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  • TV & Video Services Markets in North America

    ... going back to 2015, and market forecasts up to 2023. It covers how viewers access TV programming along with TV and OTT service revenue. The leading players’ audience and viewer data are also documented, segment ... Read More

  • DAZN – The Netflix of Sport?

    ... report describes the company’s organisation, and details its business in the eight countries where it currently provides services. The company is then examined within the context of its (highly) competitive environment, namely the acquisition and ... Read More

  • World TV & Video markets

    ... includes a database and a state-of-the-art report. It covers the evolution of 41 countries and 11 regions and sub-regions and proposes a worldwide market consolidation. The dataset provides historical data since 2014 and market forecasts ... Read More

  • Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age

    ... their mission under scrutiny now that content and information is so abundant – which raises internal and external questions about what their future holds. This report provides an overview of: The place and missions of ... Read More

  • World OTT Markets

    ... database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2013 to 2022. Markets covered: Internet access and usage – search – social – mobile – video – communication – cloud – digital contents – ... Read More

  • eSports

    ... the audience potential, this report analyses the social phenomenon at an economic level. It also examines the major industry players: game publishers, Web and TV broadcasters, advertisers, event organisers and betting companies. Finally, IDATE DigiWorld ... Read More

  • Media piracy

    ... globe. The most popular content remains films, TV series and music, with an especially strong rise in the illegal distribution of sporting events. Several factors have enabled piracy practices and methods to flourish, not least ... Read More

  • Digital Content Economy - GAFA seizing control

    ... content consumption and distribution. It analyses how consumption patterns are evolving and what impact they are having on the business models of these industries. It measures revenue growth in these sectors, how revenue is distributed ... Read More

  • OTT Video

    ... begins by looking at the ways in which top Internet companies are stepping up their OTT video developments, by leveraging their trump cards: financial clout, technological advance, global audience, monetisation tools. Next it explores these ... Read More

  • Future TV

    ... Although certaintrends are already quite clear and can help us understand how the sector willevolve, there are still many uncertainties which leave considerable scope forwhat is possible. By analysing trends and uncertainties related to the ... Read More

  • Broadcast & Broadband TV

    ... growing use of streaming, initially for on-demand video services, and now more and more for linear programming as well. Two other, intertwined disruptions are also explored, namely the growing use of mobile devices for watching ... Read More

  • Programmatic TV

    ... of viewing time and its ability to attract ad spend from advertisers, the TV sector is looking to reinvent itself so it can remain attractive and still benefit from bountiful advertising budgets. With individualisation of ... Read More

  • OTT Regulation

    ... or Apple taxes and sharing economy specific rules in many countries, the initiatives from public stakeholders are becoming more and more important. Hot topics are so far around taxation, privacy and more recently competition rules. ... Read More

  • Video content: The new El Dorado?

    ... telcos, TV broadcasters and Internet players.It analyses the reasons for the many operations we are seeing by exploring the changes taking place in the audiovisual environment. It provides an overview of the major acquisitions involving ... Read More

  • TV market outlook for Africa & the Middle East

    ... begins with an investigation of how TV access modes have evolved, analysing the situation with the different distribution networks (satellite, cable & MMDS, terrestrial, telecoms). It then takes a look at how free and for-pay ... Read More

  • KPIs: Telcos vs OTTs

    ... have very different dynamics, and hence cannot be measured in the same way. This report goes in depth to identify what messages the KPIs can tell us about these two very different markets. How are ... Read More

  • TV Broadcasters in the New OTT Environment

    ... and private, free and pay, and their positioning strategy for Over-the-Top. We first try to understand what in the sector as a whole is motivating these traditional TV players to develop OTT strategies in parallel, ... Read More

  • World TV & New video services - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated. This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions and industry moves. This bundle includes two deliverables: ... Read More

  • Telco and cableco video strategies

    ... additional focus is placed on innovative services launched and on key content partnerships established. Among the key questions examined are: why operators are again interested in video? What is the split between content aggregators and ... Read More

  • Pay-TV - Strategies to face with the cord-cutting phenomenon

    ... that pay-TV markets on either side of the Atlantic are evolving, and the progress being made by OTT services. It identifies the factors behind viewers' key reasons for cancelling their traditional pay-TV plans. It also ... Read More

  • Telcos' Customer Experience Management

    ... OTT- regarding customer loyalty, and then focus on sales channels -both digital and physical stores. Furthermore the opportunities emerging from big data and analytics will be analyzed, as well as other innovations as chatbots and ... Read More

  • UHD TV and Immersive Video

    ... the current state of Ultra-High Definition TV and immersive technologies (360° video and virtual reality). The concepts and viewing methods are presented along with an overview of current UHD services and the first forays into ... Read More

  • Sport content: TV vs. OTT

    ... Olympic Games have delivered very strong ratings, this report takes a look at sport content on television, and the Internet's growing weight in providing exposure for sports. It explores the role that sport plays on ... Read More

  • World OTT Markets - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2020. Markets covered: Internet access and usage, search, social, mobile, video, e-commerce, communication, cloud, digital contents and online games. The above markets are also dissected from a ... Read More

  • Video Solution Providers - Towards Software-Defined Video

    ... TV industry, telecom and IT equipment suppliers, Internet giants and start-ups. It catalogues in detail the major trends in the market including concentration and vertical integration, trade-offs and greater softwarisation of solutions. Among the key ... Read More

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Media market research reports by IDATE

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