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  • Germany Gum

    ... gum purchases. Strategic product placement at points of sale and aisles ensures maximum visibility and accessibility to consumers, maintaining steady in-store demand. Major retail chains such as Rewe, Edeka, and Aldi have adapted to increasing ... Read More

  • Germany Chocolate Confectionery

    ... with limited access to this essential ingredient. These smaller producers often face challenges in securing stable cocoa supplies, leading to higher manufacturing costs and supply chain uncertainties. Euromonitor International's Chocolate Confectionery in Germany report offers ... Read More

  • Hungary Gum

    ... in mobility, consumers have more opportunities to purchase these products which provide a convenient and effective means of refreshing breath on-the-go. However, inflationary pressures are continuing to have an impact on consumer purchasing patterns, with ... Read More

  • Hungary Chocolate Confectionery

    ... driven by the mounting costs of cocoa, sugar, and other essential ingredients. In addition, an increasing number of consumers are becoming more mindful of their sugar intake, due to its impact on oral and general ... Read More

  • Latvia Gum

    ... growth in overall value. Consumers remain price-conscious, and manufacturers are navigating a delicate balance between maintaining margins and keeping gum an affordable treat. Euromonitor International's Gum in Latvia report offers in-depth knowledge of the market ... Read More

  • Latvia Chocolate Confectionery

    ... spooked consumers in 2022 and 2023 have begun to ease, alleviating some concerns in this regard. Euromonitor International's Chocolate Confectionery in Latvia report offers in-depth knowledge of the market at a national level, providing local ... Read More

  • Denmark Chocolate Confectionery

    ... (COVID-19) pandemic. While the majority of food categories are seeing price decreases or did so at the end of 2023-beginning of 2024, chocolate is not among them. Prices of chocolate’s raw material cocoa are growing ... Read More

  • Denmark Gum

    ... among Danish consumers, driven by a growing interest in health and wellness. Functional gum products, which offer benefits beyond breath freshening, such as added vitamins and minerals or ingredients that support dental health, stress relief ... Read More

  • Serbia Gum

    ... snacking. Bubble gum, however, continues to face falling volume sales due to the very limited availability of such products. Chewing gum is seeing stable growth thanks to its wide-ranging presence and expansive product assortment, the ... Read More

  • Serbia Sugar Confectionery

    ... for affordable indulgence in the midst of hectic and stressful daily routines. Sugar confectionery faces competition from other snacks options, particularly chocolate confectionery and savoury snacks. These rival categories offer a significantly wider range of ... Read More

  • Serbia Chocolate Confectionery

    ... a bit in 2024. Despite inflationary pressures, which encouraged consumers to be more price sensitive, chocolate confectionery benefitted from its perception as an affordable indulgence, as consumers sought to treat themselves, while eschewing larger purchases. ... Read More

  • North Macedonia Sugar Confectionery

    ... of sugar and sugary foods overall, with the image of sugar confectionery becoming tainted in this regard. Additionally, negative demographic trends are constricting the potential consumer base which means that there are fewer consumers who ... Read More

  • North Macedonia Gum

    ... and bad environmental reputation in terms of disposability, and this is a challenge for manufacturers. Gum is typically consumed by children, teenagers and younger consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, but even younger generations tend ... Read More

  • North Macedonia Chocolate Confectionery

    ... chocolate confectionery remains steady in 2024, with current value growth boosted further by rising prices. Chocolate confectionery continues to benefit from the premiumisation trend following the launch of more renowned premium brands. With the emergence ... Read More

  • Hungary Sugar Confectionery

    ... of essential raw materials, such as sugar, continue to rise significantly impacting production costs (and in turn, profit margins) for manufacturers. Within this challenging operating environment, retailers focussed on rationalising their product portfolios in favour ... Read More

  • Denmark Sugar Confectionery

    ... 2023. On a more positive note, pick ‘n’ mix continues to gain popularity. Towards the end of the review period, pick ‘n’ mix is seeing the fastest growth in consumption within sugar confectionery in Denmark. ... Read More

  • Latvia Sugar Confectionery

    ... these products. Additionally, price hikes in recent years have further eroded the appeal of sugar confectionery. Euromonitor International's Sugar Confectionery in Latvia report offers in-depth knowledge of the market at a national level, providing local ... Read More

  • Poland Chocolate Confectionery

    ... ranking Mondelez International Inc. Euromonitor International's Chocolate Confectionery in Poland report offers in-depth knowledge of the market at a national level, providing local insight and understanding unavailable elsewhere. In addition to the latest retail sales ... Read More

  • Poland Gum

    ... This optimistic trend is primarily attributed to the anticipated stabilisation of inflation rates, which has bolstered consumer confidence and purchasing power. As inflationary pressures ease, Polish consumers have increased spending on gum products, thereby driving ... Read More

  • Poland Sugar Confectionery

    ... dragged down by a weak retail performance. Euromonitor International's Sugar Confectionery in Poland report offers in-depth knowledge of the market at a national level, providing local insight and understanding unavailable elsewhere. In addition to the ... Read More

  • Ukraine Gum

    ... and Dirol (Mondelez) in supermarkets and convenience stores. This is keeping their famous brands at affordable prices and helping to boost impulse purchases of chewing gum, which is usually located by tills. Euromonitor International's Gum ... Read More

  • Greece Chocolate Confectionery

    ... ongoing price rises, as input costs spiral to an all-time high. Cacao prices, for example, surged at the beginning of the year, thanks to unfavourable weather conditions in West Africa, home to a significant proportion ... Read More

  • Croatia Chocolate Confectionery

    ... costs, and inflation in 2023 has had a noticeable impact on Croatian consumers' purchasing power in 2024. As a result, shoppers are demonstrating a heightened interest in price promotions and discounts offered by retailers to ... Read More

  • The Czech Republic Gum

    ... other claims such as added protein and energy boosting. Bubble gum is a much smaller category and despite seeing steady growth in retail volume terms in 2024 parents are becoming more concerned about the sugar ... Read More

  • The Czech Republic Sugar Confectionery

    ... and flu. With COVID-19 no longer in place other seasonal viruses such as cold and flu are once again spreading with this being a key driver of demand for medicated confectionery. Unlike other types of ... Read More

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