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The Many Faces of IoT—Smart Grids

The Many Faces of IoT—Smart Grids

The Internet of Things (IoT) will encourage productivity gains and cost savings across industries, as well as enable cross-industry, end-to-end solutions. The IoT is acting as a catalyst in transforming ICT convergence into a multi-industry convergence between ICT, healthcare, energy and infrastructure, automotive, and building control participants.

Telecoms operators can protect their share of machine-to-machine (M2M) revenues by moving along the value chain, beyond pure connectivity and towards the development of applications in new verticals. As they tend to have fairly little experience in this market segment, operators should rely more on acquisitions.

Furthermore, the technical complexity of developing M2M solutions in verticals such as utilities is expected to force more partnerships among service providers.

Smart grid implementation has been taking place in South America, mainly driven by energy inefficiencies and illegal connections in the region, as well as the high energy demand per capita and a huge potential for distributed generation. However, the costs of certain parts of the grid infrastructure are still quite high for a private company to completely absorb the costs. Yet, partnerships between companies or subsidies from the government facilitate the implementation of smart grids in the region.

About this report

This Market Insight examines the smart grids market in South America. It provides a market share breakdown, an analysis of key market drivers and restraints, and revenue and unit shipment forecasts by region for the smart electricity meter market. It also explores the major trends and impacts for service providers regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. This analysis delivers insights from primary research with Siemens, Itron, and PromonLogicalis and provides case studies in the region.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Market Overview
    • Research Objectives, Scope, and Methodology
    • Key Definitions
    • IoT Taxonomy
    • Internet of Things Overview
    • IoT is the Catalyst in Powering ICT Convergence
    • To Multi-Industry Convergence
  • Drivers and Restraints
    • Market Drivers
    • Drivers Explained
    • Market Restraints
    • Restraints Explained
  • Market Trends and Analysis
    • AMI Market Development
    • Key Findings by Country
    • Unit Shipment and Revenue Forecast
      • Table Smart Electricity Meter Market: Unit Shipment and Revenue Forecast, South America, 2012-2018
    • Revenue Forecast by Region
      • Table Smart Electricity Meter Market: Unit Shipment Forecast by Region, South America, 2012-2018
    • Unit Shipment and Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Market Share
  • Market Trends and Impacts for Service Providers in IoT and M2M
    • The Challenge for the Telecommunications Industry
      • Table Telecommunications Market: Revenue Forecast by Vertical, South America, 2014-2018
    • New Business Models Enabled by Innovative Technologies
    • Opportunities for Telecoms Operators
    • Top 10 Energy Technologies in 2020
    • Smart Grids and Smart Meters in Smart Energy Management
    • Smart Grids have Potential for Dissemination in South America
    • M2M in Smart Grids-South American Market Insights
    • BT Case Study
    • Nice, France Case Study-Public Lighting Management System
  • Select Business Cases
    • Smart Grid Market-Selected Solutions Overview
    • Company Profile-PromonLogicalis
    • Business Case-PromonLogicalis and Brazilian Electricity Distribution Concessionaire
    • Company Profile-Itron
    • Business Case-Itron and Southern California Edison
    • Company Profile-Siemens
    • Business Case-Siemens and CEMIG
  • Conclusion
    • Key Takeaways
  • Appendix
    • List of Abbreviations Used

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