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  • China Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... an ageing population and high disease burden. Newregulatory pathways and improvements to China’s drug approval process will bolster long-term growth opportunities fordrugmakers. Although this is favourable to innovative drugmakers, patented drug sales will be limited ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... rapid pace of development ofregulatory policies. Although the implementation of the unified medicine price policy may result in lower prices for some drugs inthe short term, we believe that the increased patient access will bode ... Read More

  • Singapore Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... by an ageingpopulation and high disease burden. Although this demographic profile is favourable to innovative drugmakers, patented drug saleswill be limited by the government’s drug pricing and reimbursement policies as well as other cost-containment measures. Read More

  • Asia Pacific Cannabis Testing Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... used for pain management and is often used in the medical industry to cure and treat certain disorders such as epilepsy, brain tumors, etc., which increases the demand for cannabis testing in the Asia Pacific ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... rising demand for chronic disease treatment will create renewedopportunities for drugmakers. Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical products, which currently account for a large percentage of thedomestic market, will continue to expand its export footprint into key global markets. Read More

  • India Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q3 2019

    ... support robust growth of its pharmaceutical and healthcare spending. In thecoming years, we believe growth in the market will be boosted by an increase in healthcare funding as well as the government’slong-term health development plan. Read More

  • Chinese Clinical Laboratories Market, Forecast to 2025

    ... reversed with greater private sector participation. China still faces a number of challenges: unequal distribution of healthcare resources across the country; lack of an effective primary care system; expensive healthcare; poor conditions of healthcare facilities; ... Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... unified medicine registration system in the Eurasian Economic Unionwill support access to medicines; however, major barriers - such as the prevalence of counterfeit medicines and challenges in supplyand distribution across the country - will remain. Read More

  • Asia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... However, these markets will no longer providesignificant revenue growth due to aggressive cost containment. Instead, growth opportunities will be plentiful in emerging markets.We note that due to continued regulatory challenges and a growing focus on ... Read More

  • Vietnamese Clinical Laboratories Market, Forecast to 2025

    ... to reduce healthcare spending is shifting healthcare application in favor of the laboratory, making it a more valuable part of the treatment plan. Vietnam CLT market is growing at a healthy rate, driven by plans ... Read More

  • CountryFocus: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - Japan

    ... information and analysis on the healthcare, regulatory and reimbursement landscape in Japan. It identifies the key trends in the healthcare market and provides insights into the demographic, regulatory, reimbursement landscape and healthcare infrastructure of Japan. ... Read More

  • Thailand Clinical Laboratories Market, Forecast to 2025

    ... labs are integrated into the independent reference labs segment. Certain trends with regard to physician office labs (POLs) in retail clinics have been mentioned in the report. The study period is 2014–2025 with a base ... Read More

  • Malaysian Clinical Laboratories Market, Forecast to 2025

    ... common in the country despite universal care, significant mixed investment in the local healthcare system, and health expenditure favourable to other middle-income nations. With demographic shifts such as population aging, increasing life expectancy, and growth ... Read More

  • Georgia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... its pharmaceuticals and healthcare sphere,not least due to fewer market access barriers. Direct investment is local manufacturing is also encouraged by the authorities,though we envisage imports continuing to meet the country's demand for innovative medicines. Read More

  • Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... will continue to support thispotential. However, we do caution that market access is now challenging, as authorities use a range of cost-containment measuresand downward price pressures as a means of controlling country's spending on medicines. Read More

  • Malaysia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... continue to push forward withfundamental healthcare initiatives. However, we note that innovative drugmakers will continue to struggle due to the country'schallenging regulatory environment in addition to growing generic substitution rhetoric as the rationalisation of the ... Read More

  • Cambodia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... Low-cost, generic medicines will continue to account for most of the market,given low affordability levels. Pharmaceutical companies operating in the country will continue to face challenges stemming frompoor access to health service and counterfeit medicines. Read More

  • Laos Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... projects through a new scheme of public-privatepartnerships, reflecting growing infrastructure needs and constrained fiscal resources. On the upside, Laotian pharmaceutical andhealthcare spending will continue to grow at a healthy rate, driven by economic growth and ... Read More

  • Armenia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... country's pharmaceutical expenditure. Public healthcarefunding is set to increase in 2019 by almost 10% y-o-y, bolstered by economic growth that, although is likely to be moderated bythe slowing momentum of Russia's economic recovery, will remain ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... the authorities reportedly to allocate considerable funds specifically for this purpose.Nevertheless, the Azerbaijan's pharmaceutical and healthcare markets will remain only of marginal interest to multinationals, giventhe population's reliance on out-of-pocket payments, and thus the preference ... Read More

  • Indonesia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... investment opportunities. We also note thatrevenue growth potential is significant due to Indonesia's expansion of healthcare access as the national health insurance schemerolls out. However, growth will be driven primarily by generic drug sales given ... Read More

  • Taiwan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... the factors boosting thispotential. On top of this, the pharmaceutical industry, both domestic and foreign, will benefit from the prevailing epidemiologicaltrends - as the country's population ages, the demand for chronic condition medicines will rise, ... Read More

  • Turkey Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... support market growth, driven by the Health TransformationPlan. However, we highlight that increasing macro risks, emphasised by the lira sell-off in August 2018, will increasingly placedownside risks to this expansionary fiscal outlook, leading to growth ... Read More

  • Healthcare and Social Services in Russia

    ... inflation. The prices for outpatient and hospital medical services (measured by Consumer Price Index), were up by 5.6% and 4.0% respectively over the year. Meanwhile, the state’s health budget was reduced by 10% to RUB2.8 ... Read More

  • South Korea Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q2 2019

    ... with advanced healthcare infrastructure and easy access toservices, will continue to support this potential. However, we do caution that market access is now challenging, as authorities use arange of cost-containment measures and downward price pressures ... Read More

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