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Luxury goods are products at the highest end of the market in terms of quality and price. Including but not limited to industries such as automobiles, jewelry and watches, clothing and accessory apparel, cosmetics, wines and spirits, fragrances, and travel goods have been on an upward market-value climb for many years.

Luxury goods can be purchased in shopping malls, department stores, auctions, and online stores. Bargain hunters may find adequate products in outlet malls and shopping centers. Currently, 10% of worldwide luxury purchases are through online sales; it is estimated by 2019 more than half of all luxury goods purchases will be made online. The increase of online transactions will dramatically change how luxury goods are marketed and distributed. offers a professional collection of market research studies on the luxury goods market in the consumer goods and retailing industry. Stay competitive and grow in the healthy luxury good market. offers a full library of country-specific studies for luxury goods companies and products.

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Luxury Goods Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Luxury Goods in Australia

    ... cars category. Nonetheless, the buoyancy exhibited by the market over most of the review period persisted, with the majority of categories posting steady to robust growth in volume and current value terms. Aside from population ... Read More

  • Luxury Jewellery in Singapore

    ... of luxury jewellery in Asia – underpinned by the growth of auctions and tourism. There is brisk growth in luxury jewellery in Singapore arising from the inflow of Chinese tourists. Similar trends were also observed ... Read More

  • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in Singapore

    ... increasingly digital world. However, such products are marketed as brands used by professionals, with the aim of increasing consumers’ curiosity. The luxury writing instruments and stationery category is expected to post modest value growth over ... Read More

  • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in South Africa

    ... interviews, it is through such corporate gifts that employees are introduced to luxury brands and often become returning customers, more open to trying other products or higher-priced items in the same brand line. From an ... Read More

  • Luxury Leather Goods in South Africa

    ... For African women wearing traditional outfits, an international branded handbag is the ideal way to show their status, with materials such as crocodile, snake and alligator being popular among wealthy African consumers. The allure of ... Read More

  • Personal Luxury in the US

    ... that of personal luxury in 2019. However, personal luxury still performed well as this and other social and societal trends worked to the benefit of certain product subcategories, such as leather goods, jewellery, and super ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in South Africa

    ... of the Big Five animals – lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino (white or black) – and remain popular. The local rand is weak against other major currencies, which is making travel to South ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Taiwan

    ... hotels continues to grow. Hyatt remains stable and profitable, while Hanshe launched its Nanjing Songjiang Boutique Hotel towards the end of 2019. Dynamic growth within luxury hotels is also being boosted by the fact that ... Read More

  • Personal Luxury in Singapore

    ... growth in exports – a key component of the country’s economy. This resulted in a sharp increase in the number of high net worth individuals in Singapore, and greater consumer confidence. These factors underpinned the ... Read More

  • Super Premium Beauty and Personal Care in the US

    ... larger consumer lifestyles trends, increasingly chose to trade up to super premium brands. Super premium skin care was the second fastest growing subcategory within super premium beauty and personal care as the global health and ... Read More

  • Luxury Leather Goods in Taiwan

    ... bags such as Gucci Marmont and Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag remain popular items among younger people for their relatively affordable price and functionality. The prevalence of social media also allows the latest fashion trends ... Read More

  • Luxury Goods in the US

    ... drive consumers’ increasing inclination to spend their discretionary income on memorable, and often social media-shareable, experiences over material goods, resulting in experiential luxury growing faster than personal luxury in 2019. However, the trend worked to ... Read More

  • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in the US

    ... consumers eager to counteract their dependence on digital devices. While social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube are helping to draw consumers’ awareness to writing instruments and the art of calligraphy, many are now using ... Read More

  • Luxury Jewellery in Australia

    ... The category will continue to benefit from the growing tendency of consumers to purchase luxury fine jewellery products not only as fashion accessories, but also as an investment. This trend is most visible among millennials, ... Read More

  • Luxury Goods in South Africa

    ... shoppers to postpone purchases or consider the growing second-hand market instead. In addition to economic woes, trading conditions have been worse for luxury goods, given the evolution of new disruptive business models and more aggressive ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in Taiwan

    ... sales continues to increase. In response to the lower spending capacity of younger consumers, many brands are launching entry-level models at favourable prices. On the other hand, due to mild economic growth, entry-level timepieces could ... Read More

  • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in Singapore

    ... of a recovery, as the category was affected by the trade war between the US and China. Luxury mobile phones saw a continued weak performance in 2019, facing huge pressure from high-end smartphones. New smartphones ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in Australia

    ... similar lines during the forecast period, with current value growth expected to remain robust overall as volume growth slows steadily towards 2024. This reflects the fact that although consumers in Australia may be buying fewer ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in Australia

    ... double-digit growth in experiential luxury current value sales in 2019, and will continue to drive the expansion of the category over the forecast period. Changing consumer preferences will also continue to encourage luxury hotel and ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in Singapore

    ... in Hong-Kong, the US-China Trade War, and Brexit. Over the review period as a whole the retail landscape saw rapid change. For example, some watch specialist retailers refurbished their stores in a bid to deliver ... Read More

  • Luxury Jewellery in the US

    ... appreciate in value over time made it appear to be a smarter investment for consumers than costume jewellery, causing the subcategory’s growth to be driven by men’s and women’s luxury fine jewellery over luxury costume ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in Singapore

    ... increasing interest among consumers in experiences over possessions. Moreover, given the increased number of tourist visitors, various luxury hotels moved outside the city centre area in order to accommodate demand. Singapore remained the leading host ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in Taiwan

    ... more image and status motivated. In addition, unlike older generations of Taiwanese consumers, such consumers also tend to have higher disposable incomes and are often more interested in spending on experiences such as travel and ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in the US

    ... and often social media-shareable experiences over material goods. With consumers’ lives increasingly revolving around Instagram and other social media platforms, they are prioritising spending their money on experiences that only enrich their lives, but also ... Read More

  • Personal Luxury in South Africa

    ... designer apparel and footwear (ready-to-wear), luxury jewellery and luxury leather goods. Sales of absolute luxury products, such as luxury fine jewellery, are mostly driven by wealthy individuals and are highly unlikely to experience a sharp ... Read More

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