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Recent Web 2.0 Research for January 2015

Buyer Conversations: The CMO and CIO Partnership — Thriving Instead of Just Surviving in the Digital Marketplace
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
Mobile World Congress Roundup: Internet of Things Takes Center Stage
Topics: Web 3.0, Broadband & High-Speed, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Law Firm Use of LinkedIn
Topics: Marketing, Legal Services, Social Networking
Social Media Usage in the China Healthcare Industry
Topics: Hospitals & Clinics, Country Overviews, Social Networking
Regions: China
Omnichannel 2014
Topics: Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Televisions, E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Big Data, Social Networking
Impact of Social Media Technologies on IT Decision Makers—United States and Europe
Topics: IT Services, Social Networking
Regions: United States, Europe
IDC MaturityScape: Social Business
Topics: Big Data, Social Networking
WhatsApp Acquisition: Where Facebook Sees the Value: With 450 million users and growing by one million a day, WhatsApp
Topics: Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Social Networking
Social Collaboration: Microsoft
Topics: M - Companies, Software & Services Company Reports, Social Networking
Advanced Analytics Market by Big Data Analytics, Social Analytics, Visual Analytics, Customer Analytics, Risk Analytics, Business Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling - Global Advancement, Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis 2014 - 2019
Topics: Big Data, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Text Analytics Market by Applications (Enterprise, Web-based and Software, Data Analysis, Search-based, Others), Users (SMBs, Enterprises) & Deployment Model (Cloud, On-premise) - Market Forecasts and Analysis (2014-2019)
Topics: Small & Medium Business (SMB), Cloud Computing, Application Software, Social Networking
Social Media and Augmented Reality Based Marketing Strategies and Innovations - Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, H1 2014
Topics: Marketing, Smart Phone, Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Social Networking
Mobility Adoption in India Manufacturing Enterprises
Topics: Smart Phone, Cloud Computing, Processes, Big Data, Social Networking
Regions: India
The Effect of Social Media on Communications within the Corporate Environment
Topics: Social Networking
Black Consumers and Social Media - US - May 2014
Topics: African American Market, Social Networking
Regions: United States
IDC MaturityScape: Shared Services
Topics: Cloud Computing, Equipment/Hardware, Big Data, Social Networking
Digital Economy, Media and Banking - South Africa
Topics: Banking, Digital TV/HDTV, Telephony, VOIP, Social Networking, Mobile/Wireless Payments
Regions: South Africa
Enterprise Content Management Market (Big Data, Document Management, Web Content Management, Digital Rights Management, Rich Media, Social Media Management, Enterprise Mobility, data records, data deliver) - Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)
Topics: E-Mail, Content Management, Big Data, Audio, Video and Teleconferencing, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Juxt India Online Landscape 2014 (All Internet Users)
Topics: E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Social Networking
Regions: India
Perspective - Staff Safety and the Internet of Things (IoT) — Public Sector Adoption in Theory and Reality
Topics: RFID, Internet & Technology, Web 3.0, Security, Security, Social Networking
Social Media Monitoring: Listen and Learn
Topics: Social Networking
Global Retail Innovations
Topics: E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Technology, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Worldwide Internet of Things Spending by Vertical Market 2014–2018 Forecast
Topics: Web 3.0, General IT Services, Big Data, Social Networking
Regions: Global
Communications: The Impact of Social Media on External Communications in the Corporate Environment
Topics: Social Networking
How Disruptive Is Facebook's Wedge to Datacenter Networking?
Topics: Databases, Social Networking
Global Executives Survey: The impact and influence of social media and online retail on the CPG industry
Topics: E-Commerce & Online Retailing, Social Networking
Regions: Global
The Mobile Advertising (mAdvertising) Market: 2014 - 2020 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts
Topics: Internet Advertising, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Social Networking
Enterprise Collaboration Market [Solutions (Telephony, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Collaboration Platforms, Enterprise Social), Services, Deployment, User Types (SME, Enterprises)] - Global Advancements, Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)
Topics: Small & Medium Business (SMB), Telephony, Audio, Video and Teleconferencing, Messaging, Social Networking, Messaging
Regions: Global
Consumer Communications 2020
Topics: Smart Phone, Social Networking
Social Strategies for Governments Using Social Media
Topics: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Networking
Facebook's Acquisition of WhatsApp and Its Impact Assessment: an Asian Perspective
Topics: Mobile OS, Software & Services Company Reports, Social Networking
From Mass Marketing to Social Marketing
Topics: Marketing, Social Networking
Understanding and Mitigating Business Risk of Social Media in the Workplace
Topics: Social Networking
Youth and Mobile Operators
Topics: Teens (13-19), Smart Phone, Social Networking
Youth and Social Media Marketing
Topics: Marketing, Teens (13-19), Social Networking
The Disconnected Generation
Topics: Teens (13-19), Social Networking
Active & Passive Communication
Topics: Teens (13-19), Smart Phone, Social Networking
Brands, Fans and Emotion
Topics: Teens (13-19), Social Networking
Teens and the Future of Social Media
Topics: Teens (13-19), Social Networking
Facebook: The Whatsapp acquisition
Topics: Mobile OS, Social Networking
Conference Documentation: Social Media in the Telecoms Sector
Topics: Social Networking
Databook Q1 2014: China Social Media Advertising Spend - Leisure Travel & Tourism Industry
Topics: Internet Advertising, Leisure Travel, Tourism, Social Networking
Regions: China
Consumer Marketing 2014-2015
Topics: Direct Marketing, Marketing, Market Research, Email Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Television Advertising, CRM, Multicultural, Consumer Loyalty, Big Data, Social Networking
Regions: United States
How Organizations Are Using Value-Added Content
Topics: Communities, Big Data, Social Networking
Worldwide and U.S. Enterprise Storage Systems 2014–2018 Forecast - Alignment with the 3rd Platform Is the Next Must-Have
Topics: Storage, Cloud Computing, Social Networking
Regions: United States, Global
Twitter Data Analytics
Topics: Social Networking
Global Digital Media - Mobile and Online Entertainment Trends
Topics: WiFi & WiMax, IPTV, Social Networking, Entertainment, 3G & 4G
Regions: Global
CheeseCat Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Social Media
Topics: Social Networking
Worldwide Enterprise Social Networks 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares
Topics: Social Networking
Regions: Global
IT Strategy and Innovation - The Business Impact of Social Business
Topics: Web 3.0, Social Networking

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