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  • China Chocolate - Market Share Analysis, Industry Trends & Statistics, Growth Forecasts (2024 - 2030)

    ... billion USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.52% during the forecast period (2024-2030). Supermarkets/hypermarkets and convenience stores collectively hold the major share of sales of chocolates among consumers due to the wide availability ... Read More

  • Japan Chocolate - Market Share Analysis, Industry Trends & Statistics, Growth Forecasts (2024 - 2030)

    ... billion USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 2.50% during the forecast period (2024-2030). Increasing networking of stores benefits the supermarkets/hypermarkets and convenience stores, making almost 70% of the value share Convenience stores are ... Read More

  • Vietnam Candy Industry Research Report 2024-2033

    ... population of about 103 million by the end of 2023, Vietnam has seen rapid economic growth in recent years, leading to increased household incomes and a boost in demand for candy products. In 2023, Vietnam's ... Read More

  • Singapore Chocolate Confectionery

    ... as diabetes and regulate sugar intake, along with increased consumer awareness of the negative impacts of excessive sugar consumption. However, consumer demand has also been sluggish due to the high cost of living, with some ... Read More

  • Singapore Sugar Confectionery

    ... materials such as sugar. Sugar confectionery, which is often purchased on impulse, is also often one of the first items consumers cut back on as they tighten their budgets in response to price increases on ... Read More

  • Georgia Chocolate Confectionery

    ... due to the expected shortage in cocoa. Consumption levels were stifled by higher prices, but the ongoing snackification trend and rising tourism levels are supporting demand in all categories. Discounting is proving to be an ... Read More

  • Georgia Sugar Confectionery

    ... to high unit prices, which is dampening demand to a degree. These types of sugary snacks are considered an affordable treat both for youngsters and adults in Georgia. Pastilles, gummies, jellies and chews, and toffees, ... Read More

  • Vietnam Gum

    ... is being affected due to the fact it is classed as a non-essential product, while budget-conscious consumers focus their spending on essentials or more indulgent treats in snacks. Euromonitor International's Gum in Vietnam report offers ... Read More

  • Georgia Gum

    ... William (Mars Inc) faced supply issues resulting in sales decline across its major brands as well as its Wrigley portfolio. Promotional activities such as discounts and merchandising strategies will drive sales in 2024, alongside novelties ... Read More

  • Vietnam Sugar Confectionery

    ... unhealthy and non-essential. Therefore, sales are being supported by the availability of affordable sugar confectionery, with a wide range of discounts and special offers. Inbound tourism also helps to support sales, due to the popularity ... Read More

  • Vietnam Chocolate Confectionery

    ... of raw ingredients such as cocoa and sugar are impacting chocolate confectionery. However, players are launching numerous promotions and discount offers in order to maintain a level of affordability for consumers while also supporting their ... Read More

  • Turkey Sugar Confectionery

    ... of retail volume sales remains seasonal gifting. For example, retail volume sales of boiled sweets, toffees and pastilles, gummies, jellies and chews are strongly boosted by the holiday seasons of Ramadan and Eid, as many ... Read More

  • Turkey Chocolate Confectionery

    ... their mood, despite rising unit prices amid a highly inflationary climate. During the COVID-19 crisis, which brought lockdown conditions, consumers spent more time at home. In this light, many consumers looked for indulgence and pampering ... Read More

  • Turkey Gum

    ... traditional breath freshening attributes, consumers have been chewing gum as a stress relief aid amid economic and political difficulties. Kent Gida Maddeleri San ve Tic AS’s TV advertisement for Falim, which was joined by the ... Read More

  • Taiwan Gum

    ... as people began to resume normal social interactions. It was anticipated that this would greatly help gum sales. However, the degree of recovery has not met expectations. One main reason for this is that many ... Read More

  • Taiwan Sugar Confectionery

    ... demand for sugar confectionery showed a decline in demand in 2023. Home snack consumption habits waned, with lower hoarding and bulk purchasing. More consumers were returning to convenience stores and impulse purchases and the frequent ... Read More

  • Taiwan Chocolate Confectionery

    ... of snacking at home is declining. Many consumers have reduced the amount of snacks they eat at home, with many also reducing hoarding and bulk purchasing. Meanwhile, more snack consumption has returned to convenience stores. ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Sugar Confectionery

    ... to a reduction in the rate of inflation. The latter factor has also helped to strengthen confidence and purchasing power among the population, however, hence overall retail volume sales growth is expected to be up ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Chocolate Confectionery

    ... elevated inflation linked to the global recovery from the pandemic and the fallout of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With many people still inclined to rein in discretionary spending due to the rising cost of living, ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan Gum

    ... pressures, which are driving up unit prices and making consumers more inclined to curb non-essential spending. However, it also reflects the fact that the popularity of this product type has diminished somewhat in recent years ... Read More

  • Hong Kong, China Chocolate Confectionery

    ... Seasonal chocolate and boxed assortments tend to be strong performers during such occasions, with chocolate in Hong Kong historically considered a price-inelastic good, and often viewed as a popular gift item for holidays or an ... Read More

  • Hong Kong, China Gum

    ... the recovery phase as face-to-face social activities resumed, the category is beginning to show signs of stagnation in both value and volume terms. However, medicated confectionery has emerged as a growing competitor, as consumers seek ... Read More

  • Hong Kong, China Sugar Confectionery

    ... by heightened health awareness, local consumers are increasingly seeking convenient and healthier, yet indulgent, alternatives, prompting confectionery players to respond with innovative products. Medicated confectionery continues to sustain demand, as consumers prioritise health and wellness. ... Read More

  • Japan Chocolate Confectionery

    ... attributed to the premiumisation of confectionery, which began around 2016, with consumers favouring high value-added items, thus pushing up prices. Despite Japanese consumers’ sensitivity to price rises, the cost of mass-market brands had remained relatively ... Read More

  • Japan Sugar Confectionery

    ... Keeping Units (SKUs) in sugar confectionery, with new products and concepts continuously being introduced. Medicated confectionery designed for throat care is particularly popular, especially during cold seasons and pollen seasons. These products have long been ... Read More

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