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  • Global Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

    ... performance, aided by continued strong growth in electricity consumption in developing regions. This report covers electric power transmission and distribution equipment demand by product and market. Data are given in dollar value. Types of electric ... Read More

  • Behind the Wall Plumbing

    ... residences will boost demand as more pipe and fittings will be needed to connect bathrooms to water and sewer mains. Additional demand advances will be supported by the rising number of plumbing fixtures in bathrooms ... Read More

  • Global Consumer Water Treatment Systems

    ... a single system can utilize multiple types of filtration technology to achieve higher levels of water treatment. Even so, consumers generally choose a product’s technology type (and whether to purchase a product that uses only ... Read More

  • Global Water Filtration Equipment by Product, Market and Region

    ... standards for process water, and rising wastewater treatment and reuse rates will support demand. This report covers water filtration equipment demand by Market, Product and Region. Data are given in dollar value. Markets covered in ... Read More

  • Consumer Water Treatment Systems by Technology, Type and Region in the US

    ... billion. Growth will be driven by a continued recovery in the housing market and increased awareness of water quality issues among consumers. Gains for consumables used in consumer water treatment systems will be supported by ... Read More

  • Global Water Disinfection Equipment by Type, Market and Region

    ... of potable water and wastewater will support demand in developing regions. In developed markets, gains will be supported by continued efforts to improve water quality by limiting chemical use whenever possible. This report covers global ... Read More

  • Heating Equipment Market in the US by Product, Energy Source, Market and Region

    ... the end of its operational life will remain the key driver of demand gains. In addition, the use of more efficient and typically higher value heating equipment will support sales increases in value terms. However, ... Read More

  • Heat Pump Market in the US by Type, Market and Region

    ... greater energy efficiency of heat pumps compared to other types of comfort cooling equipment. Additionally, heat pumps can also provide supplemental heating, and are a preferred option in areas where heating requirements are modest. However, ... Read More

  • Global Air & Fluid Filters Market by Product, Market and Region

    ... activity and personal incomes, investment in water and wastewater treatment and power generation infrastructure, and stricter environmental regulations will drive sales for air and fluid filters. This report covers air and fluid filter demand by ... Read More

  • Circuit Breakers & Fuses

    ... electrical output and efforts to expand and upgrade the country’s power grid. In addition, dollar gains will be bolstered by rising demand for higher value specialty circuit protection devices as the use of renewable energy ... Read More

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

    ... the US. Other key factors influencing the market will be changing power generation patterns favoring recirculating cooling systems and increased public awareness of corrosion-related issues in municipal water following the Flint, Michigan water crisis. This ... Read More

  • Air & Fluid Filters

    ... and drinking water and by increased manufacturing activity. Sales of “smart” features and complementary monitoring devices will support per unit value gains and will promote timeliness of filter replacement. This report segments the US air ... Read More

  • World Consumer Water Treatment Systems

    ... and India and other developing nations. Fueling demand in these regions is a combination of economic growth and increased awareness of the health dangers associated with poor water quality. This report segments the world consumer ... Read More

  • World Membrane Separation Technologies

    ... growing need for desalination, water purification, and water recovery in areas with scarce water resources. This report segments the world membrane separation technology industry by product, market, and region. Data are provided in US dollars. ... Read More

  • Consumer Water & Air Treatment Systems

    ... market and improved levels of consumer spending. Additionally, increased consumer awareness of the benefits these systems provide, including preventing potential health hazards and improving the overall quality of water and air, will fuel growth going ... Read More

  • Water Treatment Equipment

    ... all markets and applications. Not only is water treatment important on intake, but the standards for effluent water are rising with concern for the environment, and increasingly outgoing water is recycled and treated for reuse. ... Read More

  • Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

    ... electricity generation, particularly from independent power producers and nonutility generators. Additionally, rising electric output of renewable resources will also boost T&D equipment sales. This report segments the electric power T&D market by product and market. ... Read More

  • World Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Chemicals

    ... in 2018. Significant gains will be realized in the healthcare market segment, where a rise in the number of hospital stays and concerns about healthcare associated infections (HAIs) will drive increases in healthcare expenditures worldwide. ... Read More

  • Plastic & Competitive Pipe

    ... 11.8 billion feet of pipe. Gains will be driven by the continuing shift in the US energy industry. Increasing exploration and drilling activity -- particularly in the natural gas segment -- will spur demand for ... Read More

  • Consumer Water Treatment Systems in China

    ... yuan in 2017. Clean water is vital to human health, and consumers in China are becoming increasingly aware of the need for supplemental water treatment to ensure that even the municipally treated water they consume ... Read More

  • World Filters

    ... gains of the 2008- 2013 period, reflecting in part the relatively low 2013 bases for a number of developed countries. The global recession of 2009 restrained manufacturing activity and capital investments, but economic recovery in ... Read More

  • Water & Wastewater Pipe

    ... 2018. Gains will rebound from declines experienced during the 2008-2013 period, in which pipe markets were negatively impacted by declines in construction spending. Strong increases in construction activity will fuel gains through 2018 in building ... Read More

  • Circuit Breakers & Fuses

    ... be supported by favorable conditions in most of the industries and sectors that utilize these products. Demand will be bolstered by strong growth in electricity generation and ongoing increases in construction activity by electric utilities. ... Read More

  • World Water Treatment Chemicals

    ... rise 5.8% annually through 2017 World demand for water treatment chemicals is forecast to rise 5.8 percent per year to $30.6 billion in 2017. Demand will be driven by rising water quality standards in manufacturing ... Read More

  • World Water Treatment Equipment

    ... world -- such as the Asia/Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Africa/Mideast regions -- are expected to show strong growth, with gains supported by improved access to treated drinking water and sanitation facilities, particularly through greater use ... Read More

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Utilities market research reports by Freedonia Group

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