Confectionery Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The term “confectionery” typically encompasses products such as chocolate and non-chocolate candy; gum; ice cream and frozen desserts; cookies, cakes, and pastries; and other sweet goods such as jams, jellies, and preserves. Non-chocolate candy can be a wide-ranging term classification, particularly at the international level. Marzipan, fruit-paste candies, jelly beans, marshmallows, nut brittles, toffees, and mints all are classified as non-chocolate candies.

Confectionery is sold through one of the broadest spectrums of retail channels of any food product. These channels include supermarkets, grocery stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, convenience stores, gourmet/specialty stores (including chocolate stores, bulk candy stores, specialty food stores, kitchenware stores, and chains owned by companies that both manufacture and retail chocolate), department stores, health and natural food stores, warehouse clubs, bakeries, coffeehouses and cafés, ethnic markets, movie theaters, kiosks and tobacco stores, card and gift shops, toy stores, office supply stores, florists, transportation terminals, mail-order catalogs, online stores on the Internet, and many others, as well as vending machines and street vendors.

Confectionary sales typically peak at holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween, and confections are historically welcome as gifts and popular as self-indulgences. As a result,’s catalog of reports focusing on confectionery also includes research on the burgeoning food gifting industry, which is expected to see healthy gains through 2016 and beyond.

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Confectionery Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Sweden Gum

    ... players must pay attention to delivering value-added benefits. It is noteworthy that chewing gum in Sweden is seeing innovation and advancing health claims, as manufacturers seek to capture consumer interest. Players also tend to offer ... Read More

  • The United Arab Emirates Gum

    ... a bustling social landscape filled with numerous events and gatherings, maintaining optimal oral hygiene and fresh breath is of paramount importance. As individuals from various cultural backgrounds interact regularly in social settings, the need to ... Read More

  • The United Arab Emirates Sugar Confectionery

    ... themselves with confectionery that offers moments of enjoyment and satisfaction. In addition, the growing influence of global confectionery trends, combined with the proliferation of social media and digital platforms, has heightened awareness and demand for ... Read More

  • Romania Gum

    ... as a breath freshener. Added to which, the VAT hikes in relation to high-sugar products have not affected gum negatively, as the majority of modern variants in chewing gum are sugar-free (no added sugar), alongside ... Read More

  • Egypt Gum

    ... materials such as sugar, which were passed onto end consumers. At the same time, supply chain disruptions, exacerbated by the Red Sea crisis, caused a shortage of imported ingredients, such as flavourings, which together with ... Read More

  • Egypt Chocolate Confectionery

    ... population, demand is being curtailed by substantial increases in unit prices, in the light of the low availability of imported raw materials, such as cocoa and butter. This in turn, is due to a number ... Read More

  • The United Arab Emirates Chocolate Confectionery

    ... healthy snacks, significantly transforming perceptions around diet and indulgence. Traditionally viewed as a source of empty calories contributing to weight gain and chronic diseases, sweet snacks are now being reconsidered as part of a balanced ... Read More

  • Switzerland Sugar Confectionery

    ... budget conscious consumers from purchasing such products. Moreover, the category is exposed to the same threats as certain other types of impulse snacks in the form of the generalisation of self-checkout areas at the retail ... Read More

  • Romania Chocolate Confectionery

    ... chocolate confectionery is also facing challenges form the high prices of raw cocoa, along with the 1 January 2024 VAT hikes for products with added sugar content exceeding 10g per 100g of product, pushing up ... Read More

  • Sweden Sugar Confectionery

    ... trends. One interesting value-added sugar confectionery introduction towards the end of the review period was The Rebel Energy Bullets from Norway, which promised to deliver not only “great mouth-watering entertainment”, but is also infused with ... Read More

  • Switzerland Gum

    ... be attributed largely to rising prices. In the context of the rising cost of living pushing consumers to focus their reduced purchasing power on essential items, increased prices had a significant negative impact on gum ... Read More

  • Switzerland Chocolate Confectionery

    ... led to continued increases in product prices. While all categories witnessed significant current value growth, this was largely due to the increases in unit price. Some raw materials, such as milk and sugar, are protected, ... Read More

  • Romania Sugar Confectionery

    ... January 2024, from 9% to 19% for food products with added sugar (for which the total sugar content is at least 10g/100g product). By its very nature, sugar confectionery is feeling the brunt of this ... Read More

  • Colombia Gum

    ... to trade sources, consumers’ oral care concerns and a desire to reduce their sugar consumption underpinned declines in retail volume sales. The downturn in demand is expected to continue for chewing gum and bubble gum ... Read More

  • Colombia Sugar Confectionery

    ... upward movement in retail current value sales of sugar confectionery. Over 2024, retail current value sales of sugar confectionery are projected to see a further double-digit increase, despite much slower, if good, retail volume growth. ... Read More

  • Canada Sugar Confectionery

    ... has led consumers to seek alternative sweet treats, such as chocolate confectionery. Secondly, heightened public health consciousness has resulted in a greater focus on product labels and ingredient lists. As a consequence, consumers are increasingly ... Read More

  • Portugal Gum

    ... increases have been relatively mild in gum – unlike those seen in many other snacks categories. This is because the cost of raw materials used in gum did not see notable cost increases or shortages, ... Read More

  • Peru Gum

    ... this shortfall is the impact of price increases. While price increases have moderated compared to the steep rises seen in 2023, they still remain high relative to expected inflation levels. This has likely deterred consumers ... Read More

  • Canada Gum

    ... consumer interest, as preferences veer towards healthier snacking options. Even functional gums that boast oral health benefits or sugar-free varieties are often lumped into the broader category of sugary confectionery. As health consciousness continues to ... Read More

  • Canada Chocolate Confectionery

    ... first half of the year, culminating in new record highs. Despite companies typically hedging against commodity price fluctuations, the rapid and substantial rise in cocoa prices necessitated price increases across many brands. This led to ... Read More

  • Portugal Sugar Confectionery

    ... the country, thus inflationary-led price increases are more inclined to deter consumers from purchasing. Added to which, sugar is one of the raw ingredients which has seen cost elevations, thus also creating challenges for manufacturers. ... Read More

  • Global Vitamin Candy Market Growth 2024-2030

    ... Vitamin Candy is forecast to a readjusted size of US$ million by 2030 with a CAGR of % during review period. The research report highlights the growth potential of the global Vitamin Candy market. Vitamin ... Read More

  • Norway Gum

    ... is mature and Mars has not launched anything new. Value share between the top players is so far largely unchanged in 2024, as it has been for most of the review period. Euromonitor International's Gum ... Read More

  • Chile Sugar Confectionery

    ... to the practice of reducing the size or quantity of a product while maintaining its price, effectively passing on the cost burden to consumers in a subtle manner. Amid rising production costs, including raw materials, ... Read More

  • Mexico Chocolate Confectionery

    ... remains significant and continues to affect manufacturer, retailer and consumer responses and choices. High inflation increases the costs of raw materials like cocoa and prices of products. This is set to see retail current value ... Read More

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