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  • Consumer Water & Air Treatment Systems

    ... market and improved levels of consumer spending. Additionally, increased consumer awareness of the benefits these systems provide, including preventing potential health hazards and improving the overall quality of water and air, will fuel growth going ... Read More

  • World Batteries

    ... vehicles (H/EVs) that rely on high-priced lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. Increasing spending on backup power and other energy storage systems for industrial applications will also drive market gains. This report segments the ... Read More

  • Drilling Products & Services

    ... 2016. Operational and cost efficiencies developed during the oil price crash will allow for a healthy rebound in upstream activity when oil prices recover in coming years, supporting overall gains in drilling product and service ... Read More

  • Water Treatment Equipment

    ... all markets and applications. Not only is water treatment important on intake, but the standards for effluent water are rising with concern for the environment, and increasingly outgoing water is recycled and treated for reuse. ... Read More

  • World Buses

    ... and the expansion of the global private transportation industry. The increasing use of school buses and the adoption of more demanding emissions standards around the world will also contribute to gains. This report segments the ... Read More

  • Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

    ... electricity generation, particularly from independent power producers and nonutility generators. Additionally, rising electric output of renewable resources will also boost T&D equipment sales. This report segments the electric power T&D market by product and market. ... Read More

  • World Power Tools

    ... report segments the world power tool industry by product type and markets. Data is provided in million dollars. Products discussed in the world power tools study are broken out by power source (electric, pneumatic, and ... Read More

  • World Upstream Oil & Gas Outlook

    ... are expected to continue into the future. The success of unconventional resource development in the US has changed the global energy supply and demand balance, not only in oil and gas but also in downstream ... Read More

  • World Catalysts

    ... a rebound in the chemical and polymer industries, most notably in developed economies hit hard by the great recession. The fastest advances, however, will be seen in the developing world where increasing income levels and ... Read More

  • World Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Chemicals

    ... in 2018. Significant gains will be realized in the healthcare market segment, where a rise in the number of hospital stays and concerns about healthcare associated infections (HAIs) will drive increases in healthcare expenditures worldwide. ... Read More

  • Plastic & Competitive Pipe

    ... 11.8 billion feet of pipe. Gains will be driven by the continuing shift in the US energy industry. Increasing exploration and drilling activity -- particularly in the natural gas segment -- will spur demand for ... Read More

  • World Biofuels

    ... Healthy growth will beexperienced in all regions with the exceptionof North America, where conflictinggovernment regulations and waningpublic support in the United States -- theworld’s largest market for biofuels -- willlimit advances. Increases in biodieseldemand will ... Read More

  • Consumer Water Treatment Systems in China

    ... yuan in 2017. Clean water is vital to human health, and consumers in China are becoming increasingly aware of the need for supplemental water treatment to ensure that even the municipally treated water they consume ... Read More

  • World Salt

    ... region is projected to outpace the global average and offset flat trends expected in North America and Western Europe. Ongoing expansion in China’s chemical manufacturing industry will underpin overall advances. Salt suppliers are also projected ... Read More

  • World Filters

    ... gains of the 2008- 2013 period, reflecting in part the relatively low 2013 bases for a number of developed countries. The global recession of 2009 restrained manufacturing activity and capital investments, but economic recovery in ... Read More

  • Electric Vehicles & World Hybrid

    ... be led by micro and mild hybrids. Micro hybrids are conventional vehicles equipped with start-stop systems. Mild hybrids also have regenerative braking, and some of these come equipped with a small electric motor that helps ... Read More

  • Well Stimulation Materials

    ... economy. After years of declines, US crude oil production is rising again and abundant low cost natural gas resources are rejuvenating the US manufacturing sector. This will provide opportunities for manufacturers of well stimulation materials ... Read More

  • Water & Wastewater Pipe

    ... 2018. Gains will rebound from declines experienced during the 2008-2013 period, in which pipe markets were negatively impacted by declines in construction spending. Strong increases in construction activity will fuel gains through 2018 in building ... Read More

  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

    ... general factors such as an improving capital investment climate, as well as expected accelerations in foodservice revenues and food retail sales, two industries that are heavy users of commercial refrigeration. Improving energy efficiency in new ... Read More

  • Infection Prevention Products & Services

    ... the increasing adoption and enforcement of safeguards aimed at reducing the incidence of health careassociated infections (HAIs) in medical settings. The upgrading of quality control and quality assurance standards in life science research establishments, and ... Read More

  • World Fuel Cells

    ... sales -- is projected to advance nearly 10 percent per year to $11 billion in 2017 and then almost double through 2022. Commercial demand for fuel cell products and services (including revenues associated with prototyping, ... Read More

  • World Kaolin

    ... in kaolin consumption will accelerate as economic conditions improve worldwide, especially in recession-impacted North America and Western Europe. Advances in manufacturing activity will stimulate demand for kaolin in all key markets. However, gains will continue ... Read More

  • Wind Turbine Systems

    ... depressed 2013 sales. Demand was adversely affected in 2013 by the record number of sales, valued at more than $25 billion, the previous year. The number of new installations in 2012 nearly doubled the amount ... Read More

  • World Amines

    ... China, as well as strong gains in the other developing economies of Asia, the Africa/Mideast region, and Central and South America. Markets such as cleaning and personal care products will be the primary beneficiaries of ... Read More

  • Shale Gas & Tight Oil: Products & Services

    ... to surpass $90 billion in 2017. The rapid growth in production from these unconventional resources continues to have a ripple effect throughout the US economy. After years of declines, US crude oil production is rising ... Read More

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