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  • Cote d'Ivoire Tourism Q4 2018

    ... market offers a multitude of attractions, including cultural and historical sites,beaches and wildlife – all factors that have strong monetisation potential – the short- to medium-term outlook is negative. Overrecent years, the country has been ... Read More

  • Airlines in Egypt

    ... market and in terms of regional trips to Saudi Arabia. Egypt sees strong outflows to Saudi Arabia for religious trips, with there also being a large expat base in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab ... Read More

  • Airlines in Morocco

    ... Transport adopted a proactive strategy for airlines in the country. This strategy aims to strengthen the status of the airport in Casablanca, Mohammed V, as an international air hub to and from Central and West ... Read More

  • Lodging in Morocco

    ... which offer a wide range of accommodation to tourists across the country, depending on the purchasing power and budgets of different consumers. Moreover, many people prefer short-term rentals as they can browse the many choices ... Read More

  • Lodging in Egypt

    ... achieving a positive outcome for the economy. The investment climate has significantly improved following Egypt’s enrolment into the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) programme, which is aimed at addressing macroeconomic vulnerabilities and promoting growth and job ... Read More

  • Travel in Egypt

    ... country. There has also been a rethink of Egypt’s tourism strategy, with a focus on new source markets; regaining the confidence of lost markets through negotiating with countries to remove travel bans; improving the legislative ... Read More

  • Travel in Morocco

    ... the major tourist destinations in North Africa throughout many countries. For instance, the National Office of Tourism has been promoting Morocco in markets such as Germany, Italy, Hungary and the US in collaboration with the ... Read More

  • Tanzania Tourism Q4 2018

    ... gradually raising awareness its tourism offering both regionallyand globally. Visitor numbers are on the rise and though the market is small, the composition of Tanzania's inbound market isamong the most diverse in the region, with ... Read More

  • Botswana Tourism Q4 2018

    ... tourism landscape and will benefitfrom a strong reputation as a stable destination, with significant tourism attractions based around safari trips, natural attractions andeco-tourism. Additional drivers supporting growth momentum will include rising regional spending powers, growing ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Nigeria

    ... as in-dash media players, which also have built-in navigation systems. Despite the expected economic growth over the forecast period, consumer incomes are not expected to rise to a sufficient level to spend on in-car entertainment, ... Read More

  • Uganda Tourism Q4 2018

    ... in order to raise awareness of the country's attractions, many ofwhich are little known outside of the immediate region. Visitor numbers are set to rise and alongside strong political continuity and astable domestic economy this ... Read More

  • Mauritius Tourism Q4 2018

    ... tourist destination, offering a multitude of pristinebeaches, world-class luxury hotels and a number of excursions targeted at the wildlife and adventure seekers alike. The governmenthas taken a proactive stance on promoting tourism in crucial growing ... Read More

  • Egypt Tourism Q3 2018

    ... Q118. We retain the view that tourism is a major contributor to the nationaleconomy and has significant organic growth potential. The tourism market had been hammered by a series of high-profile terroristattacks and a poor ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q3 2018

    ... beaches, a reputation for wildlife viewingand a developed safari network. Over the recent years, the tourism market had been hard hit by a string of terror attacks andwidespread political unrest. We note that the future ... Read More

  • Zambia Tourism Q3 2018

    ... The country boasts abundant natural attractions, such as safari parksand Victoria Falls, which will continue to entice visitors to the country, but a lack of transport connections will limit the industry, untilnew infrastructure projects and ... Read More

  • Movies & Entertainment in South Africa

    ... contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Synopsis Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the South Africa movies & entertainment market. Includes ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Tourism Q3 2018

    ... 2017, which was not derailed by the coup inNovember which resulted in Emmerson Mnangagwa assuming the presidency. Mnangagwa's openness to economic reforms offersthe tourism sector the opportunity for recovery from the mismanagement of the last ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Tourism Q3 2018

    ... Ababa has become the economic and business capital ofAfrica. A number of factors have arrested tourism industry growth and these include threats of terrorism and political and socialunrest. The country also grapples with volatile weather ... Read More

  • Namibia Tourism Q3 2018

    ... a global comparison. Arrivals from Africa will remain dominant, dampening thepotential to increase the value of receipts, although Europe will increase its share as a source market, presenting opportunities formore rapid growth in receipts. The ... Read More

  • South Africa Tourism Q3 2018

    ... presents tourists with a variety of attractions,including well-established safari holidays, beach destinations and a multitude of historical and cultural destinations. Nevertheless,the market’s untapped potential faces a number of hurdles and challenges before it can be ... Read More

  • City Profile - Addis Ababa; Comprehensive overview of the city, PEST analysis and analysis of key industries including technology, tourism and hospitality, construction and retail.

    ... of Africa is of international significance with the presence of headquarters if the African Union (AU), UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA) and a regional office for a number of international organizations including UNDP, UNESCO ... Read More

  • Botswana Tourism Report Q3 2018

    ... Southern Africa tourism landscape and will benefitfrom a strong reputation as a stable destination, with significant tourism attractions based around safari trips, natural attractions andeco-tourism. Meanwhile, positive economic and political developments in key source markets ... Read More

  • Uganda Tourism Report Q3 2018

    ... The country remains a small player in the Sub-SaharanAfrican tourism market and remains reliant on neighbours for the majority of its arrivals. The hotel market remains underdeveloped,with only a small number of global chains present, ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q2 2018

    ... its selection of great beaches and access to other partsof East Africa, the country is especially popular for tourists from many European markets. Despite these obvious positives, overrecent years, Kenya has suffered from a fall ... Read More

  • Travel Accommodation in South Africa (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... other transient accommodation for visitors. Market size is based on number of establishments as of 1st January. Market size for Travel Accommodation in South Africa is given in hotel with a minimum of five years' ... Read More

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