taxes
6.4.12 Dividends
6.4.13 Interests
6.4.14 Royalties
6.4.15 Tax Incentives
6.4.16 Under the Foreign and Private Investment Legislation
6.4.17 Under the General Mining Law:
6.4.18 Tax Treaties
7 Appendix
7.1 Abbreviations
7.2 Methodology
7.3 Coverage
List of Tables
Table 1: Peru Silver Mining - Silver Reserves by Country (Tonnes), January 2020
Table 2: Peru Silver Mining - Active Mines in Peru by Total Ore Reserves (Million Tonnes), 2020
Table 3: Peru Silver Mining - Historical and Forecast Silver Mine Production (Million Ounces), 2004-2024
Table 4: Peru Silver Mining - Silver Prices, Quarterly (US$/Ounce), 2014-2020
Table 5: Peru Silver Mining - Active Mines, 2021
Table 6: Peru Silver Mining - Exploration Projects, 2021
Table 7: Peru Silver Mining - Development Projects, 2021
Table 8: Peru Silver Mining - Glencore Plc, Major Projects, 2021
Table 9: Peru Silver Mining - Hochschild Mining plc, Major Projects, 2021
Table 10: Peru Silver Mining - Compania De Minas Buenaventura SAA, Major Projects, 2021
Table 11: Peru Silver Mining - Pan American Silver Corp., Major Projects, 2021
Table 12: Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Classification of Mining Activities in Peru
Table 13: Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Mining Rights
Table 14: Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Concession Fees, 2020
Table 15: Peru’s Mining Fiscal Regime - Maximum Depreciation Rates under General Tax Rule, 2020
List of Figures
Figure 1: Peru Silver Mining - Silver Reserves by Country (Thousand Tonnes), 2016-2020
Figure 2: Peru Silver Mining - Silver Reserves by Country (%), January 2020
Figure 3: Peru Silver Mining - Historical and Forecast Silver Mine Production (Million Ounces), 2004-2024
Figure 4: Peru Silver Mining - World Silver Prices, Quarterly (US$/Ounce), 2014-2020
Figure 5: Peru Silver Mining - Global Silver Demand by End Use (Million ounces), 2012-2019
Figure 6: Peru Silver Mining - China’s PV Capacity (Gigawatts), 2011-2025

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