Prostate Cancer Vaccines - Competitive Intelligence Analysis, November 2019

Prostate Cancer Vaccines - Competitive Intelligence Analysis, 2019” report by DelveInsight outlays comprehensive insights of present scenario and growth prospects across Prostate Cancer Vaccines. A detailed picture of the pipeline landscape is provided along with respective companies’ overview with summation of data from multiple sources and complete analysis by development stage, mechanism of action, route of administration and target type.

The report provides a brief introduction on prostate cancer along with few pointers covering epidemiological data, followed by different types of prostate cancer vaccines. A brief topic is also provided on mechanism of action of these prostate cancer vaccines. To make the report more insightful, certain timelines and milestones in cancer vaccines development along with guidelines in 7MM are also covered.

Product information along with company overview covered by Phase
• Phase III, Phase II, Phase I
• Technology based companies

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:
• Cancer treatment vaccines, also called therapeutic vaccines, are a type of immunotherapy. The vaccines work to boost the body's natural defenses to fight cancer. Doctors give treatment vaccines to people already diagnosed with cancer.
• According to the National Cancer Institute, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men in the U.S., second to skin cancer, and is also the second leading cause of death in men.
• The 2016 annual sales of prostate cancer vaccines was approximately USD 300 million.
• Provenge (sipuleucel-T) is the only prostate cancer vaccine product approved in the market by FDA, however 20+ companies are having their products in different clinical phase of development.

Key Players:
• Dendreon Corporation
• Bavarian Nordic
• Advantagene
• OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals
• Advaxis immunotherapies
• Cleveland BioLabs Inc.
• Curevac AG
• Mediolanum Farmaceutici
• Pfizer Inc.
• Vaccitech
• Sensei Biotherapeutics
• Medigene AG
• Ultimovacs
• Oncovir Inc.
• UbiVac
• Momotaro-Gene Inc.
• Vaccibody AS
• AlphaVax Inc.

Overview of pipeline development activities for Prostate Cancer Vaccines
Pipeline analysis of cancer vaccines include but are not limited to product description, company description and development activities focusing on technology, designations, collaborations & licensing deals, grants, and patent details. In the coming years, products in late stage of development, such as Prostvac (Bavarian Nordic) and ProstAtak (Advantagene) are likely to give tough competition to the products currently available in the market.

Therapeutic segmentation of products for Prostate Cancer Vaccines
The report comprises of comparative pipeline therapeutics assessment by development stage, target, mode of administration, mechanism of action, route of administration across the prostate cancer vaccines. Most drugs in the pipeline are Immuno-stimulants or toll-like receptor agonists.

Key Market Drivers
• Increasing clinical development activities
• Combination with chemotherapy
• Tumor Antigens
• Prostate Cancer Vaccines better than gene-editing therapies

Data used in the report are sourced primarily from internal databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by DelveInsight’s team of industry experts.

Information and data from the secondary sources have been obtained from various printable and non-printable sources like search engines, news websites, global regulatory authorities websites, trade journals, white papers, magazines, books, trade associations, industry associations, industry portals and access to available databases.

Scope of the report
• Provides an overview of therapeutic pipeline activity for Prostate Cancer Vaccines across the complete product development cycle and company overview.
• It comprises of detailed profiles of Prostate Cancer Vaccines with key coverage of developmental activities including licensing & collaboration deals, patents issued, designations and technologies.
• Therapeutic assessment of the active pipeline products by stage, target, route of administration and mode of administration.
• The report provides a section on patent overview where thorough analysis of the patents with respect to top assignee and top inventors are provided.
• The report also covers market drivers, market barriers and market opportunities and SWOT analysis to build the in depth understanding of prostate cancer vaccines market.

Reasons to Buy
• Establish a comprehensive understanding of the current pipeline scenario across Prostate Cancer Vaccines to formulate effective R&D strategies
• Assess challenges and opportunities that influence Prostate Cancer Vaccines R&D
• Gather impartial perspective of strategies of the emerging competitors having potentially lucrative portfolio in this space and create effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage
• Identify the relationship between the products and use it for target finding, drug repurposing, and precision medicine
• Devise in licensing and out licensing strategies by identifying prospective partners with progressing projects for Prostate Cancer Vaccines to enhance and expand business potential and scope
• Our extensive domain knowledge on therapy areas support the client in decision-making process regarding their therapeutic portfolio by identifying the reason behind the inactive or discontinued drugs

