Israel Medical Tourism Market Segmented By Type (Inbound, Outbound), By Treatment Type (Orthopedic Treatment, Cardiovascular Treatment, Gynecological Treatment, Dental Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cosmetic Treatment, Others), By Region, Competition, Fo

Israel Medical Tourism Market Segmented By Type (Inbound, Outbound), By Treatment Type (Orthopedic Treatment, Cardiovascular Treatment, Gynecological Treatment, Dental Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cosmetic Treatment, Others), By Region, Competition, Forecast, and Opportunities, 2028

Israel medical tourism refers to the practice of traveling to Israel for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment, usually at a lower cost than in the traveler's home country. Israel has become a popular destination for medical tourism due to its world-renowned hospitals, advanced medical technology, and highly trained medical professionals. Medical tourists typically travel to Israel for a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, orthopedic surgeries, and cancer treatments. The Global Medical Tourism Index ranks Israel as the eighth-most medical tourism destination in the world, owing to the substantial number of visitors to the Dead Sea and the massive drift of medical tourists seeking IVF and other fertility treatments in the country. Israel is well-known among the world in maintaining international reputation, patient experience, quality of healthcare, and accreditation of healthcare facilities. Israel has acquired third position in the 'quality of facilities and services' aspect, with world-class healthcare facilities and internationally trained healthcare providers. Renowned for its excellence in complex surgical procedures, Sheba Medical Center has launched an international medical tourism sector serving thousands of foreign patients from around the world, including Russia, Cyprus, Georgia, and the United States. Huge investments by government bodies in the hospital sector to promote better quality treatment procedures is expected to register an impressive growth in Israel medical tourism market during the forecast period. Moreover, proximity of Europe and various other Middle Eastern regions to Israel is further expected to propel the growth of medical tourism market in the country during the futuristic period due to reduction in time spent by patients while travelling to foreign countries for their treatment. Various other standardized medical facilities provided by Israel including laboratory services, radiology, pathology, intensive care units, therapeutic units, and others are attracting people to opt for Israeli hospitals for their treatment which is thereby promoting the growth of medical tourism market in Israel.

Rising Adoption of Advanced Technologies

The rising adoption of advanced technologies is a significant driver for the Israel medical tourism market. Israel is known for its advanced healthcare system and medical technology, which has attracted patients from all over the world. The country has become a hub for medical tourism due to its high-tech medical facilities and skilled medical professionals. Israel has been at the forefront of medical technology development, with a strong focus on research and development. The country has developed several innovative medical technologies, including medical imaging, robotic surgery, and gene therapy, which have attracted patients from all over the world seeking advanced medical treatments. Israel's advanced medical technologies have also helped to reduce the costs of medical treatments, making them more affordable for patients. Moreover, the Israeli government has been supportive of the medical tourism industry, providing incentives to medical facilities and promoting the country as a medical tourism destination. The government has also made it easier for foreign patients to obtain medical visas and has streamlined the process for medical travel. Some of the cutting-edge equipment used by Israeli doctor in carrying out the regarded surgical procedure comprises of O-arm computer-assisted navigation systems, da Vinci Surgical System, SpineAssist spinal surgery system, and the IRE NanoKnife device which makes the treatment more efficient and absolute. ApiFix is the system used by Israeli doctors to correct severe curvatures of spine known as scoliosis which minimizes the risk, scar size, complications, recovery time and cost of patients. Moreover, nowadays doctors are making use of a device called IceSense3 in Israel, which can remove breast lumps in a 10-minute ultrasound-guided procedure that penetrates the tumor and engulfs it with ice. The system is being clinically evaluated against small malignant breast tumors as well. The procedure is usually done in a doctor’s office, clinic or breast center, and the patient can get up and leave afterward with no recovery period or post-care. Several developments taking place in Israel healthcare system and adoption of advanced medical tools to make the surgery minimally invasive and efficient is further expected to boost the growth of Israel medical tourism market in the forecast period.

Incentives and Support by Regional Government

The Israeli government has been actively promoting medical tourism as a growth industry for several years. Many support mechanisms, incentives and policies have been implied by the government of Israel to make the medical tourism more accessible and affordable for people all over the world. One of the key incentives is tax exemptions for foreign patients receiving medical treatment in Israel. Foreign patients are exempt from paying value-added tax (VAT) on medical treatment and hospitalization, which can result in significant savings for patients. In addition, the Israeli government provides grants and subsidies for companies that invest in the medical tourism industry. The government has also established a medical tourism department within the Ministry of Tourism to promote and market Israel as a medical tourism destination. The department helps medical tourism companies, including market research, promotion, and networking opportunities. The government also provides funding for medical research and development, which can help to drive innovation and improve the quality of medical services in Israel. The Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA) is an authority owned by government of Israel which works to promote medical tourism and ensure that the services provided are of high quality and meet international standards. Another policy introduced is the development of medical tourism clusters in various cities across Israel. These clusters are designed to provide a complete package of medical services, including treatment, accommodation, and transportation, all in one location. Various initiatives taken by Israeli government to improve healthcare system of the country is further expected to propel the growth of medical tourism market in Israel during the forecast period.

