Market Access Value Stories: Developing effective messages and communications with payers


Developing effective messages and communications with payers is essential to ensure reimbursement for your new drugsWith health economics playing an ever-larger role in market access and reimbursement decisions, how can you communicate the value of your drug to gain acceptance and drive profitability?

Eleven experts, including NICE’s Kalipso Chalkidou of and Lundbeck’s Barbara Ann Jaszewski, explain how you can gain long-term advantages by defining, assessing and telling the value story of your products before taking them to the market.

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Top Takeaways

Develop your proposition early: How this gives you a head start on others who leave it to the pre-launch phase

Price and value are not the same: The right value story improves chances for optimal pricing

You need to gather the evidence: Shape the story you tell according to particular international markets’ needs

How best to construct a story: Experts offer their opinions on what works best

The direction of travel for drugs companies: Value stories affect what drugs companies choose to pursue, as they align priorities to those of payer and patient

Small companies may face particular difficulties Why they need to thoroughly assess the best way to develop meaningful stories

New skills are needed for delivering stories appropriately with multiple teams involved

Key Issues Explored

When do you need to start planning for your value proposition?

Do you need a consistent message across the board, or do different stakeholders and decision makers need different information?

Do the benefits outweigh the cost and burden of creating a value story?

How do you use a story to create value without reducing price?

Who’s already creating effective stories and reaping the resulting benefits – even against cheaper 'me too' treatments?

What is the most constructive way to work with payers to get the best result for your business?

Who needs this report?

Market access leaders – to find out how others are solving similar problems and understand the issues in play globally

Executives of medical affairs and health economics and outcomes teams - to understand the increasing importance of developing and communicating strong value stories

Market access advisers and consultants – as more pharma companies turn to specialists for advice, is your understanding of value propositions sufficient and up to date?

Senior managers and executives of commercial teams - to see how value stories can impact commercial outcomes

Anyone involved in designing, recruiting, executing or analysing trials – to see how the value story needs to be built in

Access team hiring managers – to see if the changing portfolio of skills required to build effective value stories is lacking in their team


Barbara Ann Jaszewski, vice president, global pricing & market access, Lundbeck A/S.

Katrien De Groote, founder, INNOSENS bvba. D

Adam Plich, head of market access Europe at Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe.

James A Bianco, MD, president & CEO at CTI Biopharma, Inc.

Ashok Jha, European HEOR leader at a European pharma company.

Kalipso Chalkidou, founding director of NICE's international programme.

Rob Johnson, managing partner at Alacrita, a pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science consultancy.

Matt Storer, partner at Windrose Consulting Group, a healthcare consultancy.

Robert Nauman, principal, BioPharma Advisors, a biopharma, medical device and healthcare consultancy.

Leela Barham, independent health economist and policy expert.

David Stern, chief commercial officer at Celmatix, a personalized medicine company focused on genetic diagnostics for fertility.

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1. Executive summary
1.1. The market access environment is changing
1.2. Defining the ‘value’ of a product
1.3. Using story to demonstrate value
1.4. Creating the value story
1.5. Communicating value
2. Research objective and methodology
3. Introduction
3.1. Defining market access
3.2. The impact of pricing
3.3. Value and time to market
4. The market access environment is changing
4.1. Healthcare budgets are under pressure
4.2. The value story balances benefits, risks and costs
4.3. The market access environments differs across Europe and the US
4.4. Pricing and value is the main barrier to getting drugs onto reimbursement lists
4.5. Who are the key decision-makers?
4.6. HTAs have increasingly important roles in market access
5. Defining the ‘value’ of a product
5.1. Defining the value
5.2. Value definition and perception is variable
5.3. Showing the value is important in market access
6. Using story to demonstrate value
6.1. The value story demonstrates the value of the drug over the price
6.2. Focusing on the patient benefits
6.3. The quality of the story and the evidence is important
6.4. Different perspectives of value: Company, patient and payer
7. Creating the value story
7.1. The aim of the value story
7.2. The teams involved
7.3. When to begin considering value
7.4. At what stage does a value story start to take shape?
7.5. The shape of the value story
7.6. Finding value post-approval
7.7. payers look for in a value story
7.8. Tailoring the value story to the audience
7.9. Working with the payers
8. Communicating value
8.1. Picking the time: Sharing product value information
8.2. Who in the organisation is responsible for delivering the story?
8.3. Channels for effective communications
8.4. Measuring the effectiveness of value messages
9. What’s next for value access stories?
9.1. Including real world evidence
9.2. Improving the cost-effectiveness of drug development
9.3. Merging the different notions of value
9.4. Improving communication
9.5. Sharing costs with social care
10. Key takeaways: The challenges and solutions
10.1. Understanding why the value story is important
10.2 Knowing the key decision-makers
10.3. Shaping the story
10.4. Making sure that the stories are credible
10.5. Having the right evidence
10.6. Ensuring that payers take the long-term view
10.7. Bringing in the experts
10.8 Communicating the story

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