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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing market research reports by IDATE

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  • Business Models in the Phygital World

    ... physical and digital sides are merging, especially through the use of personal data with Internet giants at the forefront of this trend. So big is the influence of these giants, or simply the US GAFAM ... Read More

  • FTTH/B Enterprise market - Opportunities: SME’s access and IT services

    ... market? This report takes a look at FTTH/B strategy issues and challenges for operators targeting the B2B market. It identifies the different types of opportunities in this market. Analyses operators’ pricing strategies. Details the strategies ... Read More

  • Mobile Security solutions

    ... trends and the market as a whole – its structuring and value chain (hardware, devices, IT, security, telcos). It examines the threats for mobile, their reach and assessed prevalence. In parallel, the report details key ... Read More

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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing market research reports by IDATE

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