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Recent Web 2.0 Research for July 2014

Ten CMOs, Five Questions
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
Becoming a Social Business: Integrating Social Software Assets Throughout the Enterprise
Topics: Application Software, Social Networking
Next-Gen Web: Summary Findings from the CMO Advisory Marketing Leadership Meeting, September 25, 2013
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
Worldwide Messaging Security 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares
Topics: E-Mail, Security, Internet Security, Security & Privacy, Messaging, Social Networking, Messaging
Regions: Global
Korea Online Gaming Dynamic Market Analysis: July–September 2013 Update
Topics: Personal Computers, Video Games, Internet, Social Networking
State of Social Business in Canada, 2013
Topics: Social Networking
Regions: Canada
The CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2013-14
Topics: Children, Teens (13-19), Smart Phone, Internet Usage, Technology, Social Networking
Oracle on Oracle Social Network
Topics: Software & Services Company Reports, Social Networking
2020 Foresight: Retail Banking and Social Media – Do the Ends Justify the Expense?
Topics: Retail Banking, Social Networking
Social Media Users & Usage in India 2013 Report
Topics: Social Networking
Regions: India
Crowdsourcing Service Providers in the US - Industry Market Research Report
Topics: Communities, Social Networking
Regions: United States
Webchutney Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Redefining Digital Media Space in India
Topics: Internet Advertising, Social Networking
Regions: India
Implementing Web 2.0 Tools in Organisations
Topics: Management, Web 2.0
Gaming 2013: Investment and M&A Analysis, Industry Trends, and Market Outlook
Topics: Video Games, Internet, Middleware, Social Networking
Dreamforce '13: The Internet of Customers — A New Partner and Vertical Market Focus
Topics: Mobile OS, Social Networking
Incorporating Social Initiatives: Blended Marketing and Service in the Social Enterprise
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
Social Business and Western European Retailers: The Road to Revenue Generation
Topics: Retailing Company Reports, Social Networking
Regions: Europe
IDC's Worldwide File- and Object-Based Storage Taxonomy, 2014
Topics: Servers & Mainframes, Cloud Computing, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Utilities IT Investment Priorities for Solutions and New Technologies: Results from the Western European Utilities 2013 Survey
Topics: Cloud Computing, Utilities Company Reports, Social Networking
Regions: Europe
Social Indexing Trends
Topics: Content Management, Cloud Computing, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Real-Time Search Trends
Topics: Search Engines, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Trends
Topics: Social Networking, Messaging
Regions: Global
Youth, Privacy & Anonymity
Topics: Teens (13-19), Communities, Social Networking
Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Middle East and North Africa
Topics: Exploration & Drilling, Petroleum, Electricity, Water, Social Networking
Regions: Africa, Middle East
Analysis of the Global Smart Plants Market
Topics: Cloud Computing, Processes, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Integrating Social Media into CRM
Topics: CRM, eCRM, Social Networking
Conference Documentation: Social Media in the Defence & Military
Topics: Defense & Security, Social Networking
Analyzing Customers' Social Voices
Topics: CRM, Social Networking
2013: How Does Social Stack Up? A Survey on Where IT Departments and Lines of Business Agree and Disagree on Social
Topics: IT Services, General IT Services, Social Networking
The Role of Collaboration in the Mobile Enterprise
Topics: Content Management, Enterprise Computing, Application Software, Wireless, Social Networking
Malaysia Social Media Market: A Competitive Study
Topics: Communities, Social Networking
Regions: Malaysia
IDC's Social Business Taxonomy, 2013
Topics: CRM, Application Software, Social Networking
Social and Mobile Pharma - the State of the Digital Landscape
Topics: Pharmaceuticals Company Reports, Social Networking
Observing Patients Online: the changing face of research
Topics: Research & Development, Prescription Drugs, Clinical Trial, Social Networking
Tapping Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment
Topics: Clinical Trial, Social Networking
Pharma on Twitter: Developing a Presence
Topics: Social Networking
Social Collaboration for Sales: Cutting Through the Hype
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
KOL Relationship Development: Leveraging Social Media Platforms
Topics: Pharmaceuticals Company Reports, Social Networking
Pharma Blogging: Speaking Out
Topics: Social Networking

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