Marketing to Life Scientists: A Best Practice Guide for Marketers

Marketing to Life Scientists: A Best Practice Guide for Marketers

The marketing struggle is real. Every marketer knows the difficulty of providing the right content through the right channel to the right audience at the right time. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but it won’t be getting easier any time soon. Social media’s rapid adoption in the workplace has opened countless avenues to reach potential customers. The digital age has created a “flat world” in which anyone can compete with anyone else, regardless of location.

How then does a marketer combat against feelings of system overload and get consumers to stop, look and listen? As a start, to be effective, marketers must stop, look and listen to what consumers are trying to tell us.

We hope that our first annual Marketing to Life Scientists: A Best Practice Guide for Marketers report will help marketers do just that. In our survey we have polled over 500 active professionals (60% of which identified as researchers or scientists) across the Biotech, Pharma, Academic, Healthcare, Hospital, Government and CRO industries. The survey explores consumer preferences related to both outbound promotions and inbound content marketing tactics. In order to understand why consumers behave the way they do, we must first understand how they act.

To ensure accuracy and relevance, we included two qualification questions at the outset – 1. Whether respondents received industry-related ads, and 2. Whether respondents read or viewed industry-related content. Only those that responded positively were asked to continue and receive follow-up questions. Over 500 qualified individuals completed the survey. Of our qualified respondents, each individual self-identified as a life science industry professional, with 60% being Scientists or Researchers. As you might expect, the majority of our respondents work in the Academic, Biotech and Pharma industries. Given the high response rate and distribution across all industry segments and job functions, we are confident that the results provide an accurate portrayal of industry sentiment.

The report is laid out with commentary, analysis and striking visuals divided into key categories, including: Technology and Mobile, Outbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Advertising Mediums, Tradeshows and Other Media.

Just a snapshot of some of the trends and preferences:

  • Technology and Mobile
  • Example: 74% of our respondents indicated that they preferred the Apple iPad as their tablet of choice.
  • General Advertising or “Outbound Marketing”
  • Example: 85% of our respondents indicated that they are currently exposed to email blasts as a type of advertising technique in their current daily work routines.
  • Email Marketing
  • Example: 60% of our respondents indicated that they receive more than 15 advertising related emails in any given week.
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Example: 50% of our respondents indicated that they would respond positively to a product/service discount if used a call out.
  • Telemarketing
  • Example: 17% of our respondents indicated that they don’t mind receiving telemarketing calls if the topic or offer is relevant to them.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Example: 27% of our respondents indicated that they check Facebook daily as part of their work/professional routine.
  • Content or “Inbound Marketing”
  • Example: 68% of our respondents indicated that they prefer inbound marketing content that provides trends and research.
  • Advertising Mediums
  • Example: 63% of our respondents indicated that they would be more likely to click on a web banner or digital ad if it were placed on a publication/journal site.
  • Tradeshow Marketing
  • Example: 18% of our respondents indicated that they currently attend more than 5 tradeshows or events each calendar year.
  • Other Media
  • Example: 52% of our respondents indicated that they think industry-related TV/Radio ads are somewhat effective.

Please Note: Due to the brevity and/or nature of the content posted, there is no table of contents available for this report.

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