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  • Digital Content Economy - GAFA seizing control

    ... content consumption and distribution. It analyses how consumption patterns are evolving and what impact they are having on the business models of these industries. It measures revenue growth in these sectors, how revenue is distributed ... Read More

  • Future TV

    ... Although certaintrends are already quite clear and can help us understand how the sector willevolve, there are still many uncertainties which leave considerable scope forwhat is possible. By analysing trends and uncertainties related to the ... Read More

  • World Consumer Electronics Market - forecasts up to 2020

    ... technological and industrial trends: TV technology innovations smartwatches, a market still in its infancy impact of OTT video smart toys perspectives virtual reality, still an emerging market mixed reality potential the smart home renewal video ... Read More

  • Sport going digital: a driver for Wearables

    ... The report provides an overview of the services and technologies that accompany connected sport. It goes on to present the positioning and strategies of the main players along the market's value chain. Lastly, the report ... Read More

  • Artificial reality

    ... a detailed analysis of the positioning of major offerings through relevant case studies. It provides readers with the main takeaways regarding number of devices, games and revenues in order to establish a clear landscape of ... Read More

  • UHD TV and Immersive Video

    ... the current state of Ultra-High Definition TV and immersive technologies (360° video and virtual reality). The concepts and viewing methods are presented along with an overview of current UHD services and the first forays into ... Read More

  • World OTT Markets - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2020. Markets covered: Internet access and usage, search, social, mobile, video, e-commerce, communication, cloud, digital contents and online games. The above markets are also dissected from a ... Read More

  • World Video Game Markets - data & forecasts up to 2020

    ... year on average). This study follows the development of key indicators for the sector over the next five years and delivers an appraisal of key segments: • Home consoles • Handheld consoles • Mobile gaming ... Read More

  • Smart Toys

    ... as 'toys-to-life', over the next two years. It highlights this fledgling sector's major players from the toy and video game industries, examines their offerings, and also looks at new entrants looking to challenge them. It ... Read More

  • Video distribution operators

    ... competitive, while drawing distinctions between terrestrial, satellite, cable and telecoms operators. Detailed profiles of leading operators help to feed this analysis. These strategies are broken down into four categories: Horizontal integration New business positioning Network ... Read More

  • World Consumer Electronics Market

    ... the following market segments: • Television • Computers • Portable Media Devices • Digital Media Boxes • Set-Top-Boxes. It also delivers key findings on our market sizing and forecasts for CE and connected CE, with ... Read More

  • Video Games in the Cloud

    ... (smartphones, phablets & tablets) and TV sets. This report aims to measure the degree of dematerialisation affecting distribution in each of the market segments above, independently of the technology used. We take into account services ... Read More

  • Digital Innovation in Retail

    ... an overview of the major issues and opportunities for retailers around technologies The second part presents the technologies seen as key to respond to changes in customer purchase behaviour. The third and final part outlines ... Read More

  • Audiovisual industry going global

    ... of internationalisation. There has been a marked escalation of transnational mergers over the recent period, indicating a new phase in globalisation of the industry. There is now pressure coming from two main angles: producers are ... Read More

  • The Future of STBs

    ... we are seeing in how video is consumed. With the growth of IP and competitive OTT offerings, technological advances in both software and hardware, and the emergence of new competitors, the future role of STBs ... Read More

  • World Gaming - Crushing it

    ... been heavily influenced by innovations in interactivity and gameplay. It also explores the market from an industrial standpoint, against a backdrop of OS and app store wars, and takes a look at its economics, detailing ... Read More

  • World video games market

    ... indicators for the sector over five years and makes an appraisal of the key segments: Home consoles Handheld consoles Offline computer games Online computer games Smartphone Game Market Tablet Game Market Digital Video Game Market Read More

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Consumer Goods & Retailing market research reports by IDATE

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