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  • TV & Video Services Markets in North America

    ... going back to 2015, and market forecasts up to 2023. It covers how viewers access TV programming along with TV and OTT service revenue. The leading players’ audience and viewer data are also documented, segment ... Read More

  • IoT Platforms - Technology-centric offerings at the core of the IoT

    ... (AEPs) IoT device management platform (DMP) IoT connectivity management platform (CMP) IoT analytics platform (AP) After an analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses, business models (including pricing schemes), it takes a detailed look at ... Read More

  • World IoT Markets - Markets & Forecasts up to 2022

    ... market’s growth and transformation. Its examination of market trends in 14 major verticals is enriched by volume forecasts up to 2022 by five geographical areas and by six technologies. These forecasts up to 2022 by ... Read More

  • 5G IoT - Market opportunities in the vertical industries

    ... its expected roadmap. It then focuses on the perspectives of 5G IoT in selected verticals: automotive, health, energy, transport (both passenger and logistics), public safety and manufacturing. In examining the 5G IoT use cases, their ... Read More

  • National IoT plans

    ... sectors and verticals, within the global context. The primary areas today are in the organisation of industry and production, of energy use through utilities, of cities and city life becoming smarter and of transport infrastructure ... Read More

  • Data monetisation in IoT

    ... value (billion EUR) and as apercentage of the market for 2020. On the one hand the IoT market is growing, mainly vertical per vertical,and with it the amount of data generated through the various connected ... Read More

  • G.Fast: the second wave?

    ... of more than 300 Mbps over a shortcopper line of a few hundred metres. Although the number of G.Fast shipments was very low in 2017, a certainsuccess in the market can be expected. This report, ... Read More

  • IoT markets

    ... market’s growth andtransformation. Its examination of market trends in 14 major verticals isenriched by volume forecasts up to 2030 by five geographical areas and by six technologies . These forecasts up to 2030 by region, ... Read More

  • The Critical IoT

    ... Advanced and 5G that will enable critical IoT applications. It also presents the main target markets, notably automotive , industrialIoT and health , and their applications and requirements. The development perspective of the critical IoT ... Read More

  • Key IoT Technologies

    ... and related impacts for: – Verticals (both device manufacturers and end users) – Main IoT solution providers along the value chain Finally, it also provides market estimates and forecasts in terms of annual shipments, for ... Read More

  • The Industrial Internet

    ... analysis focuses on the impacts of integrating IoT technologies into industrial assets (the ‘smart factory’), as well as into end products: impacts on the value chain, on existing business models and in new monetisation opportunities. ... Read More

  • Next Gen Telcos

    ... on connectivity, IoT, OTT and IT markets. It first puts in perspective the key stakes that telcos have to tackle. It then looks at how major telcos are indeed trying to address with transformation plans ... Read More

  • Digital Identity

    ... some identity-based services such as e-signature, fraud detection and access control. The market report focuses on the strategy of telecom operators towards digital identity and the surrounding ecosystem of competitors and providers. The value of ... Read More

  • OTT communication services

    ... APAC and US), and through strategic analyses of the major players concerned. The VoIP market (e.g., Microsoft Skype), the IP messaging market (e.g., WhatsApp), a portion of the social networking advertising market (e.g., Facebook), Unified ... Read More

  • Sport going digital: a driver for Wearables

    ... The report provides an overview of the services and technologies that accompany connected sport. It goes on to present the positioning and strategies of the main players along the market's value chain. Lastly, the report ... Read More

  • Smart Cities & IoT

    ... , public safety and managing flows (power, water, gas). It delivers a detailed snapshot of the technologies that could underpin the Internet of Things' deployment in cities. The four vertical markets examined are analysed in ... Read More

  • World SDN/NFV Market

    ... at August 2016 exhaustively detailed through a separate dataset with 72 project sheets – and then describe the vendor landscape. Finally we propose a market sizing in term of investments coming with forecasts up to ... Read More

  • World OTT Markets - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2020. Markets covered: Internet access and usage, search, social, mobile, video, e-commerce, communication, cloud, digital contents and online games. The above markets are also dissected from a ... Read More

  • OpenStack, the compelling cloud platform

    ... a description of OpenStack and the benefits from deploying it. The second part provides an overview of OpenStack ecosystem : the vendors, the backers and the competitors. The final part presents how important the introduction ... Read More

  • Connected TV

    ... available products. Our new report on the connected TV market presents readers with the latest industry trends and explores the initiatives being taken by CE, TV and Internet sector players. It also delivers a detailed ... Read More

  • Telcos' Connected Objects Strategies

    ... the strategies of the key worldwide telcos (China Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone) and OTT Internet players (Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and Tencent) towards these markets. It describes the main positionings ... Read More

  • Privacy Business

    ... 'new oil', personal data is a highly valuable resource. This study summarizes the issues related to the concept of privacy and personal data protection. It addresses the question of putting a value on data. It ... Read More

  • Digital Economy 2025

    ... decade, to 2025. The starting point of the study was to identify key trends that have clearly emerged and major uncertainties, which might push the industry to develop in one direction or another. Four contrasting ... Read More

  • Telecom & IT convergence

    ... and IT players on these both markets. It reviews the different converging markets in terms of describing market features, and of market size and market structure. It also provides an overview of the major telecom ... Read More

  • Mobile Video

    ... ongoing technological advances need to be validated to establish development of the market. However, there is strong potential for market growth given the current acceleration in mobile video consumption. Which players will benefit the most ... Read More

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Software & Enterprise Computing market research reports by IDATE

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