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Trend Sights Analysis: Product Specificity; Addressing the consumer need to share products, services, and experiences

Trend Sights Analysis: Product Specificity; Addressing the consumer need to share products, services, and experiences

A counter-trend amid the ubiquity of mass-market products and brands is the search for more bespoke, personalized products and services. Mass customization is being adopted as consumer-facing companies seek to capitalize on demand for greater product variety and individualization. Products that meet more personal needs are perceived as offering superior value.

Key Findings
Just-for-me product solutions appeal to today's self-expressive and individualistic consumers who reject a one-size-fits-all approach to consumption/usage of products. 41% of global consumers believe that customization/personalization claims have a favorable influence on their perception of a product.

Opportunities exist for manufacturers to create new, more specific consumption niches through day part-targeting, and products that are seasonal/holiday-inspired or target sports/activities or social occasions. Over a quarter of global consumers find a food/drink product that is advertised for a specific time of the day or night appealing.

Consumers are moderating their intake of products and ingredients to promote healthy lifestyles, spurring demand for innovation based on portion control, offering low-ABV alcohol and allergen-free formulations.

Trend Sights Analysis: Product Specificity looks at responding to the need to share products, services, and experiences online and offline.

Your key questions answered:

How relevant is Product Specificity to my market?

What does Product Specificity mean to my category?

What are the different facets of Product Specificity?

How can I address consumer demand for greater personalization using more specific product attributes? What are the innovation implications?

Reasons To Buy
Gain insight into the four different personalization routes for meeting demand for Product Specificity and the key consumer drivers that underpin this.

Compare the presence of this trend in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.

See the actions that major brands are taking to capitalize on Product Specificity.

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2. Occasions
3. Demographics
4. Ethnocentrism
5. End benefits
6. Key take-outs
7. What's next?
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