Chile Consumer Values and Behaviour

Consumer Values and Behaviour in Chile

This report visually explores everyday habits and behaviours which reflect consumers' beliefs and values, linking behavioural trends with purchase and consumption habits.

Euromonitor's Consumer Values and Behaviour in Chile report analyses factors influencing national consumer expenditure. Consumer lifestyles reports include coverage of: population, urban development, home ownership, household profiles, labour, income, consumer and family expenditure, health, education, eating habits, drinking habits, shopping habits, personal grooming, clothing, leisure habits, savings and investments, media, communication, transport and travel and tourism. Use this report to understand the factors influencing a nation's lifestyle choices.

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

Why buy this report??
* Get a detailed picture of the Consumer Values market;
* Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change;
* Understand the competitive environment, the market’s major players and leading brands;
* Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop.

Consumer values and behaviour in Chile
Consumers in Chile are facing increasing  prices and rising costs
Gen X and millennials are most concerned about rising prices of everyday items
Chilean consumers also enjoy experimenting with novel goods
Over half of consumers in Chile indicate they have to trust the company they buy from
More than half of Chilian consumers are expecting to live better in the future
Baby boomers least optimistic about their finances
While at home, consumers in Chile happy to connect with friends or family virtually
Safe location is the most appreciated home feature among Chileans
Chileans cook or bake for themselves at least weekly
Only a small share indicate they prefer to order food over cooking
Busy millennials least able to find time for cooking
Chileans look for healthy ingredients in food and beverages
Work-life balance is a priority for Gen X
Chileans primarily value job security
Chilean Gen Zs expect training and learning opportunities in their careers
Consumers in Chile interact with their friends virtually; more than half at least weekly
Gen Z most engaged with their friends online
Chileans prioritise getting the best return on money spent when travelling
A third of baby boomers in Chile choose nature for their vocation
Half of consumers in Chile are physically active; walking, hiking and jogging weekly
Cycling seems to be a most appealing sport for millennials
Meditation an important stress reduction tool for Chileans
Chilean consumers are worried about climate change
Consumers actively engaged in adopting more sustainable behaviours
Chilean consumers motivated to utilise packaging that is environmentally sustainable
Gen X is most vocal about their views on social media
Third of consumers admit they browse stores even if they do not buy anything
Gen X most motivated to look for bargains
Consumers in Chile are willing to buy second-hand or previously-owned items
A third of millennials consistently look for products with private labels and lower prices
Chileans subscribe to digital platforms for streaming content
Consumers in Chile plan to increase spending on education
Gen Z in Chile have inclination to be experience seekers
Consumers are concerned regarding their current financial state
Less than a third of Chilean consumers indicate they sometimes rely on credit cards
Younger generations expect to increase overall spending
Chilean consumers actively manage data sharing and privacy settings
Baby boomers in Chile do not approve targeted ads
Consumers employ messaging or communication applications
Millennials are the biggest YouTubers
Gen Z most interested to use technology for their health
Nearly one third of consumers make purchases via social media platforms
Gen Z most likely to purchase an item through social networking sites

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