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  • Nigeria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... country’s attractiveness to innovative drugmakers. This is exacerbated by regulatory inefficiencies and high prevalence ofcounterfeit medicines. The goal of achievement of universal healthcare by 2030 will continue to be threatened by a number ofstructural issues. Read More

  • Nigeria Facility Management Services Market Analysis by Service (Security, Property, Catering, Cleaning, and Others) and Application (Residential and Commercial (Retail, Government Buildings, Healthcare, Educational, and Others), and Industrial): Opportun

    ... The Nigeria facility management services market was valued at $8,446.0 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $12,662.1 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 6.4% from 2020 to 2027. Facility management services provide ... Read More

  • Nigeria Clinical Laboratory Services Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

    ... studied is primarily driven by the rising incidences of chronic diseases and the increasing demand for accurate disease diagnosis, along with the government’s focus on public-private partnerships. However, the lack of medical laboratories, advanced diagnostic ... Read More

  • South Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2020

    ... national health insurance scheme. However, the Covid-19outbreak will pose significant hurdles to universal healthcare achievement. High barriers to accessing healthcare and a strongprevalence of infectious diseases could also further expose inefficiencies in the healthcare sector. Read More

  • Healthcare Providers in South Africa

    ... contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Key Highlights The healthcare providers sector is valued as total expenditure on healthcare in each country. This ... Read More

  • Healthcare Providers in Egypt

    ... of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Key Highlights The healthcare providers sector is valued as total expenditure on healthcare in each country. This includes final ... Read More

  • Healthcare Providers in Nigeria

    ... of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Key Highlights The healthcare providers sector is valued as total expenditure on healthcare in each country. This includes final ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... within the generic medicines sector, while the larger moredeveloped markets present viable opportunities for patented medicine sales in urban regions. Cooperative agreements withinternational firms will provide opportunities for domestic firms to expand their manufacturing capacities. Read More

  • Gabon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020 Key View: Globally speaking, Gabon is viewed as one of the 10 least attractive pharmaceutical markets for multinationaldrugmakers. The market is highly genericised and small, given the small population size. Read More

  • Angola Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... environment will remain extremely challenging for innovative drugmakers asstructural issues will persis in the short- to medium-term. The government’s reform momentum provides cautious optimism forimprovements in the business environment of non-oil sectors. We note that ... Read More

  • Botswana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... the population withgreater access to treatments, driving demand for medicine over the long term. However, given the small size of the market andmoderate per capital spending on medicines on a global basis, innovative drugmakers will ... Read More

  • Namibia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... View: The small market size, low per capita incomes and elevated intellectual property risks are key factors dampeningmultinational interest in Namibia. The country remains one of the least attractive pharmaceutical markets on a global scale. Read More

  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... of universal healthcare, will underpin this trend.Commercial opportunities will increase, although the lack of intellectual property protection and low purchasing power will limit themarket's growth potential. The consolidation and development of African trade blocks will ... Read More

  • Tanzania Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... the demand for pharmaceuticals will be robust in the coming years, althoughgiven the country's low purchasing power, generic medicines will continue to dominate the market. Despite the government’sefforts, local production will remain limited and the ... Read More

  • Morocco Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... to achieve its goals. Nevertheless, the country’s healthcare andpharmaceutical market will experience growth in the coming years, boosted by a rising burden of non-communicable diseases. Wenote that opportunities will be disproportionately higher for generic drugmakers, ... Read More

  • Mozambique Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... regulatory environment and extremely lowlevels of affordability will limit sales of advanced medicines. With Mozambique’s debt burden remaining among the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa and a reputation for corruption, pharmaceutical investors will continue to overlook ... Read More

  • Sudan and South Sudan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... country’spharmaceutical and healthcare sectors will continue to face significant issues, which will undermine their growth prospects in theshort-to-medium term. Political and economic uncertainty will ensure that the country remains unattractive to investments in thehealthcare sector. Read More

  • Ethiopia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... spending results in vulnerability to widereconomic fluctuations and also points to few commercial opportunities for multinational drugmakers. At the same time, we expectlittle improvement in the investment climate, given the high level of political instability. Read More

  • Algeria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... government will continue to focus on import substitution policiesthat represent market access barriers to pharmaceutical imports. Despite risks of drug shortages, we do not expect any substantialdeparture from the current regime of drug imports that ... Read More

  • Cameroon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... towards improving access to healthcare services aswell as allowing improved management of public healthcare resources and programs. We expect pharmaceutical spending growthto accelerate over the next five years relative to the last five years. However, ... Read More

  • Mauritius Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... chronic disease treatment. Investment in healthcareinfrastructure and modernisation projects will remain a policy priority, while public health spending will continue to increase as ashare of GDP. A strong business environment and incentives to investors across ... Read More

  • Zambia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... the available pharmaceutical funding in Zambia,which is already struggling with medicines shortages. Generally speaking, we remain of the view that Zambia's pharmaceuticalmarket opportunities are among the worst globally, out of the 109 markets we survey. Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... this outlook is the low per capita available healthcare and pharmaceutical funding, in both the publicand private sphere. Still, a relatively strong economic growth will ensure that generic makers from India remain interested in themarket. Read More

  • Kenya Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... seen as being above the regional average. In globalterms, however, the country's pharmaceutical market is small, with its potential dampened by the highly ruralised population, anunderdeveloped and underfunded healthcare sector, and the challenging regulatory regime. Read More

  • Ghana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2020

    ... & Healthcare Q2 2020 Key View: Pharmaceutical and healthcare spending in Ghana will be driven by the roll-out of universal healthcare. Cost-containmentpolicies will remain prominent and will limit opportunities for multinational drugmakers in the country. Read More

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