Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare

Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare

The Augmented Reality (AR) market, although in its early stages, has been growing rapidly since the last two years. The next 5 years will produce diverse AR content from varied fields and industries and affordable solutions for consumers. AR enterprise applications and subsequent subscription models will boost revenue for start-up companies in this market. The prominent barrier to widespread adoption of AR technology within the healthcare sector is a concern for privacy. Medical education and staff training will remain the principal AR application in healthcare. As multi-sensory learning has always been beneficial in transmitting information, many industries are expected to turn to AR as the prominent source of instructional learning.

  • Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary-Key Findings
    • Research Scope
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • Introduction to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
    • Augmented Reality-Definition, Types, Applications, Capabilities, and Uses in Healthcare
    • Ambient Interactivity Technology Segmentation
    • Distinguishing Augmented Reality from Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality Applications Across Industries
  • Drivers, Bottlenecks, and Challenges in AR Technology Adoption
    • Drivers for AR Technology Adoption
    • Bottlenecks for AR Technology Adoption
    • Challenges that Need to be Addressed for AR to Support Medical Tasks
  • Augmented Reality Applications in Healthcare
    • Healthcare-focused Augmented Reality Apps in Android and Apple Stores
    • Application Areas of Augmented Reality in Healthcare
    • Mapping Impact of Functionalities with Potential Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Healthcare
    • Scientific Literature Supporting AR Applications in Surgical Techniques
    • Potential Use Cases of AR/VR in Healthcare-Behavioral Modification, Medication Adherence, and PTSD* Therapy
    • Potential Future Uses of AR/VR in Healthcare
    • Augmented Reality-Timeline for Adoption
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality-Market Scene
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Scene- Consistently Varying Market Forecasts
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Scene
  • Comparison of Augmented and Virtual Reality- Patents and Invention Trends
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality-Top 10 Patent Holders (Inventions and Patent Publications) in 2015
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality-Total AR/VR Patents Filed Under Medical Applications Category in 2014
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality-Top 5 Startups with Highest Patent Publications in AR
  • Ecosystem of Augmented and Virtual Reality Companies
    • Ecosystem of Augmented and Virtual Reality Companies
    • Ecosystem of AR/VR Companies-Medical Realities, LENSAR, Mimic, and Eon Reality
    • Ecosystem of AR/VR Companies-ODG, Infinity AR, Vivid Vision, and Deepstream VR
    • Ecosystem of AR/VR Companies-Microsoft HoloLens
    • Types of Augmented Reality Companies in the Ecosystem
    • Business Models of Competitors at Varied Levels in AR/VR Mobile Value Chain
  • Key Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Key Conclusions
    • Strategies for Success While Building a AR/VR Centric Business Model
    • Concluding Thoughts
  • Appendix
    • List of Companies Used in this Study

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