Market Access Team Structure and Function: Industry Survey 2017

Market Access Team Structure and Function: Industry Survey 2017


This report gives a unique insight into how US and European market access teams are organized and how they are focusing their time on a day-to-day basis.

Market Access Team Structure and Function: Industry Survey 2017 draws on detailed survey responses from 100 market access executives within the top 100 pharmaceutical companies. Presented as easy to assess charts, tables and graphics, plus supporting commentary, this report sheds light on market access priorities, core functions, roles and responsibilities.

Use it to benchmark your market access performance against the industry, and to identify fundamental differences between US and European approaches.

Critical questions answered in this report

  • At what point in the development lifecycle are market access resources allocated, which therapeutic areas are covered, and what is the geographical spilt?
  • Which functions are kept in-house, and which are commonly outsourced? How is this expected to change over the next 2 years?
  • What are the most important core competencies for market access executives, how effectively are they being applied, and how are priorities likely to change in 2 years?
  • How much do target and actual prices vary and how long does it take to gain price approval?
  • When in the drug lifecycle does first contact occur? How often and via what method do market access teams subsequently engage with stakeholders?
  • Pre-launch, how are individual market access activities prioritised, how much cross-functional collaboration occurs, and how useful is it?
  • How do post-launch market access priorities and cross-functional interaction differ to pre-launch activity and effectiveness levels?
  • How common are pay-for-performance agreements in the US and Europe and how is this likely to change?
  • What positive and negative trends and developments are expected to impact market access activity in the future?
Report Deliverables

This report provides unique data and analysis which can be used to compare market access performance and shape resource and activity plans.
  • Data Study: 30 clear and concise charts that depict the current state and future outlook for market access activity and performance assessment
  • Data Tabulations: All survey data is provided in MS Excel
Key Takeaways
  • Review how market access teams are broken down by role as well as the level of external support utilised for core functions
  • Find out which market access activities are seen as most important in the US and Europe
  • Benchmark your market access activity and identify key areas for performance improvement
  • Understand the approach to key areas such as resource allocation, communication timing and frequency, and inter-functional collaboration
  • Assess the critical differences in pre- and post-launch strategies for US as European market access teams
  • Identify the most widely used channels for stakeholder interaction both before and after launch
  • Discover the level of uptake of pay-for-performance agreements, including expectations for the future. Compare with your team's performance and goals
About the Survey

Interviewing methodology

Data were collected via a 25-minute internet-based questionnaire

Screening criteria

Respondents were screened to ensure that:
  • they are employees of a top 100 pharma company
  • they have responsibilities for developing and/or executing market access strategy
Sample distribution

100 US-/EU5-based market access executives who work for pharmaceutical companies ranked in the top 100 by revenue

Unique features – not available elsewhere
  • Current insights from 100 senior market access executives based in the US and Europe
  • A variety of indicators to benchmark your market access performance against the industry
  • A clear indication of timings for core activities pre- and post-launch
  • Details of resource allocation
  • A direct comparison of US versus European market access activity levels and priorities.

1. Market access team roles and responsibilities
1.1 Regional responsibility of market access teams
1.2. Geographical split of operational resources
1.3. Therapeutic area coverage
1.4. Market access team roles
2. Market access functions, operations and core competencies
2.1. In-house versus outsourced market access functions
2.2. Field-based versus office-based market access operations
2.3. Importance of market access core competencies
2.4. Effectiveness of implementation of core competencies
2.5. Changing importance of market access core competencies
3. Resource allocation and communication
3.1. Timing of market access resources
3.2. Frequency of market access team interactions
3.3. Timing of initial communication with stakeholders
4. Pre- and post-launch activities and cross-functional collaboration
4.1. Pre-launch market access activities
4.2. Post-launch market access activities
4.3. Pre-launch cross-functional collaboration
4.4. Post-launch cross-functional collaboration
5. Product launch and pricing
5.1. Timing of resource allocation
5.2. Differences between planned and actual time to launch
5.3. Differences between planned and actual time to price approval
5.4. Differences between target and actual price
5.5. Past pay-for-performance agreements
5.6. Future pay-for-performance agreements
6. Pre- and post-launch channels for interaction with stakeholders
6.1. Stakeholder interaction channels pre-launch6.2. Stakeholder interaction channels post-launch
7. Trends and developments in market access

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