Healthcare Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

These reports detail the ever-changing world of healthcare and all of its nuances and sub-categories. Healthcare cannot be narrowly defined nor can one report detail what is happening around the globe. provides detailed reports for various countries around the world and the healthcare needs and offerings in those countries. These reports also profile the types of administrations and regulations and policies that are in place in various regions and segments in each country.

Reports are available in industry sub-categories such as: wellness and preventative programming, sports medicine, insurance and managed care, and clinical guidelines and best practices. Readers may also find data regarding alternative and complementary medicine, nursing, public health and information technology. Though not always considered when first thinking of healthcare, information may also be found on veterinary health.

Reviews of various equipment and pharmaceuticals in specific regions are made available regarding multiple countries. Herbal and traditional products are contrasted and compared, and global access to sufficient ambulance services is discussed.

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Healthcare Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Diagnostic & Ambulance Services in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... They also operate ambulance services and blood, sperm and organ transplant banks. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five ... Read More

  • Nursing Care Facilities in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... of the baby boomer population, which spurred demand for much-needed industry services. Since the elderly are more prone to injury and illness, and therefore require more assistance with daily activities, the growing share of senior ... Read More

  • Healthcare Operational Analytics Services

    ... •Vendor marketing, sales and business managers developing strategies to target operational analytics opportunities within healthcare payers & providers •Financial analysts and investors specializing in the business services sector, including analytics services. Key Findings & Highlights ... Read More

  • Breast Reconstruction Market by Product (Breast implant (Silicone, Saline), Tissue Expander, Acellular Dermal Matrix), Procedure (Immediate, Delayed, Revision), Type (Unilateral, Bilateral), End User (Hospital, Cosmetology Clinics) - Global Forecast to 20

    ... reconstruction market is projected to register a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period.” The global breast reconstruction market size is projected to reach USD 603 million by 2025 from USD 430 million in 2020, ... Read More

  • Crisis and Care Accommodation in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... homes (excluding juvenile corrective services), crisis care accommodation, hospices, community mental health hostels, residential refuges and respite residential care facilities. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key ... Read More

  • Nursing Education Market in US 2020-2024

    ... 22% during the forecast period. Our reports on the nursing education market in the US provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around ... Read More

  • Cardiologists

    ... private practices, health care organizations, and hospitals, as well as academic, government, or research institutions. Leading institutions for cardiology and heart surgery include The Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, both based in the US, ... Read More

  • Oncologists

    ... Cancer Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Leading providers of cancer treatment outside the US include Institut Gustave-Roussy (based in France), the Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada), the Royal Marsden Hospital (the UK), and Sun Yat-Sen ... Read More

  • Podiatrists

    ... by population growth and demographics. Profitability depends on patient volume, insurance reimbursement, reputation, and operational efficiency. Large practices enjoy economies of scale related to administrative costs and purchasing diagnostic equipment. Small practices can compete effectively ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Cross-Sector Impact - Thematic Research

    ... of COVID-19 and how these differ across sectors. We also provide qualitative analysis of each sector and analyse COVID-19’s impact on leading companies. Key Highlights According to John Hopkins University data, by 2 June 2020, ... Read More

  • Rx/Reimbursement Adult Incontinence in Croatia

    ... are clearly stated in a legal guideline, which states that all citizens from the age of three upwards are eligible to get help if diagnosed with incontinence. This also means that not only adult incontinence, ... Read More

  • Ambulance Services

    ... and Providence Service (all based in the US), as well as Falck (Denmark), Harmonie Ambulance (France), and Lufttransport (Norway). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Increases in immigration, birth rates, morbidity rates, and life expectancies, as well as emergency ... Read More

  • Iran Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... the role of US sanctions in further undermining the economy, infrastructure, and public healthfacilities. This mix of factors has resulted in Iran becoming one of the region's most adversely affected nations, with the governmentpledging to ... Read More

  • Nigeria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... country’s attractiveness to innovative drugmakers. This is exacerbated by regulatory inefficiencies and high prevalence ofcounterfeit medicines. The goal of achievement of universal healthcare by 2030 will continue to be threatened by a number ofstructural issues. Read More

  • Peru Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... to boost the capacity of a chronically underfunded healthcaresystem. Relatively increased levels of public expenditure on medical services will be maintained despite restrictions on governmentspending due to macroeconomic dynamics. Beyond the pandemic, medicine sales in ... Read More

  • Switzerland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... market growth, Switzerland employs relatively liberalpricing rules that result in the country having the second-highest medicine spending per capita globally after the US. This helpscreate an attractive investment location for firms. Indeed, Switzerland contains multiple ... Read More

  • United States Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... will also increasepersonal spending. The complex and decentralised healthcare system in the US will inhibit the containment of the disease. Therewill be increased calls to replace the hybrid payer landscape with a single-payer healthcare system. Read More

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Market in US - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

    ... management market in US is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during the period 2019–2025. The U.S. healthcare landscape is complex. It is riddled with wastage, drug abuse, and fraud due to ... Read More

  • China Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... will give China an advantage. Regulatory changes intended to bringdown the cost of commonly used drugs, coupled with other policies such as quicker approval procedures, could trigger a boost inthe development of innovative new drugs. Read More

  • Ireland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... widespread, and along with the healthcare sector revision, we have revised real GDP growth forecastsfor 2020 as the country is pushed into a recession. Growing numbers of cases and deaths are resulting in increased stresses ... Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... growth. This is expected to change in the medium-to-long term though asan ageing population, 20% of the population is over 65, and a very high health spending per capita will fuel demand for high-valueinnovative medicines. Read More

  • Netherlands Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... we also expect innovative drug sales to continue to decline in theshort term, we see companies in the Netherlands continue to seek new treatments and vaccines to help the fight against thecoronavirus. The government will ... Read More

  • Frost Radar™: Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare IT, Global, 2020

    ... Hospitals that have so far invested in AI-based financial solutions to automate patient access management, reimbursement eligibility matching, and computer-assisted coding are now also preferring clinical-grade AI solutions for imaging analytics, genomics profiling, clinical risk ... Read More

  • New Zealand Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... However, strict pricing continues to be an issue formultinational companies in particular, given the limited potential return on their investment in high-tech treatments. Thoseconsiderations as well as the relatively small number of coronavirus infections mean ... Read More

  • Cities and Pandemics: Can We Virus-Proof Cities?

    ... aspect has been called into question during Coronavirus (COVID-19) with extensive changes needed if cities are to become more virus proof in the future. The report takes a deeper dive into adaptations cities should make ... Read More

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