Emerging Upstarts and Market Transitions in the Global Digital Oilfield Data Management Market

Emerging Upstarts and Market Transitions in the Global Digital Oilfield Data Management Market

The advent of intelligent sensors and a pressing need for enterprise collaboration have resulted in Big Data and Analytics gaining significant momentum in the upstream oil and gas (O&G) industry.

Geological data collection to improve recovery rates and equipment monitoring to streamline maintenance operations hold the greatest opportunity from an application standpoint.

From a product standpoint, the analytics segment is witnessing the highest growth (~􂀀%– %) as end users look to drive additional value from their connected devices.

While information management (IM) giants dominate the Big Data and Analytics market, strategic partnerships with niche solution providers will pave the way for a holistic solution approach.

Top companies to watch out for include Ayasdi, Inc.; Ayata; Datawatch; Flutura; Karmasphere Inc.; Mtell; Neudesic LLC; Pivotal Software, Inc; Predikto; RapidMiner; Skytree, Inc.; and TempoIQ.

About this report

The upstream oil and gas industry is moving toward an integrated ecosystem where end users will drive operational excellence from field to enterprise. While smart instruments and intelligent sensors have set the stage for more connected assets on-site, the ability to leverage raw data and derive actionable insights for improved productivity of operations has become imperative. This strategic insight provides a comprehensive competitive analysis of solution providers in the Big Data and Analytics market for the upstream O&G industry using Frost & Sullivan's Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) tool. As niche solution providers penetrate this space, strategic alliances and partnerships will ensure long-term sustainable growth.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Key Findings and Future Outlook
  • Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
    • Research Background
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Vendors Compared in This Study
  • Definitions and Segmentation
    • Market Segmentation
    • Product Segmentation and Ecosystem
  • Market Overview—Monetizing Data to Drive Operational Excellence from Field to Enterprise
    • A New Era of Intelligent Fields
    • Market Tailwinds Driving Adoption
    • Technology Advancements Fuelling Growth
    • Cost Benefits of Successful Implementation
    • End User Transition
    • Data Pools in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
    • Business Objectives for a Big Data and Analytics Platform
    • Key Applications for Big Data and Analytics
  • Summary Section—Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) Analysis
    • CAMP—An Introduction
    • CAMP—Graphical Representation
    • CAMP—Quadrants Explained
    • CAMP Scale for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G Industry
    • CAMP Index for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G Industry
    • CAMP Chart for Big Data & Analytics in the Upstream O&G Industry
    • Company Profile 1: Ayasdi, Inc.—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 1: Ayasdi, Inc.—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 2: Ayata—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 2: Ayata—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 3: Datawatch—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 3: Datawatch—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 4: Flutura—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 4: Flutura—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 5: Karmasphere, Inc.—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 5: Karmasphere, Inc.—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 6: Mtell—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 6: Mtell—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 7: Neudesic LLC—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 7: Neudesic LLC—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 8: Pivotal Software, Inc.—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 8: Pivotal Software, Inc.—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 9: Predikto—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 9: Predikto—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 10: RapidMiner—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 10: RapidMiner—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 11: Skytree, Inc.—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 11: Skytree, Inc.—Solution Approach
    • Company Profile 12: TempoIQ—Snapshot
    • Company Profile 12: TempoIQ—Solution Approach
  • Data Storage Segment Analysis
    • Evolving Dynamics in the Data Storage Segment
    • Cloud as an Enabler
    • Conclusions
  • Data Integration Segment Analysis
    • Evolving Dynamics in the Data Integration Segment
    • Data Integration Schematic—High Volume, Multiple Data Sources in the Upstream O&G Industry
    • Conclusions
  • Data Analytics Segment Analysis
    • Evolving Dynamics in the Data Analytics Segment
    • Value-added Services—Maximizing Productivity of Field Operations
    • Conclusions
  • Data Presentation and Visualization Segment Analysis
    • Evolving Dynamics in the Data Visualization Segment
    • Key Data Visualization Metrics for Enterprise Personnel
    • Conclusions
  • Conclusions and Future Outlook—Total Market
    • Conclusions
    • The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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