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Are you getting left behind your competitors in a multichannel marketing world?

Your audience’s needs are changing. Are you delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right channels? If not, your messages won't be able to inform crucial treatment decisions. 

Get this new report, with expert advice on how you can improve your multichannel marketing strategy to win more business with payers.

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Top Takeaways

Pharma is still playing catch up: We’re behind other business sectors and don't fully understand the concept of multichannel marketing

Audiences are changing: Payers and patients have more influence on treatment choices and are now seeking value messaging

Personalisation needs are recognised but not well-implemented: Experts know what is required but face challenges in achieving their goals

Structures and siloes are barriers: Pharma companies’ internal divisions are negatively impacting potential multichannel marketing gains

'Big data' opportunities are being wasted: Customer and market data aren't being used to gain insights

Leadership initiative needed: Greater board- level focus and commitment is required to drive through fundamental changes

Getting it wrong carries huge risks: Your messages will be fragmented and the potential for ineffective marketing is very real, some experts say

Key Issues Explored

What has changed since our report 2 years ago, and what significant shifts are happening now?

Does the pharma industry fully understand the strategies and structures needed to exploit the potential of multichannel marketing?

How, why and when are changing audiences seeking more than just brand messages in a multichannel world?

How can you target different audiences with the tailored messages they need, and what information is really valued?

How well do brands understand the customer or patient journey?

How can pharma learn from best-in-class multichannel operators in other sectors?

How well is data being used to inform and improve multichannel marketing efforts?

What are the barriers to better multichannel marketing?

Who needs this report?

Board level directors – to see how lack of leadership from the top can damage realising the potential benefits to be gained from multichannel marketing when done well

Marketing directors and managers – will get insights into dealing with the challenges they face and opportunities to be seized

Medical affairs directors and managers – to understand where there is a growing overlap with marketing in providing information in a multichannel world


Senior Director , eBusiness, Medium sized pharma company

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing, Top 10 pharma company

Senior Global Digital Director, Top 10 pharma company

Senior Director and Head of Global Customer Interaction Management, Medium sized pharma company

Senior Director, Customer Experience, Multichannel & Digital, Top 10 pharma company

Head of Digital Acceleration, Emerging Markets, Top 10 pharma company

Consultant and former Executive Director of Strategy, Global Commercial Excellence, Top 10 pharma company

Sven Awege, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Pharma Strategic

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1. Executive summary
2. Methodology and objectives
3. Contributors
4. Challenges driving multichannel marketing
4.1. A more complex operating environment
4.2. Digitisation and customer expectations
4.3. Changing priorities and budget reallocation
5. MCM is not just marketing through multiple channels
5.1. The importance of channel integration
5.2. Catching up in the digital age
5.3. Why do tactics fail?
6. Providing value to different stakeholder groups
6.1. Physicians
6.2. Using technology to deliver value to physicians
6.3. Payers
6.4. Patients
6.5. Understanding the patient journey
6.6. Adding value for patients
6.7. Towards more personalised marketing
6.8. Customer segmentation
6.9. Customer preferences are not static
6.10. Marketing has to feel personal
6.11. Keep the narrative consistent but deliver it to the individual
6.12. An Amazon-like aspiration
6.13. Trends in channel preference
6.14. Customer centricity remains a long-term goal
7. Data, analysis and performance measurement
7.1. From big data to individual MCM interactions
7.2. Gathering data from various sources
7.3. Are companies using these data effectively?
7.4. Integrating insights, testing and refining
7.5. Can third-party platforms provide a solution?
7.6. Closing the loop
7.7. Measuring performance
7.8. Demonstrating value to the company
7.9. Metrics and KPIs should focus on quality
8. Key challenges and critical success factors
8.1. Senior leadership must be on board
8.2. MCM should be truly customer focused
8.3. Companies need to build capabilities in MCM
8.4. Thinking longer term
9. Conclusion

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