Technologies Enabling Next Generation Vaccine Development

Technologies Enabling Next Generation Vaccine Development

Vaccine Delivery platforms: This section covers various nanoparticle-based vaccine delivery platforms such as nanoparticles of biological (self-assembling proteins) and non-biological origin ( inorganic and polymeric). The biological nanoparticles subsection overlaps with virus-like particles that has been separately addressed.

Virus-Like Particles: Virus-Like Particles are biological nanoparticles having size of around 20-100 nm. Due to the repetitive nature, viral capsid proteins have tendency to self-assemble. Lack of genetic material makes them non-replicative and hence safe vaccines. Therefore, VLPs are gaining a lot of attractions from vaccine development point of view.

Bacterial and fungal vaccines: This part discusses upcoming vaccines which can protect against multiple bacterial and fungal infections, toxoid vaccines, neutralizing antibodies and new technologies like carbohydrate-conjugate vaccines, surface antigen vaccines etc.

Synthetic vaccines: The segment of synthetic vaccines talks about the short, long and synthetic peptide vaccines against viral and bacterial diseases, innovative T cell stimulating immunogens and fusion proteins.

Viral vector-based vaccines: It covers genetically modified viral vectors which are engineered to make replication incompetent by deletion of essential genes or highly attenuated viral vectors that lack pathogenic genes.

Adjuvant technology: Unique lipid-based adjuvants, oil-in-water adjuvants, plant-derived adjuvants, synthetic and immune-cell-receptor based adjuvants as well as virosomes (derived from viral proteins) are reviewed here.

Vaccine synthesis, formulation and delivery platforms: This section partially overlaps with virus-based vaccine delivery platforms like virosomes, synthetic and modified-viral platforms, cell-free protein synthesis and gene delivery methods and proprietary cell lines used for vaccine production.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope: Vaccine Technologies Under Development Phase
    • Analysis Framework: Frost & Sullivan Core Value
    • Research Methodology: Five Steps Toward Success
    • Key Findings of Global Vaccine Technology Development
  • Technology Snapshot
    • Research Scope: Current Status and Challenges of Vaccine Development
    • Technologies Transforming Next-generation Vaccines
  • Nanoparticles as Novel Vaccine Delivery Platforms
    • Nanoparticles Enable Efficient and Safe Vaccine Delivery
    • Self-assembling Nanoparticles of Biological Origin
    • Polymeric and Inorganic Nanoparticles for Vaccine Delivery
  • Virus-like Particles Are Self-assembling Virus Capsid Proteins Without The Genetic Material
    • Virus-like Particles Mimic The Real Viral Infection
    • Landscape of VLP-based Vaccines, Global, 2019
    • Influenza Shares A Major Portion of VLP-based Vaccines
    • Multiple Adaptations of VLP Technology for Vaccine Development
    • Plant Leaves Producing A Wide Variety of VLPs
  • Bacterial and Fungal Vaccines
    • Emerging Technologies for Bacterial and Fungal Vaccines
    • Emerging Bacterial and Fungal Vaccines, Global, 2019
    • New Strategies for Bacterial and Fungal Vaccines
    • Novel Vaccines & Therapeutics for Emerging Infectious Diseases
    • Multi-protein Complex-based Bacterial Vaccines
    • Carbohydrates-based or Conjugate Vaccines
  • Synthetic Vaccines
    • Development Status of Synthetic Vaccines, Global, 2019
    • Peptides-based Vaccine Technologies
    • Genetically Modified Vaccines for HIV and Streptococci
  • Viral Vector-based Vaccines
    • Overview of Viral Vector-based Vaccines
    • Summary of Developing Viral Vector Vaccine Technology, Global, 2019
    • Diverse Replication-incompetent Viral Vaccines
    • Replication-incompetent Viruses with Nasal Spray Formulation
    • Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccines with Nasal Formulation
    • Viral Vector Vaccines for Serious Human Diseases
    • Versatile Viral Vector Vaccine Platforms
  • Adjuvant Technology
    • Novel Lipid Formulations as Adjuvant
    • Oil-in-water Nanoemulsion and Saponin-based Adjuvants
    • Toll-like Receptor-based Adjuvants
  • Vaccine Synthesis, Formulation, and Delivery Platforms
    • Synopsis of Vaccine Synthesis, Formulation Delivery Platforms
    • Cell-free and Cell-based Vaccine Synthesis Platforms
    • Diverse Vaccine Formulation Technologies
    • Needle-less Solid Dose Vaccine Delivery Formulation and Device
    • Gold Nanoparticles and Applications in Vaccine Delivery
    • Nanopatch, Recombinant Protein and Lipid-based Carriers
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Influenza Vaccines
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Vaccines for Vector Borne Viral Diseases
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Vaccine Delivery Technologies
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Key Industry Influencers
    • Industry Interactions

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