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The India Medical Devices Market to 2026

The India Medical Devices Market to 2026

GMR Data’s new Pharmaceutical report 'The India Medical Devices Market to 2026', released today, discusses the India Medical Device Market in detail across the next decade.

The report covers who the main customers are, which companies will cater to that need and how the companies will go about it.

The report describes the current medical devices scene, one of the most populated nations globally.

Key questions such as how will new governmental rules effect the market, how easy is it for foreign companies to enter the market are discussed with support from charts, graphs and tables and by exclusive expert opinion.

India constitutes 17% of the global population and 20% of the global disease burden, but spends only 1.3% of GDP on healthcare; far below other emerging markets.

Given the rising proportion of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), that are typically treated or ameliorated with medical devices, the India medical devices segment reflects a high-growth market when compared to other healthcare markets globally.

The India medical device market is constrained by a number of barriers, notably, challenging regulations, unfavourable policies and industry anomalies.

Learn, by reading this report, how foreign companies have gained a foothold in this key emerging market; what actions have produced positive results; who has made the break through and why.

The Indian Medical Devices Market to 2026
Pharmaceutical, Commercial and Strategic Developments in the Indian Medical Devices Market 2016-2026
Chapter 1 - Executive Summary
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Report Description
1.3 Market Segmentation
1.4 Research Methodology
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the India Medical Devices Market
2.1 Definition of Medical Devices in India
2.2 Classification of Medical Devices
2.3 Registration and Certification of Medical Devices
Chapter 3 - India Medical Devices Industry Structure
3.1 Regulatory Structure
3.1.1. Regulatory Authorities
3.1.2. Current Regulatory Policies for Medical Devices
3.1.3. Comparison of Medical Devices Regulations/Vigilance Systems of U.S. FDA, U.K. MHRA and India CDSCO
3.1.4. AERB/BARC Regulations on RadioTherapy and RadioImaging equipment/Medical Devices
3.1.5. Proposed Regulatory Policies for Medical Devices
3.1.6. Registration Process / Licensing Approval for Domestically Manufactured Notified Medical Devices
3.1.7. Registration Process / Licensing Approval for Import of Notified Medical Devices
3.1.8. Registration Process / Licensing Approval for Sale and Distribution of Notified Medical Devices
3.1.9. Registration Process / Licensing Approval for Manufacture/Import of New Notified Medical Devices
3.1.10. Other By-Laws regarding Registration Process / Licensing Approval for Notified Medical Devices
3.1.11. Medical Device Registration Process for Notified Medical Devices
3.1.12. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) / Patent law
3.1.13. Reimbursements and Procurement Process
3.2 PESTEL Analysis
3.3 Medical Devices – Imports
3.4 Medical Devices – Exports
3.5 Distribution Channels
Chapter 4 - India Medical Devices Market, by Device Sector, 2016-2026
4.1 Diagnostic Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
4.2 Therapeutic Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
4.3 Supportive Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
4.3.1. Consumables Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
4.3.2. Implants Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
Chapter 5 - India Medical Devices Market, by Customer, 2016-2026
5.1 Public Hospitals Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
5.2 Private Hospitals Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
5.3 Home Healthcare Medical Devices Market, 2016–2026
Chapter 6 - Key Companies in the Indian Medical Devices Market 2016-2026
6.1 Market Overview
6.1.1. Competitive Strategies – Domestic companies, Foreign companies
6.1.2. Mergers & Acquisitions
6.1.3. Future Outlook
6.2 Medtronic
6.2.1 Background
6.2.2 Business Structure - India
6.2.3 Products / Services - India
6.2.4 Distribution Network - India
6.2.5 Growth strategy - India
6.2.6 Financial Information - India
6.3 Johnson & Johnson
6.3.1 Background
6.3.2 Business Structure - India
6.3.3 Products / Services - India
6.3.4 Distribution Network - India
6.3.5 Growth strategy - India
6.3.6 Financial Information - India
6.4 Trivitron Healthcare
6.4.1 Background
6.4.2 Business Structure
6.4.3 Products / Services
6.4.4 Distribution Network
6.4.5 Growth strategy
6.4.6 Financial Information
6.5 Opto Circuits
6.5.1 Background
6.5.2 Business Structure
6.5.3 Products / Services
6.5.4 Distribution Network
6.5.5 Growth strategy
6.5.6 Financial Information
6.6 GE Healthcare
6.6.1 Background
6.6.2 Business Structure - India
6.6.3 Products / Services - India
6.6.4 Distribution Network - India
6.6.5 Growth strategy - India
6.6.6 Financial Information - India
6.7 Philips Healthcare
6.7.1 Background
6.7.2 Business Structure - India
6.7.3 Products / Services - India
6.7.4 Distribution Network - India
6.7.5 Growth strategy - India
6.7.6 Financial Information - India
Chapter 7 - Drivers & Restraints of the Indian Medical Devices Market 2016-2026
7.1 Growth Drivers
7.1.1 Higher proportion of private investment (domestic and FDI) in the Indian medical devices market
7.1.2 Planned increased public investment in the Indian medical devices market
7.1.3 Focus on R&D to commercialise ‘low-cost’/customised versions (of proprietary high-end medical devices) specifically for Indian market
7.1.4 Higher proportion of geriatric population and increased incidence of ‘lifestyle’ diseases
7.1.5 Rising affordability
7.1.6 Increasing medical tourism
7.1.7 Rising penetration of telemedicine services
7.2 Barriers / Restraints
7.2.1 Unfavorable policies
7.2.2 Challenging regulations
7.2.3 Industry anomalies
Chapter 8 - Expert Opinion
8.1 Pridex Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
8.2 Philips Healthcare
Chapter 9 - Appendix
9.1 Chronological Regulations - Notified Medical Devices in India Medical Devices market
9.2 List of Distributors - India Medical Devices market

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