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Technologies Enabling Prosumerism in Energy Sector

Technologies Enabling Prosumerism in Energy Sector

Prosumerism can help the energy end users achieve energy ownership. The stakeholders can decide what to do with the energy they produce. It helps them take part in energy selling and procuring and also provides them with the choice of whom to buy from and at what price. The export of excess energy can also be done at prices they deem suitable for themselves. Energy prosumerism is expected to emerge one of the most prominent trends from modern energy infrastructure.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Process and Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Overview of Prosumerism
    • Prosumers Can Be Node to Node or Node to Grid Type
    • DERs, Smart Meters and Distribution Automation Play Key Roles In Enabling Prosumerism
    • Distribution Automation can Help Power Transfer Between Users More Controllable
    • AMI can Help in Peer to Peer Energy Exchange in Keeping Track of the Energy Exported
    • Solar Applications are Used in Electricity Production and HVAC as Well
    • On-site Power Generation Enables a Number of New Energy Transactions and Business Models
    • sonnenFlat is One of the Tariff Plans Adopted
    • Technologies Enabled by Prosumerism: Virtual Power Plants
    • Technologies Enabled by Prosumerism: Microgrids and Nanogrids
    • Increased DER mix and awareness toward energy ownership are some of the key drivers
    • Energy Ownership is Supported by Some Governments Globally
    • Technical Advances in AMI and DA Enable the Growth of Onsite Generation
    • Regulation and Policy Related Issues are the Major Challenges
  • Innovation Landscape: Solutions Enabling Prosumerism
    • Tesla Inc., USA: Energy Producing Roof Tiles for Residential Buildings
    • sonnen GmbH, Germany: Solutions for Residential Energy Storage Applications
    • M-Trigen Inc., USA: Combined heat, cooling and energy solution for small commercial and residential applications
    • Next Kraftwerke Germany: Virtual Power Plant Using Small to Large Scale DERs
    • Enbala Power Networks Inc., Canada: Platform for DER aggregation and Management
    • NRGcoin, Enervails Belgium: Blockchain technology for Energy
  • Industrial Prosumerism
    • Industrial Prosumerism can Help Developing and Under Developed Nations
    • Benefits Such as Better Energy Stability can be Attributed to Industrial Prosumerism
    • Other Major Advantages of Industrial Prosumerism
    • Lack of Technology Expertise in Developing Nations is the Main Challenge Faced by Industrial Prosumers
    • Industrial Prosumer Case Study 1: Rice Husk Gasifier, Cambodia
    • Industrial Prosumer Case Study 2: Renewable Prosumerism in the Telecom Industry
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 1: New Business Models for the Energy Sector
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Technical opportunities Related to Prosumerism
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Analyst Viewpoint and Recommendations
    • Recommendations for Policymakers
    • Analyst Viewpoint: Development of Strong Policies is a Must to Develop Prosumerism
  • Key Contacts
    • Key Industry Participant Contacts

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