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Emerging Markets: Is Your Strategy In Line With the Ground Reality?

Emerging Markets: Is Your Strategy In Line With the Ground Reality?

Key Global Trends in Global Economy

Global Energy Consumption Scenario

Forecast Period 2014–2020

It is estimated that on a global level, liquids consumption is bound to increase the most in the industrial and transportation sectors.

Rising oil prices will result in both a switch toward alternative fuel sources and a reduction in consumption in the residential and commercial sectors.

Growing quality of life and projected increase in spending power per person are believed to result in a rise in energy consumption in the transportation sector.

Of the four sectors, the industrial sector has been forecasted as one of the biggest consumers of energy.

About this report

This research study assesses the top 75 emerging countries of the world, after applying several filters that include industry-related factors, macroeconomic factors, and country-related factors. It identifies the top 10 countries that present the biggest opportunities for the growth of the pumps industry—the first filter narrows down the list of countries from 75 to 50, the second narrows it down to the top 25, and the last filter helps in identifying the top 10. Extensive forecast analyses of the top 5 industries (chemicals, cement, food and beverages, transportation, and iron and steel) help in revealing the top 50 most propitious emerging markets. The study concludes by delving into the top 5 countries’ pump industry trends.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Global Trends in Global Economy
    • Geographic Focus
    • Methodology
    • Top Emerging Countries-2014-2020
    • Global Economic Background
  • Industry-related Factors
    • Global Energy Consumption Snapshot until 2035
    • Outlook for Global Energy Consumption by Source
    • Energy Consumption Split by Top Four Sectors
    • Top 50 Countries in the Top 5 Energy-intensive Industries
    • 75 Emerging Countries-Industry Parameters
    • Chemical Industry Snapshot
    • Emerging Markets Overview-Chemical Industry
    • 75 Emerging Countries-Industry Parameters
    • Cement Industry Snapshot
    • Emerging Markets Overview-Cement Industry
    • 75 Emerging Countries-Industry Parameters
    • Iron and Steel Industry Snapshot
    • Emerging Markets Overview-Iron and Steel Industry
    • 75 Emerging Countries-Industry Parameters
    • Food and Beverages Industry Snapshot
    • Emerging Markets Overview-Food and Beverages Industry
    • 75 Emerging Countries-Industry Parameters
    • Transportation Industry Snapshot
    • Emerging Markets Overview-Transportation
    • Top 50 Emerging Countries
  • Macroeconomic Factors
    • Population Growth
    • Real GDP per Capita by Country
    • Emerging Countries Outlook
    • Top 25 Countries Based on GDP, Population, and Business Climate
    • Top 25 Emerging Countries-FDI Landscape
    • Top 25 Emerging Countries-Crude Oil Reserves
    • Top 10 Countries
  • Country-related Factors-China
    • Top 10 Emerging Countries Assessment-China
    • China-Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Brazil
    • Top 10 Emerging Countries Assessment-Brazil
    • Brazil-Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Mexico
    • Top 10 Emerging Countries Assessment-Mexico
    • Industry Assessment-Mexico
    • Mexico-Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Turkey
    • Top 10 Emerging Countries Assessment-Turkey
    • Industry Assessment-Turkey
    • Turkey-Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Colombia
    • Top 10 Emerging Countries Assessment-Colombia
    • Colombia-Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Pumps Industry Snapshot
    • Pump Opportunities in Key Countries-China
    • Pump Opportunities in Key Countries-Brazil
    • Pump Opportunities in Key Countries-Mexico
    • Pump Opportunities in Key Countries-Turkey
    • Pump Opportunities in Key Countries-Colombia
  • Conclusion

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