Asia-Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026

Asia-Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026

Short Description
By Diagnostic Devices (Imaging and Monitoring Systems, Biopsy Devices, Reagents and Kits, Biomarkers, Others), End User (Hospitals, Diagnostic and Imaging Centers, Clinics, Home Care Setting), Country (Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Rest of Asia-Pacific).

Market Definition
Women's health refers to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases that may affect woman's health physically and emotionally. Women's health includes a comprehensive range of specialties and focus areas which includes birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), gynecology disorders, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, other female cancers, menopause, hormone therapy, osteoporosis, pregnancy and childbirth, sexual health, women and heart disease and benign conditions that affects the function of the female reproductive organs.

Market Segmentation
Asia-Pacific women’s health diagnostics market is segmented into two notable segments which are based on the basis of diagnostic devices and end user.

• On the basis of diagnostic devices, the market is segmented into imaging and monitoring systems, biopsy devices, reagents and kits, biomarkers and others

• On the basis of end user, the market is segmented into hospitals, clinics, diagnostic and imaging centers, clinics and home care setting

Market Players
The key market players for Asia-Pacific women’s health diagnostics market are listed below:

• Siemens
• Hologic, Inc.
• Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Abbott
• BD
• F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
• Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
• Koninklijke Philips N.V.
• NeuroLogica Corp.
• Shimadzu Corporation
• bioMérieux SA
• Carestream Health
• Cardinal Health, PerkinElmer Inc.
• Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
• Danaher, Sysmex Corporation
• Hitachi, Ltd., Canon Inc.
• FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
• Others

