Reshaping the Pharma Sales Force: A blueprint for contemporary sales and service models

Reshaping the Pharma Sales Force: A blueprint for contemporary sales and service models


The long-standing, universal model of the pharma sales force has been declared dead. Selling products today is much more complicated than simply putting an army of sales reps on the street and directing them to pursue prescribing physicians. But what is the new model?

Reshaping the Pharma Sales Force: A blueprint for contemporary sales and service models explains why there is no new model — and shouldn’t be — and how to succeed in this brave new world where customer centricity and customisation are critical. Contributors include executives from Bayer, Genentech, Grünenthal, Lundbeck U.K., Pediapharm, Pfizer, and more.

Reasons to Purchase

Top Takeaways

  • How to optimise sales reps’ performance through custom sales force design.
  • Insights from your competitors’ experiments with sales force size and structure.
  • How to ensure sales force effectiveness in an environment in which reps must endure and surmount the challenges of constant change.
  • Meeting stakeholders’ needs and requirements through exacting alignment of sales resources.
  • Using CSOs strategically to help fill gaps in the multichannel environment and afford sales teams a critical measure of flexibility
Key Issues Explored
  • Why you should abandon your search for the right sales force model right now.
  • Where and how to begin devising the best possible blend of sales teams for your unique company and its unique markets.
  • Smart approaches for building essential flexibility into your sales organisation.
  • How and why to employ the art of continuous change.
  • The arguments for, and against, KAM.
  • Why it’s wrong to think the old sales model must be abandoned.
  • The new importance of training and transparency.
  • The all-important relationship between external alignment and internal alignment.
  • Your company is a unique organisation with unique products and stakeholders. Your sales force must be unique, too.
  • Forget what you used to know. Customer centricity/alignment with key stakeholders is the new organising principle for pharma sales forces.
Who needs this report
  • Sales leaders who are ready to think differently about structuring their sales forces — and ready to reap the rewards for it.
  • Executives who know there’s room for improvement in their company’s alignment with, and responsiveness to, key stakeholders.
  • Managers eager for new insights on the future of the modern pharma sales force.

Benefit from the experience of these companies and organisations:
  • Bayer
  • Genentech
  • Grünenthal
  • Lundbeck U.K.
  • PDI
  • Pediapharm
  • Pfizer
  • UDG Healthcare
Who Needs This Report

This report will benefit anyone with responsibilities in the following areas:
  • Sales/Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Product/Brand Management
  • Key Account Management
  • Digital/Multichannel Marketing
  • Commercial Innovation/Excellence
  • Human Resources and Training
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1. Executive Summary
2. Research Objectives and Methodology
3. New World Order for Pharma Sales Structure
3.1. Pharma embraces the end of ‘one size fits all’
3.2. Pharma companies struggle in the absence of a new model
3.3. Every company needs a custom mix of sales structures
3.2.1) Don’t force a model
3.3.2) Don’t go half way
3.4.3) Don’t leave your sales force in the dark
3.5.4) Don’t lose sight of the fundamentals
4. The Customer Alignment
4.1. Pfizer’s Account Team Model
4.2. Alignment needs to happen at a very local level
4.3. Grünenthal’s UK National Health Service alignment
4.4. Alignment needs to be present from the start
4.5. Pediapharm maps the patient journey to align with stakeholders
4.6. Becoming externally aligned requires internal alignment
4.7. Grünenthal strives for further improvements in alignment across the organisation
4.8. Key learnings for the customer alignment imperative
4.9.1) Alignment is the new principle upon which sales forces should be sized and structured
4.11.2) Alignment requires reps to manage stakeholders, whether through KAM or through geographical alignment
4.12.3) Start alignment early
4.13.4) Make sure your whole organisation is on-board
5. The Art of Continuous Change
5.1. Launching drugs for specialty startups
5.2. Hybrid models of outsourcing help mitigate risk
5.3. Lundbeck U.K. experiences benefits, drawbacks of CSO.
5.4. Drawbacks of the CSO model
5.5. Alternatives to outsourcing
5.6. Pfizer maintains a steady sales force, properly deployed
5.7. Micro-targeting down to zip code
5.8. Key learnings for continuous change
5.9.1) The need for alignment never stops
5.10.2) CSOs can help align with new stakeholders through new channels
5.11.3) If you go CSO, share in the management
5.12.4) Redeployments and shifting resources are a CSO alternative
6. The future of sales force effectiveness
6.1. Creating parity for reps on an un-level playing field
6.2. Viability assessments, bonus structure and staff reassurance at AstraZeneca
6.3. Training for optimising the multi-channel rep
6.4. Key learnings for maximising SFE in times of continuous change
6.5.1) Change management is a must
6.6.2) Communication is key for SFE in
6.7.3) Training isn’t just an item on a checklist
7. Expert contributors

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