Beer Packaging to 2018

Beer Packaging to 2018

Beer Packaging to 2018 is part of the Brand Actiontm series of studies from Allied Development. Brand Actiontm studies provide a global assessment of the market with a variety of segmentations on a country by country basis. Most importantly, brandowner purchases by package type are quantified and seamlessly integrated into the country by country results.

This Beer Packaging study first examines the beer industry and then examines the beer packaging industry. The beer industry analysis includes industry drivers and trends, current beer consumption, beer consumption forecasts, and the brandowner market data.

The beer packaging industry analysis includes drivers and trends specific to beer packaging, current beer packaging consumption, beer packaging consumption forecasts, packaging by package type, and the brandowner package purchase data by package type by country.

All of the data presented in this study is also available on-line in Allied Developmentā€™s SpyGlasstm market database.

What sets this study apart?

the detailed market segment analysis and the insights they provide
the brand owner detailed procurement data on a country by country basis
the global market data provided for all countries

Market Matrix:
Beer Market
Global Volume (measured in liters) by geographic region
Typical Geographic Region Set (6)
North America
Beer Geographic Region Set
Per capita beer consumption by geographic region
Population by Beer Region Set
Beer Volume per Capita by Beer Region Set
Beer Volume and GDP by geographic region
Real GDP in National Curency by Region
Beer Volume and GDP per Capita by Region
Brandowner Beer Volume (80+ brandowners named)
Beer Geographic Region (26 )
By Package Type
Beer Packaging Market
Global Packaging Volume by
Beer Geographic Regions (26)
Per Capita by Beer Geographic Regions (26)
Average Volume per Package Type
Primary Packaging by Package Type
PET bottle
Aluminun bottle
One-way glass bottle
returnable glass bottle
Aluminum can
Metal can
Primary Packaging Avg Volume per Package Type (6)
Primary Packaging Weight by Package Type (6)
Primary Packaging Avg Weight per Package Type (6)
Primary Package Weight per Liter by Package Type (6)
Packaging metrics and volume for each package type (6)
PET bottle
PET Bottle Volume and Weight
PET Bottle Unit Volume by Beer Region Set (26)
Aluminum bottles
Aluminum Bottle Volume and Weight
Aluminum Bottle Unit Volume by Beer Region Set
Glass - one-way bottles
Glass - one-way bottles Volume and Weight
Glass - one-way bottles Unit Volume by Beer Region
Glass - returnable bottles
Glass - Returnable Bottle Volume and Weight
Glass - Returnable Bottle Unit Volume by Beer Region
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans Volume and Weight
Aluminum Cans Unit Volume by Beer Region
Metal Cans
Metal Cans Volume and Weight
Metal Cans Unit Volume by Beer Region
Beer packaging for each Beer Region (26)
Volume by Packaging Type
Beer packaging raw materials
Weight by Raw material
Brandowner Packaging Volume
Global By Brandowner (80+ brandowners named))
Beer region set by Brandowners
South Korea
Rest of Asia
Romania - Russia
United Kingdom - Rest of Europe
United States
Rest of North America - Brazil
South Africa
Venezuela - Rest of ROW

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