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Luxury goods are products at the highest end of the market in terms of quality and price. Including but not limited to industries such as automobiles, jewelry and watches, clothing and accessory apparel, cosmetics, wines and spirits, fragrances, and travel goods have been on an upward market-value climb for many years.

Luxury goods can be purchased in shopping malls, department stores, auctions, and online stores. Bargain hunters may find adequate products in outlet malls and shopping centers. Currently, 10% of worldwide luxury purchases are through online sales; it is estimated by 2019 more than half of all luxury goods purchases will be made online. The increase of online transactions will dramatically change how luxury goods are marketed and distributed. offers a professional collection of market research studies on the luxury goods market in the consumer goods and retailing industry. Stay competitive and grow in the healthy luxury good market. offers a full library of country-specific studies for luxury goods companies and products.

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Luxury Goods Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in Thailand

    ... after its two boutiques at Gaysorn Village and Siam Paragon closed down in 2018. Porsche is now believed to be the leading player with its Porsche Design Huawei Mate and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS ... Read More

  • Premium and Luxury Cars in South Africa

    ... down to a trickle. In tough economic times, consumers prefer to hold back from spending on big-ticket items and would rather save in case the economic situation worsens. Luxury cars are traditionally in demand among ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in Thailand

    ... brands, which remain popular with watch lovers and collectors. Thailand is considered as a prime market in which watch collectors could boost demand for luxury timepieces. There are many online and offline communities in which ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in the US

    ... younger luxury consumers. While the Apple Watch and other smartwatches have helped to introduce younger consumers to wearing watches in general in recent years, as these consumers become older and wealthier, they are beginning to ... Read More

  • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in the US

    ... consumers eager to counteract their dependence on digital devices. While social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube are helping to draw consumers’ awareness to writing instruments and the art of calligraphy, many are now using ... Read More

  • Personal Luxury in the US

    ... that of personal luxury in 2019. However, personal luxury still performed well as this and other social and societal trends worked to the benefit of certain product subcategories, such as leather goods, jewellery, and super ... Read More

  • Super Premium Beauty and Personal Care in the US

    ... larger consumer lifestyles trends, increasingly chose to trade up to super premium brands. Super premium skin care was the second fastest growing subcategory within super premium beauty and personal care as the global health and ... Read More

  • Premium and Luxury Cars in Australia

    ... value sales declined for a second consecutive year in 2019, which contrasted sharply with the double-digit growth rates witnessed at the beginning of the review period. Falling demand was partly due to growing fears of ... Read More

  • Luxury Goods in Brazil

    ... positive perspective with greater steadiness, some cultural changes from the period of crisis seem to have been absorbed as a stronger driver of consumption rather than just a contingent behaviour. Increasing at-home consumption, more restricted ... Read More

  • Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in India

    ... are gaining recognition as collectible items, so that demand is rising amongst both collectors and aspirational consumers. As with pre-owned luxury watches, luxury pens are being promoted as investment pieces. Moreover, luxury pens also resemble ... Read More

  • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in India

    ... in demand for smart wearables. Meanwhile, devices such as smartphones are making watches obsolete in terms of pure functionality. This environment is encouraging luxury watch brands to introduce smart wearables. Hublot, for example, launched its ... Read More

  • Personal Luxury in India

    ... in lower tier cities than in the country’s major urban centres, personal luxury manufacturers are looking to e-commerce to reach the rising aspirational demand beyond Tier 1 cities. During the forecast period, the increasing potential ... Read More

  • Luxury Handbag Market by Type (Handbag, Backpack, Wallet, and Others), and Distribution Channel (Duty-Free Stores, Online Stores, Discount Stores, Hypermarkets, And Specialty Stores): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019–2026

    ... size was valued at $58.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $89.9 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 5.6% from 2019 to 2026. Premiumization is a process where the manufacturers make a ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in India

    ... and, increasingly, a consumer base that does not mind purchasing a luxury watch that has been pre-owned. In response to the evolving character of demand, premium retailer, Ethos Watch Boutiques diversified towards selling pre-owned versions ... Read More

  • Luxury Eyewear in India

    ... eyewear, have an important role to play in encouraging consumers to make the initial step up from mainstream products. Consequently, personal luxury players look to items such as eyewear as gateway products for their brands. ... Read More

  • Experiential Luxury in India

    ... removing single-use plastic. ITC Hotels, which promotes what it calls an “ethos of Responsible Luxury”, aimed to eliminate the use of single-use plastic by the end of 2019. In order to get rid of single-use ... Read More

  • Luxury Goods in India

    ... world, and designer apparel and footwear (ready-to-wear), luxury eyewear, luxury portable consumer electronics, and super premium beauty and personal care all saw strong performances driven by manufacturers’ successful efforts to target the sensibilities and lifestyles ... Read More

  • Premiumization in Travel & Tourism 2020 - Thematic Research

    ... Hyper-premiumization is yet another step to the very top level. It is associated with ultra/high-net-worth individuals who possess large amounts of recreational expenditure to splurge on comfort and indulgences. Travel has become more accessible to ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in India

    ... growing tendency for consumers to take short local breaks or staycations because of hectic lifestyles and limited leisure time. Furthermore, Indian consumers, particularly younger ones, are increasingly choosing to focus their spending power on experiences ... Read More

  • Luxury Jewellery in India

    ... personal grooming and concern for style and appearance, as well as the blurring of the lines between traditionally gendered aesthetics. With men showing a growing demand for jewellery such as rings, bracelets and chains, luxury ... Read More

  • Luxury Leather Goods in India

    ... in luxury leather goods. As well as notifying consumers about what is considered fashionable, social media platforms such as Instagram enable them to post pictures of products such as luxury leather bags, wallets and belts ... Read More

  • Luxury Timepieces in South Africa

    ... often the next best option. This niche and lucrative category within luxury timepieces has been identified by some keen local entrepreneurs who have set up e-commerce businesses to sell second-hand luxury items. Additionally, sales leader ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Australia

    ... to reduce energy, water and food wastage, for example, while Marriott Australia & NZ has eliminated single-use plastic bottles for toiletries from all of its outlets. Similarly, in its 2018 sustainability report, leading luxury hotels ... Read More

  • Luxury Eyewear in the US

    ... fashion accessory, but also as a means to combat eye health issues. With consumers of all ages becoming increasingly dependent on digital devices for both work and play, digital eye strain, or the physical discomfort ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in South Africa

    ... high-income earners and the wealthy. The weaker rand, on the other hand, is making travel to South Africa more appealing. The local currency is depreciating against the value of others in the region. Even though ... Read More

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