Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities, 2018

Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities, 2018

Experts have observed a direct correlation between energy security and economic development of the region and energy has become a fundamental input in the modern world. Improved R&D efforts in generation and storage technologies, increasing efficiencies and reduction in cost of renewable technologies has led to grid parity in various regions.

There has been an increase in the adoption of renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind. These energy sources have potential to address the complex climate change issue, but they face challenges of scalability and intermittent power generation. In this context, energy storage technologies are expected to play a crucial role making the energy infrastructure sustainable and more efficient.

This Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities report focuses on the technologies from E&U sector which will impact multiple industries, applications, and regions. Technologies were chosen after weighing the importance of these issues carefully. The selection of the technologies is made using TechVision’s proprietary selection process and methodology. Criteria like funding, the market potential of the technology, regional adoption, the technology’s disruptiveness, megatrend impact and patenting activity, were considered while assessing each technology.

The study offers in-depth strategic analysis of 10 important technologies including Advanced Batteries, Distributed Energy Generation, Next Gen Smart Grids, Super Fuel Cells, Thermal Energy Storage, Battery Energy Management, Solid State Battery, BIPV, Energy Management Systems and Tight Oil Extraction.

  • Executive Summary
    • Top 50 Technologies - Methodology
    • Top 10 Technologies in Energy & Utilities in 2018
    • Key Trends and Energy and Utilities Sector
    • Key Findings - Energy & Utilities
  • Advanced Batteries
    • Advanced Batteries Will Maintain Lithium-Ion Dominance in the Next Decade
    • Energy & Utilities and Automotive Sectors are Expected to be the Key Revenue Generating Markets for Advanced Batteries
    • Governments Worldwide are Providing Funding for Lithium-ion Batteries
    • Companies to Watch
  • Distributed Energy Generation
    • Global Adoption and Market Growth are Driven by Both Public and Private Sectors
    • Dominance of Solar PV has Crucial Impact Across Several Sectors
    • Distributed Asset Management Platform is the Key Research Focus Area
    • Companies to Watch
  • Next-Gen Smart Grids
    • Smart Grids Mark the Convergence of Communication, Automation, and Energy Solutions
    • Smart Meters and Metering Infrastructure Drive Adoption
    • Network Monitoring and Grid Data Analytics are Key Research Focus Areas
    • Companies to Watch
  • Super Fuel Cells
    • Fuel Cell Showing a Huge Traction Especially in Transportation
    • Fuel Cell will Enable Future of Energy Storage: Power-to-Gas
    • APAC is the Most Active Region for Funding and Patents
    • Companies to Watch
  • Thermal Energy Storage
    • Increasing the Economic Viability of TES will be the Future Focus Area
    • High Impact Primarily on the Energy and Building Sector
    • Adoption Prospects in Areas such as Combined Heat and Power
    • Companies to Watch
  • Battery Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
    • BEMS Becomes Important as the Batteries Become for Powerful and Larger
    • China is the Most Region for BEMS
    • Electric Vehicles Sector is Expected to be Impacted the Most by Advanced BEMS
    • Companies to Watch
  • Solid State Batteries
    • Solid State Batteries is an Old Innovation with a New Approach
    • OEMs are Providing Funding for Advancement of Solid State Batteries
    • IoT Electronics and Medical Technologies Sectors are Expected to be Impacted the Most by Solid State Batteries
    • Companies to Watch
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics
    • Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency Will Drive BIPV Market Growth
    • The US Dominates the Global Patent Trend followed by China
    • BIPV Application Impact Will Greatly Benefit the V2G Value Chain
    • Key Innovators
  • Energy management Systems
    • Building and Home Automation is Very Important in Enabling Energy Management
    • Private Funding is Pivotal in Encouraging Startups and Innovations
    • Development of Smart Cost Effective Energy Management Solutions Crucial in Impacting Applications Sectors
    • Enabling Connectivity in Buildings, Occupant Comfort ,and Bill Reduction are Primary Focus Areas
  • Tight Oil Extraction
    • North America is the leader in the production with Australia and China expressing exploration interests
    • The US Leads in Patent Activity
    • Developing Solutions with Minimal Environmental Impacts is Crucial in Gaining Favor Among the Public
    • Companies with Innovative Proppant and Water Treatment Solutions to Play Pivotal Role for the Future of TOE

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