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US Clinical Decision Support Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

US Clinical Decision Support Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

Clinical Decision Support Systems and services have evolved from being an authoritative content market dominated by large Scientific, Medical, and Technical (STM) publishers to being a dynamic and evolving connected infrastructure that includes digital workflow, electronic health record (EHR), and a variety of point-of-care solutions. While clinical guidelines and protocols remain critical components of this market, the landscape now includes a mix of suppliers, including medical device manufacturers and cloud-based clinical surveillance tools. The overall CDSS market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 8.9% from 2016 to 2021. Point-of-care solutions will be a key area of market growth.

EHR providers will strive to become the hub of a CDSS, either by integrating access to CDS sources from within the EHR or through links to sources that have partnering agreements with the EHR provider. Workflow solutions, such as Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems (CPOE), documentation and scheduling sources, in addition to charge capture capabilities are also important in the market. One exciting aspect of CDSS in the digital era is the growing volume of patient data derived from medical devices, and monitoring systems, both from within the hospital and remotely. Additional scores of data signal expanded opportunities for new data analytics systems and models.

This growing cache of medical data should support breakthroughs in Population Health Management Systems. Perhaps, the most exciting segment within CDSS is clinical surveillance systems that are capable of spotting serious patient-related issues with even more reliability than expert medical staffers. These systems use advanced data models to spot, at the point-of-care, nuances among the complex mix of medical indicators that may signal the prelude for a serious-yet-preventable medical event.

This report also covers an array of established and new industry participants offering services in the segments covered, such as Wolters Kluwer, Zynx Health, The American College of Radiology, athenahealth, Philips, Elsevier, HCA, Premier, IBM (Truven), Inovalon, eClinical Works, Epic, Meditech, Perigen, Isabel Health, Motive Medical Intelligence, and many others.

Major questions this research will answer include:
• What are the major trends impacting the CDSS space?
• What are the major participants across CDSS and by market segment?
• What are the competitive dynamics of the CDSS market?
• What is the revenue outlook for CDSS and the major segments?
• What are the strategic imperatives and calls to action that will define growth and success within the CDSS market over the next five years?

Frost & Sullivan predicts that CDSS will evolve to become advanced predictive analytic tools, based on input from a patient’s history, next-generation sequencing, and patient-generated data. Complex machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing will influence advances in CDSS over the coming decades.

The report also predicts the growing importance for patients to have access to CDSS from reliable medical-grade sources.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Scope and Segmentation
    • Methodology
    • The Underlying Concept of CDSS are the Five Rights
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Market Engineering Measurements
    • CEO's Perspective
    • Executive Summary-3 Big Predictions
  • CDSS Market Background
    • CDSS-Various Definitions
    • CDSS Fits with Population Health Management
    • Important Aspects CDSS Planners Must Consider
    • CDSS Market Segments
    • Clinical Knowledge and Medical Evidence
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • CDS Workflow Solutions
    • EHRs
    • Medical Devices
    • CDSS Data Support
    • Clinical Surveillance
    • CDSS Platforms
  • CDSS Market Structure
    • Scope and Segmentation-Clinical Decision Support
    • Technical Components of CDSS-Electronic Health Record
    • Technical Components of CDSS-Data Repository
    • Technical Components of CDSS-Computerized Physician Order Entry System
    • Technical Components of CDSS-Rules and Inference Engines
    • CDSS in the Realm of the EHR
    • Common CDSS Formats
    • CDSS Data Interoperability Challenges
    • CDSS Terminology Standards
    • CDSS Applications Standards
    • CDSS Standards for Executable Formats
    • CDSS Standards for Clinical Interoperability
    • CDSS will Interface with a Variety of IT Solutions
  • Key Stakeholders in CDSS
    • Overview of CDSS Stakeholders
    • Key Stakeholders in Clinical Decision Support- Physicians
    • Key Stakeholders in Clinical Decision Support-Other Clinicians and Patients
    • Key Stakeholders in Clinical Decision Support-Payers and ACOs
    • Key Stakeholders in Clinical Decision Support-Hospital Managers and Vendors
  • CDSS Market Dynamics
    • Key Market Drivers
    • Market Drivers-Managing Costs
    • Market Drivers-Value-Based Medicine
    • Market Drivers-Altering Patient Behavior
    • Market Drivers-Data from Monitors and Other Devices
    • CDSS and Meaningful Use-Stage 2 Highlights
    • CDSS and Meaningful Use-Stage 3 Highlights
    • CDSS and Radiology-Special Issues
    • Key Market Restraints
    • Market Restraints-Limited Interoperability and Data Security
    • Market Restraints-Costs of Implementation
    • Market Restraints-Physician Resistance
    • Market Restraints-Balancing Sensitivity and Specificity
    • Market Restraints-Maintaining Currency
    • Market Restraints-Measuring the Impact of CDSS
  • CDSS Forecasts and Trends
    • Market Engineering Measurements
      • Table CDSS Market: Market Engineering Measurements, US, 2016
    • Forecast Assumptions
    • CDSS Market Segmentation
    • CDSS Market-Revenue Forecast
      • Table CDSS Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2016-2021
    • CDSS Market-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • CDS Evidence Segment-Revenue Forecast
      • Table CDS Evidence Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2016-2021
    • CDS Evidence Segment-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • CDS Analytics Segment-Revenue Forecast
      • Table CDS Analytics Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2016-2022
    • CDS Analytics Segment-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • CDSS Workflow Segment-Revenue Forecast
      • Table CDS Workflow Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2016-2022
    • CDSS Workflow Segment-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Medical Point-of-Care Solution Segment-Revenue Forecast
      • Table Medical Point-of-Care Solution Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2016-2021
    • Medical Point-of-Care Segment-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Competitive Dynamicss
    • CDSS Market-US Technology Trends and Roadmap, 2017
    • Competitive Market Structure
    • Segmenting the CDSS Market-Representative Companies
    • Top Competitors-Comparative Assessment
    • New Entrants-Comparative Assessment
    • Three Companies Represent Very Different Positions in CDSS Solutions
  • Notable CDSS Market Developments
    • Recent Notable Deals
    • Likely Market Directions-The Analyst Perspective
    • CDSS Market-Conclusions
  • Selected Participants by Market Segment
    • Evidence and Referential Content
    • CDS Workflow Solutions
    • CDS Analytics
    • Point-of-Care CDSS-EHR's: Selected Participants
    • Point-of-Care CDS-Medical Devices
    • Point-of-Care CDS-Surveillance
    • Point-of-Care CDS Platforms
    • CDS Related Data Platforms
  • Growth Opportunities and Future Predictions
    • Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy
    • Levers for Growth
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Create Fully Interoperable EHRs
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Extend CDS to Population Health
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Advance Clinical Surveillance
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Eliminate Alert Fatigue
    • Growth Opportunity 5-Include the Patient in CDSS
    • The CDSS Ecosystem-Multiple Technologies Add Value
    • Strategic Imperatives for CDSS
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Select Sources
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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