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Charting the Future of Pharma Multichannel Marketing

Charting the Future of Pharma Multichannel Marketing


What’s the future of multichannel marketing? 90 marketing professionals identify key trends

What will pharma’s multichannel marketing (MCM) look like in 2020? What channels will attract more investment, which will be employed to influence key stakeholder groups. Is the future all digital?

To fully understand the strategic and tactical trends identified by 90 marketing professionals working in leading pharma companies across the US and Europe, turn to this insightful chart-based survey report.

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Answering key questions:

  • The current profile: What % of current marketing budgets is allocated to MCM and which channels are dominant?
  • Targeting Physicians: What % of MCM budgets is currently allocated to targeting physicians and how does this compare with other stakeholder groups?
  • Growing investment: What % of the marketing budget will be allocated to MCM by 2020?
  • Influencing patients: Investment in patients/patient advocacy groups is expected to grow but stark differences emerge in the US and Europe. Which channels are considered best?
  • Influencing payers: What % of future MCM budgets will be allocated to payer marketing?
  • Other HCPs: is marketing to other HCPs, such as pharmacists and nurses, expected to grow?
  • US vs Europe: Which digital channels do US marketeers see as being important to achieving MCM goals by 2020, and where do their European peers differ?
With this survey report you will be able to:
  • Benchmark your own organisations MCM budget profile with competitors.
  • Determine current levels of investment by channel and stakeholder group and compare with a very changed picture in 2020.
  • Assess how budgets will reflect the growing importance of key stakeholder groups such as payers and patients
  • Identify which digital strategies are gaining traction in specific stakeholder settings.
  • Understand which channels are likely to diminish in importance as the market evolves
  • Compare US and European marketers views on channels they see as being important for different stakeholders
Types of marketing channels assessed
  • Personal/On-demand Digital Channels including webinars, e-/tele-detailing, virtual reps, virtual meetings/events, e-learning, video on demand
  • Non-personal Digital Channels including websites, email marketing, mobile apps, social media
  • Traditional Channels including face-to-face meetings/events, print, television/radio, direct mail
  • Print sales/KAM materials
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1 Current MCM Budget Allocation and Channel Importance
1.1 Marketing budget allocated to each channel
1.2 Marketing budget allocated to each stakeholder group
1.3 Importance of channels to achieving multichannel marketing goals
2 2020 MCM Budget Allocation and Channel Importance
2.1 Total marketing budget allocated to multichannel marketing 2015 vs. 2020
2.2 Budget changes in each channel by 2020
2.3 Budget changes for each stakeholder group by 2020
2.4 Importance of channels to achieving multichannel marketing goals in 2020
5 Appendix
5.1 Screeners – respondents profile

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