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Thriving in Dentistry with 3D Printing: NimroDENTAL

Thriving in Dentistry with 3D Printing: NimroDENTAL

This case study analyzes the advantages and challenges of adopting 3D printing technology in the dentistry sector through the experience of NimroDENTAL, one of the pioneer labs in offering 3D-printed dental impressions in the U.K.

3D printing lends itself naturally to adoption in the dentistry sector, given its highly customizable output that can be delivered with a constant level of quality. The technology in particular is ideal in solving more complex clinical cases that would otherwise remain unresolved or unaffordable for the average client.

This means early adoption of the technology will give competitive advantage in the market, although investment costs can still be prohibitive for the average lab, as shown by the cost analysis of NimroDENTAL.

Also, given that the market is at an early stage of development, the choice of the right printer proves to be challenging and decisive for business success. But as NimroDENTAL learned, the demand side looks relatively ready to adopt — both dentists and final clients are aware of the advantages of 3D-printed impressions over traditional, plaster ones, and industry trust in the technology already seems high.

Nevertheless, the high initial investment required, the still untapped need for printing material to suit different needs, and manufacturers' lock-in strategies are still big challenges for the market.

Please Note: Extended description available upon request.

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