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Founded in 1977, IDATE has gained a reputation as a leader in tracking telecom, Internet and media markets, thanks to the skills of its teams of specialized analysts. Now, with the support of close to 40 member companies – which include many of the digital economy’s most influential players – the newly rebranded DigiWorld Institute has entered into a new stage of its development, structured around three main areas of activity:

• IDATE Research, an independent observatory whose task is to keep a close and continual watch on digital world industries, collect relevant data and provide benchmark analyses on market developments and innovations in the telecom, Internet and media sectors – through its comprehensive collection of market reports and market watch services.

• IDATE Consulting, time-tested analysis and consultancy solutions: Our multi-disciplinary teams of economists and engineers established their credibility and independence through the hundreds of research and consulting assignments they perform every year on behalf of top industry players and public authorities.

• DigiWorld Institute, a European forum open on the world: The DigiWorld Institute will take existing IDATE initiatives, such as the DigiWorld Summit, the DigiWorld Yearbook and the monthly clubs in Paris, London and Brussels, to the next level. Members have the opportunity to participate in think tanks on the core issues that will shape the industry’s future, drawing on the knowledge of outside experts and our own teams.
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113 Reports from IDATE

  • Video content: The new El Dorado?

    ... telcos, TV broadcasters and Internet players.It analyses the reasons for the many operations we are seeing by exploring the changes taking place in the audiovisual environment. It provides an overview of the major acquisitions involving ... Read More

  • TV market outlook for Africa & the Middle East

    ... begins with an investigation of how TV access modes have evolved, analysing the situation with the different distribution networks (satellite, cable & MMDS, terrestrial, telecoms). It then takes a look at how free and for-pay ... Read More

  • KPIs: Telcos vs OTTs

    ... have very different dynamics, and hence cannot be measured in the same way. This report goes in depth to identify what messages the KPIs can tell us about these two very different markets. How are ... Read More

  • 5G plans and investments

    ... manufacturers are all in the starting blocks and trialling 5G. > MNOs are trialling 5G in a wide range of frequency bands mostly ranging from 3 to 80 GHz in a trade-off between technical feasibility ... Read More

  • The Industrial Internet

    ... analysis focuses on the impacts of integrating IoT technologies into industrial assets (the ‘smart factory’), as well as into end products: impacts on the value chain, on existing business models and in new monetisation opportunities. ... Read More

  • Gigabit Nations

    ... globe. After a brief look at the maturity of the technologies being used to supply UFB access, the report provides a detailed inventory of Gigabit ultrafast network rollouts, with particular focus on the US market ... Read More

  • Smart home and smart building market

    ... broad ecosystem involved in the field and the different players’ positioning. It also provides forecasts of the market evolution. - What are the key stakes of the market ? - What are the technologies involved ... Read More

  • 5G spectrum

    ... frequencies were allocated to IMT use at WRC-15. The first bands in Europe will be the 700 MHz band and the 3.4-3.8 GHz bands. Millimetre frequencies are currently the object of compatibility studies at academic ... Read More

  • All-IP migration

    ... generation fixed and mobile access networks it seems clear that PSTN services will be switched virtually entirely over by 2025. There is a mix of reasons why operators adopt all-IP. Cost savings are clearly an ... Read More

  • World Consumer Electronics Market - forecasts up to 2020

    ... technological and industrial trends: TV technology innovations smartwatches, a market still in its infancy impact of OTT video smart toys perspectives virtual reality, still an emerging market mixed reality potential the smart home renewal video ... Read More

  • The digital silver economy

    ... Six main categories of technology that can help make seniors' daily lives easier have been distinguished. An analysis of the economic impact and expected take-up rates is also included, along with a detailed look at ... Read More

  • World Telecom Services Market - data & forecast up to 2020

    ... status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos. 2. A dataset dedicated to ... Read More

  • TV Broadcasters in the New OTT Environment

    ... and private, free and pay, and their positioning strategy for Over-the-Top. We first try to understand what in the sector as a whole is motivating these traditional TV players to develop OTT strategies in parallel, ... Read More

  • European Telecom Sector Benchmark

    ... and were restructured in the past five years, Telcos as Cablecos embraced differently the competition and the needs for investment in either wireless or wireline fast broadband networks. In this report, the subscribers, revenues shares, ... Read More

  • Next Gen Telcos

    ... on connectivity, IoT, OTT and IT markets. It first puts in perspective the key stakes that telcos have to tackle. It then looks at how major telcos are indeed trying to address with transformation plans ... Read More

  • World TV & New video services - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated. This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions and industry moves. This bundle includes two deliverables: ... Read More

  • Digital Identity

    ... some identity-based services such as e-signature, fraud detection and access control. The market report focuses on the strategy of telecom operators towards digital identity and the surrounding ecosystem of competitors and providers. The value of ... Read More

  • Telco and cableco video strategies

    ... additional focus is placed on innovative services launched and on key content partnerships established. Among the key questions examined are: why operators are again interested in video? What is the split between content aggregators and ... Read More

  • World FTTx Market - Markets as of June 2016 & Forecasts to 2021

    ... presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. It also includes an overview of the major world leaders as well as a panorama of ... Read More

  • Pay-TV - Strategies to face with the cord-cutting phenomenon

    ... that pay-TV markets on either side of the Atlantic are evolving, and the progress being made by OTT services. It identifies the factors behind viewers' key reasons for cancelling their traditional pay-TV plans. It also ... Read More

  • OTT communication services

    ... APAC and US), and through strategic analyses of the major players concerned. The VoIP market (e.g., Microsoft Skype), the IP messaging market (e.g., WhatsApp), a portion of the social networking advertising market (e.g., Facebook), Unified ... Read More

  • World LTE markets - 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum - Markets & Forecasts up to 2020

    ... MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with both LTE and spectrum issues: 1. A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 46 countries, 6 zones & world consolidated - 76 LTE operator sheets are ... Read More

  • New LEO projects - Game changers and opportunities

    ... with players such as SpaceX and OneWeb showing great ambition. These LEO constellations must bring reduced latency and increased capacity but how does it match with the market demand of today and tomorrow. How disruptive ... Read More

  • 5G and the verticals - Opportunities from massive and critical MTC/IoT

    ... vertical industries. In a second stage, the report dives deep into the selected verticals that are most likely to leverage 5G technologies. It further identifies new expected services, requirements and trends for adoption. Finally, the ... Read More

  • Sport going digital: a driver for Wearables

    ... The report provides an overview of the services and technologies that accompany connected sport. It goes on to present the positioning and strategies of the main players along the market's value chain. Lastly, the report ... Read More

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