1. Overview: Prostate Cancer Vaccines
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Prostate Cancer Vaccines Types
1.3. Prostate Cancer Vaccines Types – Pros and Cons
1.4. How Cancer Vaccines Works??
1.5. Timeline
1.6. Guidelines in 7MM
2. Market Dynamics: Prostate Cancer Vaccines
2.1. Market Drivers
2.2. Market Barriers
2.3. Market Opportunities
3. CI Analysis: Prostate Cancer Vaccine
3.1. SWOT Analysis
4. Market Scenario: Prostate Cancer Vaccines
4.1 Cancer Vaccine Market Landscape
4.2 FDA Approved Cancer Vaccine
4.2.1 Dendreon Corporation
5. Emerging Companies: Prostate Cancer Vaccines
5.1 Emerging Prostate Cancer Vaccine
5.1.1. Therapeutics Analysis
5.1.2. Late Stage Products (Phase III) Bavarian Nordic Advantagene Inc.
5.1.3 Mid-stage Products (Phase II) OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Advaxis Immunotherapies Sotio A.S. Cleveland Biolabs CureVac AG Laboratoires Leurquin Mediolanum
5.1.4 Early-Stage Products (Phase I) Pfizer Inc. Vaccitech Sensei Biotherapeutics Medigene AG Ultimovacs Oncovir, Inc UbiVac
5.1.5 Technology-Based Companies Momotaro-Gene Inc Vaccibody AlphaVax, Inc.
5.1.6 Therapeutic Assessment: Clinical Products Assessment by Stage Assessment by Target Assessment by Stage and Target Assessment by Mode of Administration Assessment by Stage and MOA Assessment by Route of Administration Assessment by Stage and ROA
6. Patent Scenario: Prostate Cancer Vaccines
6.1. Patent Overview
6.1.1. Bioimagene, Inc.
6.1.2. The University Of Chicago
6.1.3. University Technology Corporation
6.1.4. Board of Regents, The University of Texas System
6.1.5. Corixa Corporation
6.2. Patent Analysis
Report Methodology
Consulting Services
About DelveInsight
Note: Certain sections of the table of contents would vary according to the availability of information
Table 1: Total Products for Prostate Cancer Vaccine by Phase and Company
Table 2: Total Active Vaccines for Prostate Cancer by Phase
Table 3: Late Stage Products (Phase III)
Table 4: Clinical Trials Description: Bavarian Nordic
Table 5: Product Description: PROSTVAC 41
Table 6: Clinical Trial Description: Advantagene
Table 7: Product Description: ProstAtak
Table 8: Mid Stage Products (Phase II)
Table 9: Clinical Trials Description: OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals
Table 10: Product Description: ProscaVax
Table 11: Clinical Trials Description: Advaxis Immunotherapies
Table 12: Product Description: ADXS-PSA
Table 13: Clinical Trial Description: Sotio
Table 14: Product Description: DCVAC/PCa
Table 15: Clinical Trials Description: Cleveland BioLabs
Table 16: Product Description:M-VM3
Table 17: Clinical Trial Description: Curevac
Table 18: Product Description: CV9103
Table 19: Product Description: CV9104
Table 20 Clinical Trial Description: Laboratoires Leurquin Mediolanum
Table 21: Product Description: GX301
Table 22: Clinical Trials Description: Pfizer
Table 23: Product Description: PF-06753512
Table 24: Clinical Trials Description: Vaccitech
Table 25: Product Description: VTP-800
Table 26: Clinical Trials Description: Sensei Biotherapeutics
Table 27: Product Description: SNS-301
Table 28: Clinical Trials Description: Medigene
Table 29: Product Description : DC vaccine TCR-IIT
Table 30: Clinical Trial Description: Ultimovacs
Table 31: Product Description: UV1 synthetic peptide vaccine
Table 32: Clinical Trial Description: Oncovir
Table 33: Product Description: Hiltonol (PolyICLC)
Table 34: Clinical Trial Description: UbiVac
Table 35: Product Description: DRibble Vaccine DPV-001
Table 36: Assessment by Stage
Table 37:Assessment by MOA
Table 38: Assessment by Stage and MOA
Table 39:Assessment by Route of Administration for Prostate Cancer vaccine
Table 40: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration
Table 41: Patent
Table 42: Top Inventors In Prostate Vaccine
Figure 1: Characteristics of Normal cell and Cancerous Cell
Figure 2: Cancer Vaccine Immunotherapy
Figure 3: Diagrammatic representation of Normal and Cancerous Prostate
Figure 4: Pros and Cons of different types of cancer vaccines
Figure 5: Mechanism of action of cancer vaccines
Figure 6: Market Drivers
Figure 7: Market Barriers
Figure 8: Market Opportunities
Figure 9: SWOT Analysis
Figure 10: Cancer Vaccine Market
Figure 11: Provenge (sipuleucel-T) Mechanism of Action
Figure 12: Pipeline Therapeutics for Prostate Cancer Vaccine– Total Active Products by Companies
Figure 13: Pipeline Therapeutics for Prostate Cancer Vaccine – Total Active Products by Stage and Companies
Figure 14: Total Active Prostate Cancer Vaccine by Phase
Figure 15: Late Stage Products (Phase III)
Figure 16: Mechanism of action of ProstAtak
Figure 17: Mid Stage Products (Phase II)
Figure 18: Early Stage Products
Figure 19: Mechanism of action of UV1 synthetic peptide vaccine
Figure 20: Mechanism of action of REIC formulation
Figure 21: Vaccibody Vaccine Technology Platform
Figure 22: Alphavaccines Technology Platform
Figure 23: Assessment by Stage
Figure 24: Assessment by Target
Figure 25: Assessment by Stage and Target
Figure 26: Assessment by MOA
Figure 27: Assessment by Stage and MOA
Figure 28: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration

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