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Impact of China on Oil & Gas - Thematic Research

Impact of China on Oil & Gas - Thematic Research


China has emerged as one of the world’s leading markets for oil and gas products, driven by the growing demand from industrial and transportation sectors. The country’s efforts to transition from coal to natural gas to curb pollution has opened up huge market opportunity for gas producers and related infrastructure providers around the world. Moreover, the demand for refinery and petrochemical products within the country is attracting considerable investments from Chinese, as well as global oil and gas companies.


  • The report analyses the impact of China as a theme on the oil & gas industry.
  • The report discusses how China is influencing the global oil and gas industry through strategic policy making and investments in its attempt to achieve energy security
  • The report evaluates the Chinese oil and gas industry and highlights the key developments across the various sectors within the industry
  • The report further analyses how the Chinese domestic demand for petroleum and petrochemical products can be a major source of opportunity for the global oil and gas industry.
Reasons to buy
  • To understand the major trends and their bearing on the Chinese oil and gas industry.
  • To gain an outlook on the major deals undertaken by Chinese oil and gas companies in China and overseas
  • To know more about some of the key oil and gas companies and their recent activities in the China theme.

  • Introduction
    • Players
    • Oil and gas companies with strong exposure to China's energy sector
      • Table Oil and gas companies with strong exposure to China's energy sector
    • Chinese oil and gas companies with a strong global presence
      • Table Chinese oil and gas companies with a strong global presence
    • Companies with strong international exposure
    • Companies with weak international exposure
    • International exposure of Chinese oil and gas companies
  • Trends
    • Chinese oil and gas trends
      • Table Chinese oil and gas trends
    • Global oil and gas trends
      • Table Global oil and gas trends
  • Companies
    • How big are China's oil and gas companies?
      • Table Figure 1: Sinopec and CNPC are among the largest global oil and gas companies
    • How global are China's top oil and gas companies?
      • Table Figure 2: Revenue generation from international operations are low for Chinese companies
    • How `Chinese' are the world's top oil and gas companies?
  • Deals
    • M&A
      • Table M&A - Domestic activity
      • Table M&A - Outside China
      • Table M&A deals by overseas companies in China
  • Sectors
    • Presence of Fortune 500 companies
      • Table Figure 3: Financial service providers and mining and crude oil production companies account for major share
      • Table Figure 4: In mining, oil and gas, and metals, Chinese companies are among the biggest in the world
    • Energy strategy of China
      • Table Energy strategy of China
  • Appendix 1: Macro-economic indicators
    • Share of global GDP
      • Table Figure 5: Developed nations have been steadily losing ground to China
      • Table Figure 6: Global economic power will shift to emerging economies with China taking center stage
    • Demographics
      • Table Figure 7: China will continue to lead the population race
      • Table Figure 8: China: Demographic Indicators (Population Growth and Population Split by Age Group and Gender)
      • Table Figure 9: China boasts of large working age population
      • Table Figure 10: Unemployment Rate (percent), 2017
    • Income levels
      • Table Figure 11: China witnesses consistent improvement in income levels
    • Urbanization
      • Table Figure 12: Despite relatively low urbanization levels, China has the largest urban agglomeration
    • Dominance of Chinese cities in global landscape
      • Table Top Cities of Opportunities by 2025
    • Industrial performance
      • Table Figure 13: PMI and IPI Index
    • Ease of doing business
      • Table Figure 14: Ease of Doing Business Rank and Number of Procedures
    • Transition from isolation to trade openness
      • Table Figure 15: Transition from isolation to trade openness
      • Table Figure 16: China's major trading partners
    • Economic growth outlook
      • Table Figure 17: China: Key Indicators, 2015-2020
  • Appendix 2: Risks
    • Country risk
      • Table Figure 18: China ranked 34th out of 136 nations in the GCRI Q4 2017.
      • Table Figure 19: China's overall risk score is higher than Asia-Pacific and lower than the world average
    • Governance Risks
      • Table Figure 20: Low governance poses risks for sustainable growth
      • Table Figure 21: High corruption rule of law compared to its peer countries impact business environment
      • Table Figure 22: China lags behind some of its peer nations due to censorship
    • Sino-US Trade War
      • Table Figure 23: The economic consequences are far reaching
      • Table Figure 24: Tariff impositions by the US are primarily aimed at disputes with China over anti-competitive behavior
    • Strained Relationships with Neighbors and Perceived Inferior Product Quality Also to Affect Trade
    • Demographic Challenges: Declining Workforce Poses Risk of Curtailing China's Growth Trajectory
    • Environmental Concerns: Lack of Environment Management Enhances Health Hazards
  • Appendix 3: Our "Thematic" research methodology
    • Traditional thematic research does a poor job of picking winners and losers
    • Introducing GlobalData's thematic engine
    • This is how it works
      • Table Figure 25: Five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard
    • How our research reports fit into our overall research methodology
    • About GlobalData
    • Contact us
    • Disclaimer

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