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  • From network virtualisation to 5G slicing

    ... and also datacenters evolution. The idea of the benchmark is to give a global overview of the real involvement of telcos on virtualisation through trials, deployments and launch of commercial services involving SDN/NFV. Questions to ... Read More

  • FTTx markets in Asia-Pacific

    ... order to provide a consolidate and complete overview, the study is structured in two parts: A dataset covering the main access indicators for 15 APAC countries by semester as well as forecasts up to 2023 ... Read More

  • Datacenter Strategies - The evolution of the business from a telecom perspective

    ... major telcos of the three regions of North America, Europe and Asia are scanned in detail, with an absorbing range of strategic patterns emerging by each region. To ensure that it covers the entire ecosystem ... Read More

  • Broadcast & Broadband TV

    ... growing use of streaming, initially for on-demand video services, and now more and more for linear programming as well. Two other, intertwined disruptions are also explored, namely the growing use of mobile devices for watching ... Read More

  • Virtualisation in telco networks - Which markets for SDN and NFV

    ... implementations of SDN and NFV concepts within telco network infrastructures. It describes how the two concepts will be necessary for the evolution of telco networks for network slicing as part of 5G. Furthermore, the report ... Read More

  • World Telecom Services & Players – Trends & Analyses – Markets at December 2016 & Forecasts to 2021

    ... to previous years. While, in the United States, mobile revenue is losing steam but fixed internet services are still enjoying tremendous growth, over in Europe the mobile market is finally back on an upwards swing. ... Read More

  • Gigabit Nations

    ... globe. After a brief look at the maturity of the technologies being used to supply UFB access, the report provides a detailed inventory of Gigabit ultrafast network rollouts, with particular focus on the US market ... Read More

  • Smart home and smart building market

    ... broad ecosystem involved in the field and the different players’ positioning. It also provides forecasts of the market evolution. - What are the key stakes of the market ? - What are the technologies involved ... Read More

  • World Telecom Services Market - data & forecast up to 2020

    ... status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos. 2. A dataset dedicated to ... Read More

  • European Telecom Sector Benchmark

    ... and were restructured in the past five years, Telcos as Cablecos embraced differently the competition and the needs for investment in either wireless or wireline fast broadband networks. In this report, the subscribers, revenues shares, ... Read More

  • World FTTx Market - Markets as of June 2016 & Forecasts to 2021

    ... presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. It also includes an overview of the major world leaders as well as a panorama of ... Read More

  • Sport going digital: a driver for Wearables

    ... The report provides an overview of the services and technologies that accompany connected sport. It goes on to present the positioning and strategies of the main players along the market's value chain. Lastly, the report ... Read More

  • Connected Cities

    ... the world and to draw out the top 10 selection. This comparison between cities is based on qualitative criteria such as quality of service , affordability compared to local standard of living and on quantitative ... Read More

  • Ultrafast access technologies- FTTH - - DOCSIS 3.1

    ... networks; - Upgraded cable networks with coax in the last mile, - Copper twisted pair networks (phone lines). This state of the art allows for a comparison of the different technologies' technical performance , and ... Read More

  • Smart Cities & IoT

    ... , public safety and managing flows (power, water, gas). It delivers a detailed snapshot of the technologies that could underpin the Internet of Things' deployment in cities. The four vertical markets examined are analysed in ... Read More

  • Digital Agenda Europe

    ... 2 and 3: respectively full coverage for >30 Mbps connections and 50% coverage and take-up for >100 Mbps and higher. The study highlights the diverse contrast between the countries according to the threshold of 100 ... Read More

  • Public Policies for UFB

    ... at the situation today in seven countries: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The report consists of two parts: Monographs of each country, which include a description of the current situation (demographics, ... Read More

  • Mobile Security solutions

    ... trends and the market as a whole – its structuring and value chain (hardware, devices, IT, security, telcos). It examines the threats for mobile, their reach and assessed prevalence. In parallel, the report details key ... Read More

  • Digital Economy 2025

    ... decade, to 2025. The starting point of the study was to identify key trends that have clearly emerged and major uncertainties, which might push the industry to develop in one direction or another. Four contrasting ... Read More

  • World Telecom Players & Markets - data & forecast up to 2019

    ... status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos. 2. A dataset dedicated to ... Read More

  • 3D Printing

    ... an analysis of the value chain positioning and strategies of major players concerned, in terms of product and service offering, vertical reach and value chain integration. The various business models that apply to each type ... Read More

  • Telco services for enterprise market

    ... of service. This need for access anywhere, anytime and on all devices is something that applies to everyone: from a large company's employees to its CEO to someone running a small business... and has made ... Read More

  • FTTx services and pricing

    ... on how the company is positioned on the technical front, i.e. SFB solutions employed, and from a pricing and marketing standpoint. The report also delivers an analysis that serves to compare and contrast the main ... Read More

  • Single Market Initiatives

    ... European market remains largely fragmented along national borders. The EC has launched several measures to address this phenomenon The first chapter of this report looks into the evolution of the European market in recent years ... Read More

  • World Network Optimisation Technologies Market

    ... Traffic and policy management – Network design – Video infrastructure – Cloudification – Telco software Two deliverables to provide you efficiently with this outstanding expertise: 1. Report (ppt format) The state of the art for ... Read More

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Computer Hardware & Networking market research reports by IDATE

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