Proximity to Europe and Middle East

Israel's proximity to Europe and the Middle East has played a significant role in driving the country's medical tourism market. The country's strategic location, along with its advanced medical infrastructure, highly skilled healthcare professionals, and cutting-edge medical technologies, has made it an attractive destination for medical tourists from neighboring countries. Patients from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Jordan, and Egypt come to Israel for advanced medical treatments that are not available in their home countries or are prohibitively expensive. Many people in the Middle East and Europe consider Israel to be a hub of medical innovation and expertise, and they rely on Israeli healthcare professionals to provide them with high-quality medical care. Moreover, reduction in time spend by patients in travelling to Israel for treatment of their disease and growing reliance of people on healthcare system of the country is further expected to register a striking growth to Israel medical tourism market in upcoming years.

Development in Hospital Infrastructure

Israel is known for its advanced medical facilities and highly skilled medical professionals, which have made it a popular destination for medical tourism. Development in hospital infrastructure is a key factor driving the growth of Israel's medical tourism market. There are 172 public hospitals and 182 private hospitals in Israel which accounts for a total of 354 hospitals present in arena of the country. Israel healthcare system is one of the largest serving associations across the world with an overall bed capacity of 44,715 beds which is convincing more people from foreign countries to travel to Israel for effective treatment of their disease. Moreover, rapid innovations in surgical procedures related to oncology, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics, among others is expected to fuel the growth of Israel medical tourism market in the forecast period.

Israel medical tourism market is segmented based on type, treatment type, and region. In terms of type, the medical tourism market is categorized into inbound and outbound. Based on, treatment type, the market is fragmented into orthopedic treatment, cardiovascular treatment, gynecological treatment, dental treatment, fertility treatment, cosmetic treatment, and others.

Market Players

IES Medical, Mash Medical, iMER (International Medical Evaluation and Referrals), Manor Medical Center, IMEDICAL Medical Center, Yitzhak Rabin Medical Center, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and Rambam Health Care Campus.

Report Scope:

In this report, Israel medical tourism market has been segmented into following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
  • Medical Tourism Market, By Type:
  • nbound
  • Outbound
  • Medical Tourism Market, By Treatment Type:
  • Orthopedic Treatment
  • Cardiovascular Treatment
  • Gynecological Treatment
  • Dental Treatment
  • Fertility Treatment
  • Cosmetic Treatment
  • Others
Competitive Landscape
Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in Israel medical tourism market.

Company Information
  • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players (up to five).
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1. Product Overview
1.1. Market Definition
1.2. Scope of the Market
1.2.1. Markets Covered
1.2.2. Years Considered for Study
1.2.3. Key Market Segmentations
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Objective of the Study
2.2. Baseline Methodology
2.3. Key Industry Partners
2.4. Major Association and Secondary Sources
2.5. Forecasting Methodology
2.6. Data Triangulation & Validation
2.7. Assumptions and Limitations
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Overview of the Market
3.2. Overview of Key Market Segmentations
3.3. Overview of Key Market Players
3.4. Overview of Key Regions/Countries
3.5. Overview of Market Drivers, Challenges, Trends
4. Voice of Customer
5. Impact of COVID-19 on UAE Medical Tourism Market
6. Israel Medical Tourism Market Outlook
6.1. Market Size & Forecast
6.1.1. By Value
6.2. Market Share & Forecast
6.2.1. By Type (Inbound, Outbound)
6.2.2. By Treatment Type (Orthopedic Treatment, Cardiovascular Treatment, Gynecological Treatment, Dental Treatment, Fertility Treatment, Cosmetic Treatment, Others)
6.2.3. By Region
6.2.4. By Company (2022)
6.3. Market Map
6.3.1. By Type
6.3.2. By Treatment Type
6.3.3. By Region
7. Israel Inbound Medical Tourism Market Outlook
7.1. Market Size & Forecast
7.1.1. By Value
7.2. Market Share & Forecast
7.2.1. By Treatment Type
8. Israel Outbound Medical Tourism Market Outlook
8.1. Market Size & Forecast
8.1.1. By Value
8.2. Market Share & Forecast
8.2.1. By Treatment Type
9. Market Dynamics
9.1. Drivers
9.2. Challenges
10. Market Trends & Developments
11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape
12. Israel Economic Profile
13. Competitive Landscape (Key Players Up to 10)
13.1. Competition Outlook
13.2. Company Profiles
13.2.1. IES Medical
13.2.2. Mash Medical
13.2.3. iMER (International Medical Evaluation and Referrals)
13.2.4. Manor Medical Center
13.2.5. IMEDICAL Medical Center
13.2.6. Yitzhak Rabin Medical Center
13.2.7. Sheba Medical Center
13.2.8. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
13.2.9. Rambam Health Care Campus
14. Strategic Recommendations

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