Top Technologies in Medical Devices & Imaging, 2017

Top Technologies in Medical Devices & Imaging, 2017

TechVision's Medical Devices and Imaging technology cluster's flagship research service profiles ten cutting-edge medical technologies that are expected to have a huge impact on the healthcare industry in the next two years. Each of technologies that have been profiled here represent billions of dollars in market potential, and have a rich track record of R&D funding, intellectual property (IP) activity and a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Each of the technology profiles covers the following: Brief technology snapshot, breadth of applications, key innovations and innovators, five-year market potential, recent funding and business deals, important market factors aiding and hindering growth. This research service aims to act as a guide for innovation-focused organizations who seek to learn about the medical technologies that will fuel growth in the next few years.

This list includes technologies that are just seeing the light of commercialization, as well as those technologies that are already in the market, but are expected to make an impact through wide-spread adoption. This research service is a product of a year-long scout of the MedTech industry and other adjacent innovation clusters. This report aims to provide a snapshot of the ten technologies, service as a strategic guide to innovators and senior management, helping companies in innovation planning and decision-making.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings: Medical Devices and Imaging Technologies
    • Selection Methodology
  • MedTech Innovations: Trends Assessment
    • Unprecedented Funding and Cross-industry Collaborations spur MedTech Innovations
    • Snapshot of Top Technologies from our Previous Research
    • Shortlisting Top Technologies in a Highly Innovative Industry
    • Top 10 Medical Device and Imaging Technologies, 2017
  • Tactile Imaging
    • Tactile Imaging Will be Driven by its Unique Ability to Quantify Tissue Health
    • Tactile Imaging Benefits Accurate Diagnosis of Liver Diseases and Early Breast Cancer Screening
    • European and Asian Companies Lead Patent Publication
    • Echosens and Resoundant are Championing Elastography in Different Imaging Modalities
  • Super-resolution Microscopy
    • The Need for Nanometer-level Resolution for Sub-cellular Imaging has been the Key Demand Driver
    • Impact of Advanced Microscopy Extends Beyond Life Sciences, into Nanotechnology and Semiconductors
    • IP Landscape is Dominated by Large Medical Imaging and Microscopy Companies
    • Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, and Canon are the Big Four Microscopy Companies
  • Surgical Robots
    • Robotic Surgery Driven by Increase in Complex Procedures that Require More Precision, Flexibility, and Control
    • United States is a Hot Spot for Surgical Robot Innovations
    • Intuitive Surgical Leads the Way With Maximum Patent Publications
    • High Venture Funding for Robotic Microsurgery Applications
  • Artificial Organ
    • Artificial Organ Industry Driven by Increase in Age Related Organ Functioning Disorders
    • Technology Adoption of Artificial Organ Rising in Europe Due to Good Government Funding
    • Cochlear Limited Leads the Way With Maximum Patent Applications
    • High Venture Capital Funding Underscores Market Urgency of Artificial Organs
  • Neurostimulation
    • Spinal Cord and Deep Brain Stimulation Witness Tremendous Adoption across the Neurostimulation Space
    • Technology Adoption of Artificial Organ Rising in Europe Due to Good Government Funding
    • Medtronic Leads IP Activity in the Neurostimulation Market
    • Expansion to New Clinical Indications Generates Interest Amongst Investors
  • 3D Medical Imaging
    • 3D Medical Imaging is Designed to Improve Imaging and Viewing Through 2D Imaging Platforms
    • 3D visualization Will Enable Better Diagnostic Visualization, Surgical Planning
    • 3D Medical Imaging Will be an Invaluable Tool for Advanced Surgical Planning and Early Stage Diagnosis of Various Disorders
    • Sustained Private Venture Capital Funding Bolsters Imaging Innovation
  • X-eluting Stents
    • X-eluting Stents Capitalizing on the Decline in Bare-metal Stent Market Share
    • Incorporation of Biological Agents Enhance Clinical Safety and Effectiveness of X-eluting Stents
    • Sustained IP Filing Indicates Vibrant R&D Activity in XES Market
    • Hydrogel-based 4D Printing of Stents that Change Shape Upon Exposure to Heat Gain Attention from Investors
  • Proton Beam Therapy
    • Proton Beam Therapy is designed to be a specific source of treatment for various forms of cancers in the human body
    • Market Growth for Proton Beam Therapies in Europe Exceeds that of North America
    • Proton Beam Therapy will be an Invaluable Tool for Precise Treatment of Various Forms of Cancerous Tissue Targets in the Body
    • Image-guidance and Surgical Planning Tools will Help Minimize Dosage, Maximize Efficacy
  • Smart Bandages
    • Smart Bandages are Designed with Sense-and-treat Capabilities to Address Challenges in Treating Hard-to-heal Wounds
    • Demand for Easily Accessible and Easy to Use Wound Care Products are Expected to Drive Market Growth
    • Smart Bandages Will be an Invaluable Tool for Advanced Wound Care in Early Stage Diagnosis
    • Wound Care Innovation is Supported by Public Funding Agencies, Defense and Military Budgets
  • Optical Biopsy
    • Real-time Information through Optical Biopsy Reduces Delay in Diagnosis to Treatment
    • North America to Remain the Strongest Adopter of Optical Biopsy
    • Optical Biopsy to Aid in Confocal Light Endomicroscopy for Detecting Tissue Abnormality
    • Optical Biopsy for Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Expected to Witness Demand

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