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of Asia Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market
1.4 Limitations
1.5 Markets Covered
2 Market Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 Asia Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market: Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Currency And Pricing
2.5 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.6 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.7 Dbmr Vendor Share Analysis
2.8 Multivariate Modeling
2.9 Products Lifeline Curve
2.10 Secondary Sources
2.11 Assumptions
3 Market Overview
3.1 Drivers
3.1.1 Increasing Geriatric Female Population
3.1.2 Increasing Number Of Infectious And Chronic Diseases
3.1.3 Increasing Investments In The Research And Developmental Activities
3.1.4 Growing Number Of Diagnostic Device Manufacturing Companies
3.2 Restraints
3.2.1 Product Recalls Of Various Companies
3.2.2 High Cost Of Diagnostic Products
3.3 Opportunities
3.3.1 Technological Advancements In The Diagnostic Equipment
3.3.2 Strategic Initiatives By Various Companies
3.4 Challenges
3.4.1 Unacceptable Health Disparities In The U.S.
3.4.2 Pricing Pressure
3.4.3 Increasing Adoption Of Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Systems
4 Executive Summary
5 Premium Insights
6 Asia Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, By Diagnostic Devices
6.1 Overview
6.2 Imaging And Monitoring Systems
6.2.1 Mammography Systems Devices Digital Mammography Systems Breast Tomosynthesis Analog Mammography Systems Applications Breast Lumps Or Tumors Breast Cancer Others
6.2.2 Ultrasound Imaging Systems Devices Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Breast Ultrasound Applications Pregnancy Scan Fetal Development Fetal Abnormalities Others Pelvic Scan Abnormal Periods Cysts Fibroids Others Abdominal Scan Others Breast Scans Musculoskeletal Scans Internal Structures
6.2.3 Mri Systems Applications Breast Scan Abdomen Scan Joints Scan Spinal Cord Scan Cardiac Scan Blood Vessels Scan Others
6.2.4 Fertility Monitors Applications Ovulation Infertility Pregnancy Hormonal Imbalance Others
6.2.5 Bone Densitometer Applications Osteoporosis Bone-related Problems Rheumatoid Arthritis
6.2.6 Nuclear Imaging Systems Applications Osteoarthritis Heart Disease Urological Problems Gynecological Cancers Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s Disease Thyroid Disease Sexually Transmitted Infections Stroke Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd) Lupus Others
6.2.7 Others
6.3 Biopsy Devices
6.3.1 Biopsy For Cancer Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer Ovarian Cancer Others
6.3.2 Breast Lumps Biopsy
6.3.3 Blood Biopsy Cancerous Non-cancerous
6.3.4 Lymph Nodes Biopsy
6.3.5 Thyroid Biopsy
6.3.6 Skin Biopsy
6.3.7 Others
6.4 Reagents And Kits
6.4.1 Pregnancy And Fertility Testing Kits Pregnancy Ovulation Others
6.4.2 Blood Test Type Kit Osteoporosis Blood Chemistry & Blood Cell Count Others
6.4.3 Hepatitis Testing Kit
6.4.4 Tumor Marker Elisa Test Kit
6.4.5 Std Test Kits Hiv Testing Human Papillomavirus (Hpv) Testing Chlamydia Trachomatis And Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (Ct/Ng) Testing Others
6.4.6 Pap Smear Test Kit
6.4.7 Mrsa Testing Kits
6.4.8 Hormone Markers Elisa Kits
6.4.9 Tuberculosis Test Kit
6.4.10 Others
6.5 Biomarkers
6.5.1 Oncology Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer Ovarian Cancer Others
6.5.2 Pregnancy Complications
6.5.3 Infectious Diseases
6.5.4 Cardiovascular Diseases
6.5.5 Others
6.6 Others
7 Asia Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, By End User
7.1 Overview
7.2 Hospitals
7.3 Diagnostic And Imaging Centers
7.4 Clinics
7.5 Home Care Setting
8 Asia Pacific Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, By Geography
8.1 Asia-pacific
8.1.1 Japan
8.1.2 China
8.1.3 India
8.1.4 Australia
8.1.5 South Korea
8.1.6 Thailand
8.1.7 Singapore
8.1.8 Malaysia
8.1.9 Indonesia
8.1.10 Philippines
8.1.11 Rest Of Asia-pacific
9 Asia Pacific Biopsy Devices In Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, Company Landscape
9.1 Company Share Analysis: Asia-pacific
10 Asia Pacific Mammography System In Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, Company Landscape
10.1 Company Share Analysis: Asia-pacific
11 Asia Pacific Ultrasonic Imaging System In Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, Company Landscape
11.1 Company Share Analysis: Asia-pacific
12 Asia Pacific Mri System In Women’s Health Diagnostics Market, Company Landscape
12.1 Company Share Analysis: Asia-pacific
13 Company Profile
13.1 Hologic Inc
13.1.1 Company Snapshot
13.1.2 Revenue Analysis
13.1.3 Company Share Analysis
13.1.4 Product Portfolio
13.1.5 Recent Developments
13.2 Siemens
13.2.1 Company Snapshot
13.2.2 Revenue Analysis
13.2.3 Company Share Analysis
13.2.4 Product Portfolio
13.2.5 Recent Developments
13.3 General Electric
13.3.1 Company Snapshot
13.3.2 Revenue Analysis
13.3.3 Company Share Analysis
13.3.4 Product Portfolio
13.3.5 Recent Development
13.4 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
13.4.1 Company Snapshot
13.4.2 Revenue Analysis
13.4.3 Company Share Analysis
13.4.4 Product Portfolio
13.4.5 Recent Developments
13.5 Hitachi, Ltd.
13.5.1 Company Snapshot
13.5.2 Revenue Analysis
13.5.3 Company Share Analysis
13.5.4 Product Portfolio
13.5.5 Recent Developments
13.6 Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
13.6.1 Company Snapshot
13.6.2 Revenue Analysis
13.6.3 Company Share Analysis
13.6.4 Product Portfolio
13.6.5 Recent Developments
13.7 Abbott
13.7.1 Company Snapshot
13.7.2 Revenue Analysis
13.7.3 Product Portfolio
13.7.4 Recent Developments
13.8 Bd
13.8.1 Company Snapshot
13.8.2 Revenue Analysis
13.8.3 Product Portfolio
13.8.4 Recent Developments
13.9 Biomerieux Sa
13.9.1 Company Snapshot
13.9.2 Revenue Analysis
13.9.3 Product Portfolio
13.9.4 Recent Development
13.10 Biomerieux Sa
13.10.1 Company Snapshot
13.10.2 Revenue Analysis
13.10.3 Product Portfolio
13.10.4 Recent Development
13.11 Canon Inc.
13.11.1 Company Snapshot
13.11.2 Revenue Analysis
13.11.3 Product Portfolio
13.11.4 Recent Developments
13.12 Cardinal Health
13.12.1 Company Snapshot
13.12.2 Revenue Analysis
13.12.3 Product Portfolio
13.12.4 Recent Development
13.13 Carestream Health
13.13.1 Company Snapshot
13.13.2 Product Portfolio
13.13.3 Recent Development
13.14 Cook
13.14.1 Company Snapshot
13.14.2 Division Portfolio
13.14.3 Recent Developments
13.15 Danaher
13.15.1 Company Snapshot
13.15.2 Revenue Analysis
13.15.3 Product Portfolio
13.15.4 Recent Developments
13.16 F. Hoffmann-la Roche Ltd.
13.16.1 Company Snapshot
13.16.2 Revenue Analysis
13.16.3 Product Portfolio
13.16.4 Recent Developments
13.17 Medgyn Products, Inc
13.17.1 Company Snapshot
13.17.2 Product Portfolio
13.17.3 Recent Development
13.18 Neurologica Corp.
13.18.1 Company Snapshot
13.18.2 Product Portfolio
13.18.3 Recent Developments
13.19 Perkinelmer Inc.
13.19.1 Company Snapshot
13.19.2 Revenue Analysis
13.19.3 Product Portfolio
13.19.4 Recent Development
13.20 Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
13.20.1 Company Snapshot
13.20.2 Product Portfolio
13.20.3 Recent Developments
13.21 Shimadzu Corporation
13.21.1 Company Snapshot
13.21.2 Revenue Analysis
13.21.3 Product Portfolio
13.21.4 Recent Developemnt
13.22 Sysmex Corporation
13.22.1 Company Snapshot
13.22.2 Revenue Analysis
13.22.3 Product Portfolio
13.22.4 Recent Development
13.23 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
13.23.1 Company Snapshot
13.23.2 Revenue Analysis
13.23.3 Product Portfolio
13.23.4 Recent Developments
13.24 Urit Medical Electronic Co., Ltd
13.24.1 Company Snapshot
13.24.2 Product Portfolio
13.24.3 Recent Development
14 Conclusion
15 Swot Analysis And Dbmr Analysis
15.1 Swot Analysis
15.2 Data Bridge Market Research Analysis
16 Questionnaire
17 Related Reports

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