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To help you stay abreast of the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in the global travel and leisure industry, provides comprehensive coverage of the market through a wide range of market research reports. Whether you are interested in opportunities related to gambling, sports, hotels and lodging, the cruise industry, or corporate travel, has the expert insights you need to see through the noise and put everything in context.

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Travel & Leisure Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Lodging (Destination) in Hong Kong, China

    ... greatly contributed to the recovery of hotels, and thus lodging. However, there has been uneven recovery for hotels in Hong Kong, in which the premium segment (luxury hotels and upscale hotels) is showing the fastest ... Read More

  • Booking in Hong Kong, China

    ... Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles survey 2023, 23% of global consumers say more of their everyday activities will shift to online platforms. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are becoming amongst the most popular booking ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Japan

    ... of deregulation, but also in terms of changes in consumers’ perception of and behaviour towards travel overall, which has been a major driving force for recovery. Euromonitor International's Tourism Flows in Japan report offers a ... Read More

  • Booking in Japan

    ... triggered an acceleration of the shift towards online booking of business travel. Traditionally in Japanese business culture, the process of booking business trips was very time-consuming, and involved paper based transactions and the involvement of ... Read More

  • Lodging (Destination) in Japan

    ... were lifted completely early in the year, lodging in Japan has been facing difficulties meeting demand with the supply available. Rooms have been booked nearly at full capacity following the return of both domestic and ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Ecuador

    ... sought an escape from stress, with indulgence tourism playing a significant role in attracting visitors. Additionally, the closure of borders prompted many Ecuadorians to explore and appreciate the domestic destinations available, resulting in an i... ... Read More

  • Airlines in Ecuador

    ... that commenced operations in the final quarter of 2022, offering flights to the Dominican Republic. Euromonitor International's Airlines in Ecuador report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a ... Read More

  • Booking in Ecuador

    ... now venture forth with renewed confidence to discover new cities and countries. This demographic often leans on offline intermediaries to secure their travel arrangements. Euromonitor International's Booking in Ecuador report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Lodging (Destination) in Ecuador

    ... international tourism gradually rebounded, particularly fuelled by visitors from the United States, who typically boast higher spending capacities than regional tourists. Euromonitor International's Lodging (Destination) in Ecuador report offers a comprehensive guide to the size ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Greece

    ... much optimism, even though bookings in the first quarter were somewhat conservative. Many people worldwide are starting to travel again post-pandemic, but long haul travel is facing a slow recovery. Most Europeans still prefer to ... Read More

  • Booking in Ireland

    ... consumers keen to travel again after a few years of significant disruption and restrictions. There has been particularly high demand for beach and sun destinations such as Spain, Greece and Turkey with consumers keen to ... Read More

  • Lodging (Destination) in Ireland

    ... those seeking refuge, followed by new legislation impacting short-term rentals. Almost 20% of hotels and hostels in Ireland have been contracted to the government to meet humanitarian needs. This reduction in lodging capacity has presented ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Ireland

    ... country has begun welcoming back visitors from key source markets including mainland Europe and North America, with this driving the recovery of travel and tourism in Ireland. A strong US dollar and a stronger than ... Read More

  • Airlines in Israel

    ... the year. With the pandemic declared over by the World Health Organisation in early 2023 most markets have lifted their remaining COVID-19 protocols while consumers feel more confident about flying again. As a result, airlines ... Read More

  • Booking in Israel

    ... has been inflation driven price increases. Euromonitor International's Booking in Israel report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest market size data ... Read More

  • Lodging (Destination) in Israel

    ... into law in July 2023, the Supreme Court will no longer have the power to cancel government decisions it deems unreasonable. This is seen as a threat to democracy in Israel and has been met ... Read More

  • Booking in Argentina

    ... booking. A notable change in the financial world is making its way into the travel market, as Despegar, together with Binance and Inswitch, has established an agreement to incorporate payment through cryptocurrencies in Argentina. In ... Read More

  • Booking in Kenya

    ... it more expensive for individuals to explore various destinations within the country. The surge in fuel and food prices has contributed to a higher cost of living for the local population, affecting their ability to ... Read More

  • Airlines in Argentina

    ... to Argentina. These include Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada and Qatar Airways, amongst others. In this way, the country is seeing a greater number of connections and the possibility of receiving a greater number ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in China

    ... years. Subsequently, international travel has resumed to and from China, which had been put on hold during the pandemic. Domestic travel, which had also been devastated due to repeated lockdowns and stringent mobility restrictions, is ... Read More

  • Booking in China

    ... accustomed to booking travel online. However, 2023 is set to see a temporary reversal of this trend, as intermediaries redeploy bricks-and-mortar contact points. This is largely due to the fact that many physical outlets were ... Read More

  • Airlines in Chile

    ... recovery for airlines, albeit with a different cost structure and challenges in terms of skilled workforce, which could keep flight prices high in the medium term. Euromonitor International's Airlines in Chile report offers a comprehensive ... Read More

  • Lodging (Destination) in Chile

    ... bandwidth, open spaces for comfortable work environments, and even rooms capable of accommodating workers travelling with their families. Euromonitor International's Lodging (Destination) in Chile report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Chile

    ... tourists visiting Chile in 2023 are Argentina, Bolivia, the US, Brazil, and Peru. The recovery of tourism has been slower than expected due to various factors. Increased transportation costs have affected accessibility for tourists, while ... Read More

  • Booking in Canada

    ... a close eye on special airline deals, promotional hotel programmes as well as all-inclusive packages, which are more cost efficient. Moreover, a survey conducted by showed that more than half of travellers interviewed are ... Read More

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