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Advertisers Need Ways to Cut Through the Clutter and Engage Users; Can Motion Ads Shake Up the Market?

Advertisers Need Ways to Cut Through the Clutter and Engage Users; Can Motion Ads Shake Up the Market?

Companies that publish print media such as newspapers, magazines, and direct mail; that broadcast radio and television programs; and that control billboards located on public thoroughfares, have long operated by a simple formula: they built audiences for their media content. Advertisers bought space in printed publications and on billboards, and air time on broadcast media, to reach those audiences. The reality that most of these so-called traditional media outlets are, if not dead, then surely dying, will likely come as no surprise to readers of this report. The demise of traditional media is occurring for three main reasons:

1. The readers, listeners, and viewers upon whom traditional media depended have moved to digital sources—more specifically, digital mobile—for their news and entertainment. Instead of looking at traditional media, consumers and business users alike are looking at their smartphones.

2. Advertisers have been finding it increasingly difficult to justify rising advertising expenditures, given the difficulty in quantifying, with any degree of accuracy, the impact of an ad placed in traditional media on either sales or brand image.

3. Significantly, and a point that drives the core analysis contained in this report: advertising placed in traditional media is based on one-way, outbound mass marketing, and does not allow for interaction with those who are the targets of the advertising. This leaves brands “talking at” consumers.

  • Introduction1
  • Mobile Is Where Consumers Are; Apps and Location Are Where the Action Is
  • Motion Ads May Be an Engaging Way to Get Revenues Moving Upward
    • Adtile's White Label Solution helps Publishers Boost Revenues while Cutting Ad Clutter
    • Adtile Motion Store: a Do-it-Yourself Appstore for Motion Ads
    • Motion Ads Offer Brands Analytic Insights into Campaign Results
  • Other Market Motions
  • There May Be Big Money in Motion
  • Adtile's Motion Ads: The Big Questions
    • How Do Motion Ads Stack Up Against Other Digital Ads?
    • How Do Brands Reach Consumers with Motion Ads; How Do Consumers Opt In?
  • Motion Ads, Yes-but Potential Future Applications Abound
    • Fitness and Health Trackers and Monitors
    • Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The Last Word

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